Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo-GGG, Mayweather, Munguia, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as the aftermath of the Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin rematch, the all-time status of Floyd Mayweather Jr, WBO junior middleweight champion Jaime Munguia and more.

After Canelo beat Cotto for the lineal title I remember you saying that he didn’t need to duck GGG because stylistically he matched up well with him. Boy did you call it. I saw your prediction on ESPN it was EXACT. I know you’ve been high on both GGG and Canelo but your appreciation of Canelo lessened after the positive PED test. Where do you stand with him now? Does this performance validate his meat consumption excuse? Who do you think won? How do you rate each of the coaches and where does each guy go from here? Sanchez has worked with over 20 world champions and Reynoso only has Canelo? Do you agree with Roy Jones that Abel Sanchez’s claim of Mexican style boxing turned the judges of GGG who decided to box? How do you feel about altitude training, GGG always seem tired despite being in great shape? I hope my questions was not too long..

Bread’s Response: This was the best question I got about Canelo vs GGG. Not too long yet touched all of the pertinent topics.

Ok here goes…

Yes I’ve always thought highly of  both GGG and Canelo. But I want to touch on my view of Canelo. I think he’s a helluva fighter. I think he’s a HOF and he’s pushing ATG status with a another BIG win or two. But let me clear up the PED view.

I don’t like it when athletes cheat and Canelo’s performance Saturday night reinforces it from a different angle. Canelo doesn’t need PEDs to perform on the level. His body was not as vascular as it was in the first fight…. But Canelo was more confident for the rematch and he trained his butt off and he turned in a career best performance. But It doesn’t change my opinion that Canelo used PEDs in the past. 

Let me tell you something. The public doesn’t look at the mediocre athletes who used PEDs. We focus on the elite. Lance Armstrong and Roger Clemons were already great athletes. They used PEDs because they pushed the envelope. They wanted to win at all cost. I know street guys who can fight. But they’ve shot guys in street fights because they wanted to insure victory. That’s how I feel about elite fighters who use PEDs for that extra edge. They don’t necessarily HAVE to use them, they WANT to. To be specific NO his meat consumption excuse is not validated by his performances. Cheating is cheating. The only thing that it validates is Canelo can fight CLEAN and still be great.

I’ve always said that Canelo could hang with GGG but I favored GGG up until this rematch. I thought they matched up like Toney vs Jirov. With Canelo being Toney and GGG being Jirov. I feel strongly that Canelo used PEDs but he showed us he can do it without them. Hopefully this performance gives him confidence in his NATURAL abilities. And he stays clean for the rest of his career. The telling sign will be if he PAYS for VADA all year around and him being the A side will he require ALL future opponents to test.

As for the coaches I think the media and public are eating crow. Many said that Canelo should fire his coaches after Canelo lost to Floyd Mayweather. How ridiculous is that? I don’t want to compare Reynoso and Sanchez. Sanchez is about 20 years older so he’s had more opportunities to coach more fighters, so of course he will have worked with more champions. I also don’t get into the narrative when a broadcast says a coach has worked with a certain of amount of world champions. That’s an OVERRATED stat. I think that the networks should research better and give us statistics of who the coach actually won championships with. Who they were the head trainer in the corner with the night they won a title. It’s a big difference. Good catch.

That being said I think Sanchez is one of best and established coaches in the game. I think Reynoso is a fantastic young coach. You can see Reynoso’s adjustments in Canelo. It’s obvious. It’s easier to see a TACTICAL adjustment because the fighter applies it earlier in the fight. An INSTINCTIVE adjustment happens much later.

Depending on the style I think they’re both excellent coaches. But I don’t care if Reynoso only has had Canelo. He’s doing a tremendous job with him. Sometimes a coach doesn’t want too many fighters. Sometimes they don’t have the opportunity to work with too many fighters. There are lots of reasons to consider.

As far as the altitude. I’m no scientist. But from my research and talking to people I believe that are experts. I’ve been told that it’s better to train in altitude and rest at sea level. But I’m not going to 2nd guess anything that TEAM GGG does. He’s a HOF for crying out loud. I do notice he gets tired but my goodness is he determined. His late round comeback was almost epic.

