Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo-Charlo, Khan-Broner, GGG-Vanes

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling many topics such as performance enhancing drugs in boxing, Amir Khan vs. Adrien Broner, Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermall Charlo, Golovkin vs. Vanes, and more.

There is an idiot in the comments section of your mailbag named Big Stomps that turned your Canelo comment into a racial thing. He definitely sniffed too much glue as a kid. The very next day after you put out your mailbag another Mexican fighter Carlos Cuadras refused to be tested which is the same thing as testing positive in my opinion. I am Mexican American and I work in the sport science field. And I will admit you are spot on in most of your points. I know you don’t target Mexican fighters. But in light of Cuadras refusing to be tested I thought about all of the Mexican fighters that have either been suspicious or tested positive.

Juan Manuel Marquez is the most obvious cheater in history who didn’t test positive. Ray Beltran tested positive and is fighting better than he ever has at any point of his career and he’s close to 40. Orlando Salido keeps being able to comeback in fight after fight, no matter how vicious the punishment is. Have we ever seen a fighter bounce back from a brutal beating better than Salido? Luis Nery a new upstart looks like a monster but he can’t make weight without Clenbuterol. Erik Morales our legend tested positive. I’m sure there are many others.

My point is Mexicans are not as athletic as other races. We have stamina and durability but we don’t have the athleticism. I know for a fact that it’s easy to get banned drugs in Mexico. I have friends who are recreational weight lifters and we go from San Diego to Mexico all the time. They usually pick up a cocktail or two. We don’t get as cut or defined as the black guys in the gym.

Cuadras refusing to test just made many eat crow. I still root for Mexicans but I’m no fool. I know exactly what most of them are doing. And I will admit if I were fighting an elite Mexican fighter, I would use a PED to even the playing field. It’s very common in our culture.  I know you won’t say who you are suspicious of but I trust your instincts. I can read in between the lines in many of your comments. Thanks for being fair.

Bread’s Response: You know what’s messed up, I really don’t see race or color when it comes down to cheating. I suspect many black fighters of being cheaters. I suspect many Asian and Eastern European fighters of cheating also. In fact I suspect any fighter making over 200k/fight that is the A side and he doesn’t ask his opponent to do extra testing. I don’t care who they are.

I don’t read the comments section below my mailbag. I only read emails that are sent to me. That’s a form of social media and like I have said many times, social media is evil. But I will take your word. If you say Big Stomp is an idiot, he must be an idiot.

I love Mexican fighters. Some of my favorite fighters ever are Sal Sanchez, Ricardo Lopez, Julio Cesar Chavez and guess who is half Mexican, Roberto Duran. I will never target Mexicans and say they aren’t athletic enough so they cheat. If a Mexican fighter cheats it’s because he wants to. Period. If he’s not athletic enough for boxing then he should try another sport.

I have seen adults with acne. It happens because of various things. But Cuadras’s back acne, along with his hyper attitude always made me suspect him. Again I never said anything publicly I just watched him closely. I agree with you again, refusing a test is the same as failing one. Some will get upset again but who cares. The people who should get upset is Cuadras’s last few opponents who most likely took punches from an enhanced fighter. One of those opponents is the excellent Juan Estrada who happens to be Mexican. This is why no one should be offended because someone of their nationality or race gets caught cheating. If that offends you, you aren’t showing empathy to the victim. I’m glad Cuadras was suspended by the WBC and hope many more get caught. It doesn’t matter to me what race they are.

I have a question for you. With all the PED drama going on, how do view one’s legacy who was strongly suspected but never tested positive. For example Manny Pacquiao. I know you have always said he was a great fighter and it’s hard to judge a fighter who never tested positive but there is a strong case that he used. There is a strong case that his best victories were under the influence of PEDs. I know you can’t say if he’s dirty or not because we don’t know but you can say if you take away from his legacy. I’m torn on Manny and I just don’t know how to rank him historically.

Bread’s Response: This could be the best question I ever got. And guess what because of how you phrased it I’m going to answer it.

I am all over the place with Manny Pacquiao. When I first heard of him possibly being on PEDs in 2009 I didn’t take it as serious as I do today. The reason being is extra testing was not implemented yet in professional boxing. As time went by I researched and I took it more serious and here is what I came up with.