Here is what I observed about GGG. He’s more Kostya Tszyu and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. If you look at his amateur bouts, you will see he was a prober, a jabber and right hand thrower. As a pro he settled in more and became more of a hooker. But if you notice vs elite he goes back to his instincts which is that great timing JAB. I do believe it’s a mistake to label a fighter as far as fighting a certain style because sometimes you can’t do certain things to certain people. Expectations were GGG should be able to push Canelo backwards. But I noticed something about GGG. This will surprise some. He’s a devastating puncher but he’s not as physically strong as some would think. There is a difference between physical strength and punching power.

GGG stalks his opponents because they are usually afraid of his power. Or at least respect it too much. Make no mistake GGG is an all time puncher. But here is the kicker. He only moves forward when his opponents move backwards. If you hold your grown, he moves around you and hits you with a jab. Watch him very close. Max Kellerman made a great call when he said GGG needs to execute like Chavez did vs Rosario. Chavez held Rosario on the ropes. He pushed him back and he wrecked him. GGG does not push you back and hold you in place. His craft is applied differently.

Canelo and his team recognized this and they also noticed that GGG is a little intimidated by Canelo’s hand speed and counter punching. So he doesn’t open up with heavy shots. GGG mostly throws a jab and touch shots or stick punches which are harder to counter. GGG can’t go to Canelo’s body not by choice but by Canelo’s prowess in counter punching.

Here is the kicker. I think expectations did cause the fight to be scored against GGG. So Roy Jones was correct in a sense. But I don’t think that’s fair. A fighter has a right to fight whatever style he wants in order to win. All of this who fights on the front foot should win, is hog wash. The winner of the fight is who is more EFFECTIVE in more rounds. PERIOD. People keep changing the scoring criterion. I also think that Canelo used Team GGG comments against them. He was smart. They kept telling him to not run and he didn’t and the public sided with him because of style. But just like Canelo is given credit for holding his ground. We should give GGG credit because he was called ONE dimensional. GGG boxed well. He was pressured but he didn’t run and he didn’t get held on the ropes. I don’t know maybe I’m too fair and I remember everything both sides said.

As great as Canelo fought, my naked eye score card was a DRAW. I was at a fight party where the host asked what everyone scored after each round. I strongly feel Canelo won 6 or 7 rounds. And GGG won 5 or 6 rounds.

I think GGG is where Roman Gonzalez was before the SRR fights. He’s slipping but still great. I think GGG was hurt and suffering and his will power is next level. For him to pull even after taking that type of beating is remarkable. But another hard training camp can push him over the edge. Everyone has a breaking point. Keep that mind. I thought GGG was going to get stopped after the 7th. I still can’t believe he rallied the way he did. What a DOG! He’s truly Dead Game.

Canelo has impressed the masses more with his performance. But a fight is not judged like that. It’s judged on math. Simply the adding of 12 separate rounds. If you go by mathematics the fight was most likely a draw but you leave more impressed by Canelo.

I don’t think the judges were bad. I think they did a good job although I think GGG won the last round. If the last round is scored for GGG then all 3 scorecards would have been 114-114. Which is very uncommon. That’s the only peculiar thing to me. Other than that they did a solid job.

I think Canelo gets the benefit of the doubt because he’s electric. His punches sound and look different. He has charisma in his attack. Where as GGG fights at one speed. Very monotonous. I would assume Canelo does more explosive sprints while training but I don’t know it. Just a guess.

From here I think GGG takes a rest. I don’t think he retires because the majority of the experts still feel he’s an undefeated fighter. Just a struggling one. I think GGG needs to be very careful in his next fight. I think he needs to fight a style that he matches up better against. If I was GGG I would face Erislandy Lara. Lara won’t push GGG back or hold his ground as much as Canelo did. He also doesn’t punch in combination to the head and body. I’m not saying Lara can’t win because Lara is elite also and we don’t know how much Canelo took out of GGG. But it’s just better stylistically. If GGG fights Canelo again in Canelo’s current form he’s going to get hurt and hurt bad. He may even be stopped for the 1st time of his career.

Canelo can take on the world. Although I think it was a DRAW I can see Canelo’s skillset flourishing. There are fights I think are even but not one fighter I favor over Canelo. Canelo can bump and if he shows up in the same form he’s going to be really hard to beat. I think he will fight and ko Lemueix in his next fight but he can fight any of the top guns. I would love to see him vs the 160 Charlo. That’s a tremendous 50/50 fight.