Pacquiao was accused of being suspicious because of his crazy weight jump from 112-150. I totally understood that. But I always knew that Duran, Hearns and Armstrong jumped similar weights with same day weigh ins and had similar success. So while the weight jump was rare it had happened before.

Some of things that made me suspect Manny was Paulie Malignaggi openly saying Manny is a PED cheat. Manny never sued Malignaggi. I happen to respect Paulie a great deal and I respect his opinion on boxing. I may not agree with everything he says but I respect him. Paulie seems to know Manny used PEDs and Manny never challenges Paulie and his accusations. That’s very odd to me. Especially when Manny was willing to sue Floyd Mayweather for the same accusations but never sued Paulie. Malignaggi trained at Wild Card and it’s almost like he dares Manny to publicly challenge him. Manny never does……

Another thing that Manny did that bothered me was he never made anyone test extra until he was kod by Juan Manuel Marquez, who most people in boxing openly suspected in 2011-12. Manny is a politician in the sense of fairness it shouldn’t have taken a brutal ko loss for him to want his opponents to test.

Before I get to the points that favor Manny not using PEDs I will touch on one that teeters the fence for me. Manny’s run from David Diaz in 2008 to Shane Mosley in 2011, is the best big PPV peak performance run I have ever seen. To be clear Roy Jones, Pernell Whitaker, Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather may have been better in their prime. But Jones wasn’t the PPV star Manny was. Whitaker was a great HBO house fighter but again by the time he made to PPV he was past his prime. Ray Leonard’s prime was cut short by an injury. Floyd Mayweather had a perfect fight vs Diego Corrales but that was long before he became a PPV star. Manny fought about 4 perfect fights in a row as the major star in boxing, no one has ever done that.

These peak performances came at his ceiling weight. That’s not a good sign if you’re talking about a clean fighter. Most fighters peak out at their natural weights and will have some good performances at their ceiling weight but they won’t go on their best career runs at their ceiling weight. Duran fought Hagler well and beat Barkley at 160 but he had some rough nights in between that at 160. What Manny did as far as peaking out around 140-47 is unique for a man that started out at 112.

But in fairness to Manny lots of knowledgeable people think it was matchmaking and timing. I’ve heard Diaz and Hatton were made to order. Oscar was weight drained. Cotto was in a rut. Margarito was made to order. I know you guys have to. The one thing that favors Manny being clean during this historic run is Juan Manuel Marquez. If you observe closely Marquez knew how to fight Manny better than any opponent he’s ever faced. His historic run started the exact fight after Marquez in 2008 and it ended with another tough fight against Marquez in 2011. That was not a coincidence. I know there were heavy rumors about Marquez also. But we can’t prove that. What we can prove is that Marquez always won about 50% of his rounds boxed vs Manny regardless of the year and weight. He always troubled him. So for the people who felt that Manny’s run was just matchmaking and timing, the run being sandwiched by Marquez holds some relevance.

Now here are the things that make me take a pause in personal assumption that Manny had to be cheating circa 08-09. I saw Manny in 2001 vs Ledwaba and Julio. He was a straight wrecking ball with uncommon power and athleticism. His calves were the sizes of a welterweights. He hit Emanuel Lucero so hard Lucero walked like 4 steps and collapsed at 122! He was already a great fighter and a HOF before his rise in weight in 2008. So the theory that he became great out of nowhere is false.

Now in 2013 Manny was past his best days. Especially for an older, hyper active welterweight who was just brutally kod in 2012. So Manny starts testing under VADA and he puts together a nice run. He beats Brandon Rios really easily and in 2013 Rios could still fight. The fight was not competitive and Manny was coming off of a year layoff vs the younger bigger fighter. Then Manny beats a legitimate great fighter in Tim Bradley. Bradley was a top 7 p4p type of guy at the time and he’s a HOF. Then Manny beats an undefeated Chris Algieri. Algieri is a very capable fighter. Ask Ruslan Provodnikov and Amir Khan. Manny dominated Algieri. Manny was also able to visibly hurt Floyd Mayweather and win 4 rounds against him. Only 6 men in history have been able to win 4 rounds  officially vs Mayweather in a 12 round fight. Oscar De La Hoya, Zab Judah, Canelo Alvarez, Marcos Maidana, Jose Luis Castillo. I’m not a big stat guy but this is one statistic that I give credence too. Out of the 6 men who were able to win 4 rounds vs Mayweather only Oscar, Castillo, Maidana and Pacquiao were able to do it on more than one scorecard.