What’s your take on Jaime Munguia? How do you rate his performance vs a no hoper like the Canadian fighter?

Bread’s Response: I think Munguia is good. He’s big. He’s vibrant. He’s strong and he’s very ambitious. He has some technical flaws but so does everyone if you look hard enough.

I think because Munguia is looked at as the next big thing, he will remain busy which will help him. He’s getting reps.

I didn’t learn anything new about Munguia vs Cook because Cook is just not on the level. He’s probably a top 35 guy in the division. I don’t care where his sanction body ranking was. I’m curious to see how Munguia will do against a black urban fighter. At junior middleweight historically black urban fighters have been in a large majority of the best. Right now it’s the same way.

When young Latino fighters like Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De La hoya and Ferndando Vargas came up in similar divisions and made their bones. They fought black fighters like Erislandy Lara, Austin Trout, James Kirkland, Shane Mosely, Pernell Whitaker, Winky Wright, Ike Quartey, Bernard Hopkins etc. I want to see how Munguia looks fighting those level of guys.

And please don’t bring up age. Age only matters before you win the title. If you’re a champion you have to be available to all contenders and adaptable to all styles.

canelo-golovkin-rematch (6)

Hey Bread,

It’s been a while and after this past weekend, I figured your input on the following would be super-interesting:

- Mayweather is talking about fighting Pacquiao again. Any chance the result will be different this time? Mayweather looked fairly old agains McGregor…
- Instead of Mayweather talking about another fight with Manny Pacquiao, wouldn’t his legacy be greatly enhanced if he fought Alvarez again? I know he already beat him, but Alvarez has improved since then and he has gotten older. Plus, Canelo is a full-fledged middleweight now. Beating him would give him a legitimate title in another weight division and (possibly?) do a lot more for his legacy.
- How would you compare a Mayweather win over Canelo if Money comes back and wins the middleweight championship? Would it be comparable in any way to Ray Leonard beating Hagler? I know Canelo isn’t Hagler, but Leonard and Hagler were similar in age, whereas Alvarez would enjoy a 13-year age-advantage and considerable weight-advantage.
- How did you see the fight between Alvarez and Golovkin and would you agree that age has slowed down Golovkin to the point where the Golovkin of five years ago would have beaten Alvarez? After all, only two rounds going the other way would have resulted in a Golovkin win.
- How does this affect Golovkin’s legacy?
- Being that Mayweather took Canelo to school, how does Canelo's performance affect Mayweather's legacy? One would think this improves it quite a bit.
- Speaking of which: people aren’t holding Ali’s loss to Holmes against him but Ali got beaten so badly, and Holmes had the right style to always give Ali problems. How do you see a fight between Holmes and the Ali that fought Cleveland Wiliams, or the Ali that fought Foreman, playing out? Any chance Holmes outboxes Ali regardless?
- Any chance Marciano beats a prime Louis?
- Also, regarding legacy: it seems losses are affecting a current fighters historical standing more than before? Joe Louis got knocked out of the ring by Marciano at 38, yet people aren’t holding it against him. Roy Jones, Mike Tyson, etc. aren’t that lucky. They used to be in contention to be the very best at their weight, and in Jones’ case it was the best ever, and now people aren’t placing them in the top 20 any longer, something that doesn’t happen to Ali, Joe Louis, or Sugar Ray Robinson, who has lost his share toward the end of his career.
- Lastly: why the enormous infatuation with Joe Louis? I remember you responding to a mythical matchup between Louis and Holyfield and you saying Louis would clip him and knock him out late. If Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson or Riddick Bowe couldn’t knock him out – the last fight with Bowe doesn’t count: Holyfield had food poisoning going into that fight – why do you think Joe Louis could have done it and not get stopped by Holyfield, who had a much sturdier chin. And who among the following would have the best chance to beat a prime Louis and Ali, meaning who, if anybody, would you favor to win against one or both of them: Jack Johnson, Dempsey, Marciano, Ali, Liston (in his prime, not the washed-up version who fought Ali), Foreman, Holmes, Tyson, Lennox Lewis, either of the Klitschko brothers, Wilder or Joshua? Is it even reasonable to expect a small fighter like Louis to be competitive against Vitaly Klitschko, who has never been knocked down (for all I know, the only heavyweight champion who never had to get off the Floor) or Wilder/ Joshua? As for Wilder's punching power, he has to be compared with Tommy Hears (not his boxing skill but his freakish power) - super-tall and rail-thin yet able to create the kind of force behind his punches that aren't explainable by the laws of physics.

Sorry this has been so long; I know how much you “love” long messages, but I haven’t written in for a while and wanted your input.

By the way, it is great to know when your column gets posted. Being able to look forward to Saturday is much better than checking the boxingscene website several times a day, hoping you posted something again. Keep up the amazing work!


Bread’s Response: I don’t know how the Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch will play out. Too hard to tell both are older. Manny looked good vs Matthysse but there was no testing, so….

If Mayweather were to beat an improved lineal champion in Canelo at 160 in his prime it would put him top 5-10 ever. That would be an awesome victory. It would be equal to or better than Leonard beating Hagler. Floyd is 41 and Canelo is 28. That’s a serious age disadvantage. Canelo is not a green pup anymore. He’s a great HOF fighter in his prime.

Yes Canelo defeating GGG does enhance Mayweather’s legacy indirectly.

I thought the fight was a DRAW or Canelo 7 rounds to 5. I think GGG has slowed down. I have been saying for over a year now and people got offended. Now those same people repeat what I said. TIME is undefeated.

Unfortunately for GGG he needed to win this fight. I think it does affect his legacy. He is a HOF and he is a great fighter. But he wanted to be where Monzon, Robinson, Hagler and Hopkins are rated. Struggling with Canelo so bad won’t put him there. I think he will rate somewhere around the Gene Fullmer level greats at 160.

Watch what you say about Ali man. He was sick in 1980 and had no business boxing. The Ali that beat Williams would have beaten Holmes and any other heavyweight that ever lived.

Marciano is a great fighter. Sure he has a chance to beat Louis in his prime but I wouldn’t pick him too. Louis would have beaten him in my opinion.

Each fighter’s legacies are different. Because fighters fight less these days, each fight sort of means more overall because you have less to choose from. Tyson fell off in his prime years and never got his form back. Jones is an interesting case. Jones was older when he slipped but he wasn’t showing signs of slippage then BOOM he fell off the cliff. Then you have to remember Jones was criticized for his level of comp after the Toney fight.

Joe Louis is the greatest most technically proficient puncher ever. Holyfield is my guy he was one of my favorites but he wasn’t as neat as Louis. You could catch Holy in between volleys. Cooper did, Toney did and Bowe did. How come you don’t count the 3rd Bowe fight. He hit Holy with a short counter right hand. Louis’s bead and butter. I think you’re subjective preference is trying to sway the argument. That’s not how this works. You can’t take out credible events. Holyfield lost to Bowe before he went on to win his best fight vs Mike Tyson and win FOY in 1997. Stop it man! You can’t do that to me. Holyfield would have a great chance to beat Louis but I wouldn’t favor him.

I think Ali is the best heavyweight ever. Stylistically I wouldn’t pick anyone to beat him. But I do think Lennox Lewis, Joe Louis and Jack Johnson have the greatest chances.

I think Joe Louis is the 2nd best heavyweight ever. I think Lennox Lewis, Jack Johnson and George Foreman have serious chances to beat him.

Hello Sir,

I have been following your commentary for about 2 years now. In my opinion you are one of the best boxing minds we have today.

It is now apparent that Canelo is creating an incredible legacy. I believe that GGG is already a hall of famer.

Please explain why GGG’s legacy was on the line based on the outcome of the Canelo fight and who had Alvarez really defeated at Middleweight prior to fighting GGG.


Bread’s Response: Team GGG marketed GGG in the Hagler, Monzon, Hopkins category. Although GGG is older he’s not shot. HISTORY can’t always assume what would have happened if history never saw it happen. We know GGG is older but history needed to see him defeat a HOF fighter in a great performance. He didn’t get the decision and it will cost him a status of his legacy. Instead of being where Monzon, Hagler and Hopkins are. He will have to be a level below. Still a great HOF but not Mt. Rushmore.

I hate to admit it. But objectively this is the TRUTH we are witnessing. Unless GGG can defeat an equal fighter to Canelo and the Canelo performancevs get chalked up to a “style” thing. GGG won’t be as highly regarded as the fighters I mentioned.