Mayweather  could be the most difficult fighter in history to win 4 or more rounds against in the 12 round era. For Manny to do that well past his prime and under testing in my opinion shows he was always a great fighter. After Manny loses to Floyd he goes out and drops and comprehensively beats Tim Bradley again. Bradley was a lot younger than Manny, had half the number of fights and much less wear and tear. Manny was able to defeat him again under testing. Then he goes on to beat Jesse Vargas who is no joke. Vargas had just knocked out Sadam Ali. Last but not least I thought Manny beat Jeff Horn who is a big awkward , rough dude.

So Manny’s run under testing is high quality especially for an aging fighter who was kod at 34 years old. I have to give him credit for that.

Gun to my head and I had to bet I wouldn’t say Manny Pacquiao never used PEDs. Although no one was testing VADA or USADA in 08-09. VADA didn’t even exist yet….So…..At the same time I’m not overly convinced that everything he did was PED enhanced or he had to be a cheater as some other people because of his success pre 2008 and most impressively his success as an older fighter post the Marquez ko. So as you are I’m a little torn. That’s as fair as I can be while taking everything into consideration.

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Hey Bread,

Saw you mentioned a sick Japanese talent in the mailbag and there are definitely quite a few of them but my guess is you mean this kid Hiroto Kyoguchi?

His constant pressure style is quite similar to Chocolatito. Difference is his defense is more obvious..relies more on athleticism, while Choco's rolling with punches and blocking shots are more subtle to the untrained eye.

He goes really well to the body and upstairs and he is now peaking at 24 (i think usually they peak 3 years ish or so earlier in smaller weight classes) which you can also see with his engine. His engine is rock solid and he can stay relentness for 12 rounds if he has to. And he throws all punches in the book well. This dude is impeccable.

Given his timing and speed I think he could pull out the jab out of toolbox more often and apply better in his style. Also vs Carlos Buitrago at very SELECT instances of the fight he looked slightly vulnerable with counter shots upstairs in the exchanges. Against a more elite boxer with IQ good timing, someone say like danny garcia, who can crack it could become a problem.

Congrats on the Jrock W by the way!! Quite mature and impressive performance. Man i CLEARLY dont need to tell you but this guy is very very good. I had the charlo bout even going into final round and that was also due to charlo's knockdown but Jrock clearly had the momentum and was not only outboxing charlo but also making him respect him. Cannot wait to see you two becoming champs man!! my guess is, and taking boxing politics etc into consideration, inside 18 months ;)


Bread’s Response: That’s the kid! Thank you. I have to give him a nickname because I will butcher his name. Yes he does have some Chocolatito in his game. And man his left hook to the liver is nasty. I didn’t know he was a champion already. I thought he was some 8-0 kid. See I don’t know how to quantify that because I don’t know if you can be a prospect and a world champion at the same time. When I say prospect I’m referring to the talented kid moving through the ranks but not at the world title level. Nevertheless Japan is really going through a golden era in the smaller weight classes. People are not noticing it because they are small guys and are not on US TV. But they can really fight. Hiroto Kyoguchi looks like you guys may have another Monster Inoue! Geez!

What up bread man?

Don’t get the hate around GGG vs Vanes.

The dude is an olympian, who gave hell to Lara, Andrade and Charlo, 3 of the best JMW in the world. He even took Jermell on a 2 week notice I believe. He’s 5.11ft and I’ve even seen  at the Wild Card these last 2 years. Never stopped training. He was also about to face Jacob’s new opponent I believe last December.

And he’s never been stopped.

I expect GGG to be dominant but I think it’s less of a mismatch than what people think.

Do you think Hurd should move to MW or stay there if he wins or loses against Charlo? I have him winning. The volume, pressure and his mental strengh will make the difference. Sure, Charlo has more power than Lara or Trout but he’s not near Lara’s skillset and Trout was on fire and threw so much during his fight with Hurd.