Just saw the Canelo GGG match, and am wondering if I'm letting personal biases get in the way of an objective evaluation of the bout.

To me it seemed as though GGG won a pretty clear contest, ceding much of the first half, but not all, and closing very strong in the second.

Yet, until Max Kellerman stopped talking almost entirely, he made it sound as though GGG was getting toyed with simply because he was boxing laterally and using some footwork. Due respect to Canelo for forcing him to, but that just seems like an adjustment for a tough opponent.

But, the whole making guys fight at a catch-weight for the middle weight title and clen issue really soured my opinion of Canelo.

So I recognize that I am biased. I did want him to lose.

But I saw that fight in a theater and the no one there seemed to see it the judges' (or Max Kellerman's) way either.

What's your take?

Were we missing something or is the only path to victory over Canelo a knockout?

Thanks for the wisdom,


Bread’s Response: You are letting your personal opinion of Canelo affect your objectivity. I personally think Canelo was on PEDs at some point of his career. I don’t think the positive test were an innocent meat consumption thing. But I fully acknowledge he’s a great fighter. He’s a HOF. And he’s moving towards ATG status. That dude can fight his ass off. That’s how you be objective.

I also fully acknowledge that either Canelo won 7 rounds to 5 or the fight was most likely a draw. I scored it a draw but I have no problem with Canelo getting the nod. It was one of those fights. GGG did NOT win that fight clear. He won the first fight clear not this one.

Hi there Breadman – I love reading your takes on what-ifs and I have a few for you. The first is Duran v Whitaker at lightweight. Hands of Stone had just one defeat at lightweight (against Esteban de Jesus, twice avenged). He unified the title and also beat Ken Buchanan (albeit with a low blow),  Guts Ishimatsu and  Ray Lampkin. Sweet Pea unified and was effectively undefeated at 135 (that diabolical ‘loss’ against Jose Luis Ramirez was perhaps the worst decision of the 1980s – as bad as the 1993  ‘draw’ against Chavez in ) and along the way beat Roger Mayweather, Ramirez, Greg Haugen, Azumah Nelson and Juan Nazario. T
The men who gave Duran most trouble were illusive movers like Leonard, Benitez and Kirkland Laing. Whitaker was better than those three – quicker and more illusive than even Benitez but also a fine in-fighter. No-one really gave Sweet Pea trouble in his prime years, and it could be argued that the first man to genuinely beat him was Felix Trinidad when he was 34 and had been out of action for 16 months. I have to give him the edge in a head-to-head with Duran at 135 – on a close points decision. Who do you think would win?
The other kind of match-up that always intrigues me is when A beats B who beats C who beats A. Shane Mosley beat Oscar de la Hoya (twice) and Ricardo Mayorga (twice); Vernon Forrest beat Shane Mosley (twice); Ricardo Mayorga beat Vernon Forrest (twice), Oscar de lay Hoya beat Ricardo Mayorga. How would you rate those four at welterweight?
Donald Curry edged Marlon Starling (twice). Lloyd Honeyghan easily beat Curry. Starling easily beat Honeyghan. How would you rate those three at welter?
All the best
Gavin Evans

Bread’s Response: Whoa. Who said Whitaker was better than Leonard? There are close to equals in my opinion but I don’t consider Whitaker better.

Duran vs Whitaker would be unreal to view. Whitaker can actually fight on the inside with Duran and Duran can actually fight on the outside with Whitaker. This fight is so close in my opinion I will take the easy way out and say they would need to fight 3x to decide it. Today I will flip a coin and say Duran edges it 2 to 1 in the series but man it’s tough.

I would rate them at welterweight 1. Oscar   2. Forest  3. Mosley  4. Mayorga.

In the other ranking I would go 1. Curry 2. Starling 3. Honeyghan

Hello Breadman.

I'm a big fan of your writeups. I think it's recommended reading for any boxing fan. Ever thought of writing a book?

To my question... I'm also a big fan of Dougie Fischer & I read his mailbag religiously. On one of his mailbags, he said he doesn't think Floyd is an ATG.

I've to say upfront that I'm not a big fan of Floyd, but I think he's an ATG with the number of champions he fought. I think prime vs prime, he beats everyone on his resume (looking at them as individual fights). But as an accumulation of fighting prime fighters like SRL or Oscar did, he will probably lose some. Someone pointed out that as the A-side for over a decade, he never fought a prime p4p fighter & all ATGs did that.

What's your opinion? ATG or Contemporary great?

Floyd vs Duran @ 140 (140 because everyone picks Duran at 135)
Floyd vs Benitez, SRL, Hearns @ 147

Bread’s Response: Yes I have thought of writing one but I would need help on the format.

I love Dougie Fischer but I also DISAGREE with him about Floyd’s all time status. Floyd is without a doubt an all time great and he’s top 20ish ever. He fits every criterion you can come up with.

Eye Ball Test, Floyd rates off the charts. His fight with Diego Corrales looked like a video game clinic. Accomplishments, Floyd won titles at 130, 135, 140. He won 5 different championships at 147 and he won the 154 title on 3 separate occasions.

Competition Faced he also rates high. He just didn’t face everyone at the peak of their powers. He doesn’t rate as high as some of the other greats in this category but he rates high enough. For example Cotto, Oscar, Mosley and Pac were sort of past it. But they weren’t shot.

Competition Missed hurts him. There is always a reason of why fights didn’t happen. Every fight not happening can’t be blamed on Floyd. Just like we can’t give him a pass on them either. Without getting into the reasons because we really don’t know everything that went on behind the scenes. I won’t pick out ridiculous fights like Vivian Harris calling Floyd out. I will pick viable high class fights in each division.

Here they are. He missed Freitas and Casamayor at 130. Stevie Johnston at 135. Kostya Tszyu at 140. Paul Williams and Antonio Margarito in his first run at 147. I can’t remember the details but there was a fight at 154 with Winky Wright that looked like it was going to get made. Then you didn’t hear anything more about it. I won’t call the Wright fight a miss but I clearly remember Floyd saying he hired Chris Byrd as a sparring partner. I got excited because I thought it was a great fight. Then I heard nothing more about it. In his later run 147, he didn’t fight Tim Bradley or Amir Khan.

I only picked reasonable fights. No one can say Errol Spence, Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter or Keith Thurman, they came into the championship scene too late. I tried to pick viable fights not being made with the leading most accomplished threats in the division at the time Floyd was in it.

No one can fight everyone except Ali. He’s the only fighter with no misses. I also agree that individually Floyd beats everyone he missed or supposedly waited on except for maybe the 2010 version of Manny. I would need to see that in a boxing ring and not analyze it on paper. But collectively if you face prime threat after prime threat, you lose a few even if you’re special. You also can’t get credit for winning a fight that never happened just because you would have been the favorite in that fight. All in all Floyd is an ALL TIME GREAT.

Robinson over Leonard in a 15 round thriller. Leonard would push but I can’t see anyone beating Robinson at 147.

Duran would have been terrific at 140. He looked great after he moved up from 135 in 1978. He fought in the low 140s for a few fights. I think Floyd is unique. He’s competitive with any all time great from 130-147 and he beats 80% head to head. I just don’t think he could beat the best version of Duran. I have Duran’s total run from 72-80 on video and I’m telling you he’s Ray Robinson good.

I would pick Hearns and Leonard to defeat Floyd at 147. You’re talking some rough head to head match ups. Leonard and Hearns not only rate high legacy but head to head only Robinson gets picked unanimously to beat either at 147.

Benitez is a curious case. I think he would give Floyd fits. Watch his fights with Leonard , Hearns and Duran. Benitez is bigger than Floyd and he’s just as freaky. Floyd has more of a plan where as Benitez sort of just fights off of a whim. Right now I say Floyd by a hair in a really tough for him.

Hello, Breadman!

I hope you are doing well!

Question I want to ask you is about GGG’s legacy. If I am right you regard Golovkin as great fighter and a future HOF. Yet in your assessment of potential fight with like of Charlo, Derevyachenko, Saunders, Andrade, Jacobs you had given GGG very small edge and in some cases you even considered him a slight underdog.

The HOF fighter usually have a better odds to the top 5s in his division. Could you elaborate more on how a future HOF has barely an edge with the top 5 in his division? Is it that he slipped so much with the age? Is it that all those fighters are great and potential HOFs?



Bread’s Response: Collectively fighting elite level fighters in their primes is not easy. HOF and ATG are different. I consider GGG a HOF not an ATG.