Yes it was a while ago and he changed a lot. But he didn’t stop Rosado and Vanes. Those fights were close. I don’t think he outboxes Hurd. If Swift can take his punches, and I believe he can, he’ll tire him and make him quit. Charlo is also emotional. I don’t think he’ll deal well with Hurd’s poker face, constant aggression and his crazy chin.

Finally, Hurd is active and on fire. Charlo went one round with Lubin and even tho the perfect uppercut was beautiful, didn’t tell me much about where he’s at if he goes for 12 rounds of hell.

Everyone seems to think he’s the number one guy at 154 but I don’t see why. Hurd is hot right now and his victories against Harrison, Trout and Lara are more than solid and enough to establish him as number one. Plus, the kid is improving a lot.

I favor him 60/40. What’s your take? You’re the truth.

Beside Charlo, who are the 3 toughest fights for hurd at JMW and which top 4 MW do you think he has the most chances to beat?

Do you think he carries his advantages at 160? (Power, size, frame, chin)

Last question: Crawford is almost considered the king at WW with no fight at the weight. Everyone thinks him vs Spence is the pinnacle. And I get it. Big dude, monster at 140, cleaned out the division easily right? Can do it all.

There’s the same feeling with Charlo at MW, tho beside a perfectly timed uppercut against Williams (who was more than live in the fight) and a destruction of a one legged argentinian, I don’t see why he’s seen as the dark horse and such a nightmare. You almost favor him against every top MW. Why is that?
(I think Sergy gets the win). 

Congrats on the win last time by the way. Your advices in the corner were dope. You seemed so calm the whole time while I felt some heat in the middle rounds.

MM :
Castano vs Lara
Castano vs Hurd
Soro vs Charlo
Soro vs Trout
Billy Joe vs Canelo in Vegas
Billy Joe vs Canelo in London
Hurd vs Lemieux 160
Derev vs Charlo 160
Canelo vs Charlo
2014/15 GGG vs 2018 Charlo, Billy Joe, DS

Thanks a lot.

Bread’s Response: I don’t get the hate of GGG’s opponent either. The fans and media somehow forget that Canelo tested positive and was suspended. GGG fought Kell Brook after and opponent pulled out. I thought it was great for boxing that a top 10 p4p type of guy moved up and challenged the middleweight monster. Brook filled in when another opponent pulled out if I’m not mistaken it was Chris Eubank. Then GGG fights his biggest perceived threat in Daniel Jacobs. In his very next fight he fights his other biggest threat in Canelo Alvarez. So he’s getting ready for the rematch and Alvarez is not available because of a testing issue…

The fans now claim he’s ducking Sergiy Derevyanchenko and Demetrius Andrade because he doesn’t fill them in on short notice. It’s insane. No one in boxing’s last 3 opponents have been top 20 p4p type of guys. Andrade and Deverenchenko are really tough fights, no A list fighter would re gear and fight someone of that caliber on short notice. It’s counter productive. Spike O Sullivan was a solid pick. He just had a good victory vs Antione Douglas. The Mungai kid is not as bad as he was made out to be. They couldn’t make those fights. So Team GGG put their promoter’s hat to work and picked a California based fighter, of Armenian descent. There happens to be a large Armenian population in southern California and everyone gets mad. GGG has been asking to face Billy Joe Saunders for over a year now, and Saunders wasn’t ready. Now that GGG has slipped, I hear he’s ducking Saunders too. I get accused of being a racist because Canelo test positive for PEDs. So I guess what I will be called a GGG lover because I have no problem with his pick. It’s a business and the finances of this fight had to be redirected because of Canelo’s screw up. GGG needed to stay active. There may be a direct correlation with his last performances and inactivity. He was indestructible when he was fighting 3 and 4 times a year. So he didn’t want to be off 8 months.

Tell me the difference in Liam Smith fighting Canelo and Vanes Martirosyan fighting GGG. I actually think Vanes would beat Liam Smith. Now mark this down. Vanes will win some rounds and land some nice right hands vs GGG. And the world will say wow, GGG is no good anymore. That’s just how the new critic works. This fight is a suitable replacement given the circumstances. I’ve seen much worse. This situation is not GGG’s fault, he’s been fighting the best “available” opponent for his last 3 fights.