You wrote this email before the fight. After seeing the fight are you telling me GGG could run the table you sent me. I don’t think so. Canelo won’t even run that table without a loss or 2. No one on that list will run the table without a loss or 2.

How are you my man?? This is Martin from Las vegas!!  Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to give a bit of my opinion on the Canelo vs GGG rematch, what a fight!!! I had it 7-5 canelo. I heard Roy Jones say that Abel Sanchez kinda made the fight go to Canelo in the judges eyes because he demanded canelo to stand toe to toe and when we he got that request GGG fought going backwards!! Do you think because everyone expected GGG to stand toe to toe that him fighting on his backfoot took credibility away from his work?? I personally think it did although he fought extremely good behind that jab. But those body shots from Canelo really made a difference. Whats your take and i also have a couple mythical matchups

Bread’s Response: I think the expectations of the Mexican style did hurt GGG. But his coach said and did what he thought would appeal to the public. GGG trains in California. So they wanted to attract the Latino fans. It came back to bite him but it shouldn’t have. Fights shouldn’t be scored like that. And if Sanchez’s comments came back to GGG, then how come Team Canelo’s comments about GGG being one dimensional didn’t come back to bite them.

Flip a coin.
Flip a coin.
Flip a coin.


Hi Breadman,
I pray you and your family our doing well and I pray all the people who read your mailbag
and their families are doing well.
Triple G won the fight as far as I’m concerned 7rds to 5.
He totally out boxed Canelo. Having said that I’m glad he didn’t get the decision.
He and his trainer have been calling out Canelo saying that Triple G is the guy
who fights like the real Mexican with the Mexican style.
Well Canelo fought like a true Mexican on fight night and had Triple G on the run.
Now was not the night for TripleG to be displaying his boxing skills. C
anelo gave him what he wanted the opportunity to go toe to toe an Triple G wanted no part of it.
He looked intimidated the same way Kovalev did when Ward took his heart. Be careful what you ask for.
Boxing Scene better realize if you go a lot of us fans will be gone because I only come to this site to read your mailbag.                    

God bless and take care,
Blood and guts from Philly.

PS. Out of my love and respect for you and the great job you do I will no longer call fighters out of their name in your mailbag. I have to give you that respect because it is your mailbag and we our your guests so we must play by your rules. Take care.

Bread’s Response: Thank you brother.

I guess Abel Sanchez really pissed some of you guys off. But I don’t think fights should be scored on what style a coach says he wants the opponent to fight.

I will agree GGG is slightly intimidated by Canelo’s hand speed and countering punching. Although he can win rounds against him. It’s hard for him to beat Canelo up and put pain on him. Canelo does more physical damage to GGG than GGG does Canelo. But give GGG credit for his indomitable will. He closed that fight while looking extremely fatigued and taking a beating.

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[QUOTE=TonyGe;19157682]Calling Bread a racist because he hold a different viewpoint is a bit extreme don't you think. A lot of people think the guy deliberately took Clen. Personally he was tested for the rematch and passed so you have to…

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[QUOTE=Bjl12;19157612]It does not anger me, but it does disappoint. However, Canelo passed his tests against Floyd and Gennady 1. WhiteBreadman went on to say "Canelo looks [B][U]less vascular[/U][/B]" because his "inside sources" told him Canelo cheated. All objective evidence points…

Comment by Bjl12 on 10-01-2018

[QUOTE=MidWestBrawler;19157475]I understand your point of view, now unless you are related to Canelo just be objective for a minute. He failed a drug test, it doesn't matter if it was an accident or not. They give you a list with…

Comment by MidWestBrawler on 10-01-2018

[QUOTE=Bjl12;19142458] WhiteBreadman flat out states Ca$hnelo cheated using PEDs despite Ca$h/GBP pledging innocence since Day 1, citing contaminated Mexican meat. I'd be careful the way in which I accuse athletes because - by definition - WhiteBreadman is committing Libel.[/QUOTE] I…

Comment by Bjl12 on 09-26-2018

[QUOTE=MidWestBrawler;19139807]once you have popped hot (2 x in Canelo's case) public speculation on past fights is fair game.[/QUOTE] Wrong. I hope you don't live by this as youd be liable to get sued. Big time. WhiteBreadman flat out states Ca$hnelo…

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