I think Hurd vs Charlo is a 50/50 fight. Charlo is punching really hard so Hurd will have to deal with that. Hurd eats punches. But if he can handle the power, he could outwork him. That’s a tough fight to call. Charlo has been hitting guys with one shot and the fight is over. That’s impressive but it can be misleading. Hurd is actually winning because of a format over the course of time. And you’re correct Charlo has been inactive. 1 round in over a year. I don’t have a strong favorite with either guy. Charlo has a speed and quickness advantage. But I think Hurd has a craft advantage in close. I also think his punch output is so much higher that it will count for him winning some closer rounds. It’s a really tough fight for both. Let me think on it a little more.

Hurd doesn’t need to move up yet. It’s some tough fights at 154 for him. Besides Charlo, Brian Castano, Michel Soro, Sadam Ali, Kell Brook and Julian Williams. All present real fights. You have to win fights in the ring and not on paper.

Castano vs Lara is a close decision. I lean Lara but it won’t be easy. Castano is a pressure technician with a higher workrate than Lara. People are going to fight Lara rough from here on out.

Castano vs Hurd. Um…..Hurd by late stoppage in a barn burner.

Soro vs Charlo is a shoot out. Soro has a nasty counter shot. But I think Charlo’s American rhythm will win the fight. Soro waits too much.

Soro vs Trout, I think Soro would run Trout into something he never sees. Soro can punch and he’s sneaky with his attack.

Billy Joe vs Canelo. It really depends on the judges in this one.

Hurd vs Lemiuex. Hurd by uupercut ko

SD vs Charlo 160. I say Charlo 160. His jab is too strong. But I wouldn’t bet on it. SD can go.

Canelo vs Charlo. I assume you mean Charlo 160. Tough fight for both. Canelo is quicker and better defensively. But he’s about 5 inches shorter. Charlo has the more consistent attack and his jab would be a big factor. I can’t call this fight. I can see both winning. Again it would depend on the judges subjective preference. It also now depends on if Canelo can perform on the level. Fighters who cheat have a history of slipping after they get caught. It’s a close fight but I slightly favor Charlo. I don’t think Canelo will be quite what he was under more strict testing.

2014 GGG would beat everyone you named. The only person that could have beaten that GGG was Andre Ward at 168. The 2014 GGG didn’t get big fights at 160 if you remember. Ward was the only one willing to fight him.

Bro you killed it with your picks. Charlo was an easy pick. But Tank Davis in a ko before 4. And the draw on ESPN for Broner vs Vargas. I’m buying you dinner at the next big fight. I have a question who wins Kovalev vs Alvarez, Stevenson vs Jack and Russell vs Diaz. Also if Charlo 160 fights GGG,  and Davis vs Loma who takes that?

Bread’s Response: Thanks man I will hold you too that and I won’t order light.

Tank Davis is a brutal and unique puncher. He has blistering hand speed and he shoots under better than anyone in boxing. Most fighters counter with straight shots or hooks. Davis is open for an overhand shot but he shoots his counters under and they are brutal. Watch him close. 80% of his counters come from under the line of sight. Davis punches like a hybrid of Mike Tyson and Zab Judah. That being said I view this fight like Canelo vs GGG in 2015. Canelo wasn’t ready. GGG slipped some and Canelo was more competitive because he waited. If Davis fought Loma next I would pick Loma. But Loma is 30. If Davis waits him out, he can close the gap. People get mad at that but it’s a business. And wait outs happen all the time. If Davis takes that fight next, I salute the young kid. That would give him GUN status.

Golovkin fans won’t like this but I would favor Charlo 160 to beat GGG. I just think GGG gets hit too much these days and Charlo 160 looks to be peaking out. The timing of this fight would greatly favor Charlo.

Kovalev by controversial decision over Alvarez. Russell by clear decision over Diaz. I can’t call Jack vs Stevenson just yet. I like Stevenson early or Jack late. Let me think on it a little bit more. Sort of leaning towards Stevenson by a smidge. Jack is a slow starter and that’s not good vs Stevenson. Jack is actually more well rounded by his slow start worries me. Stevenson is a lot better than the media realizes. He’s a top 20 p4p talent in the sport and most don’t like him but they can’t separate personal feelings from objectivity. Stevenson may be a great fighter in our wakes.

Jermall Charlo is something. He’s the most destructive fighter in boxing right now. I think he kos Danny Jacobs, Canelo Alvarez and GGG. The only one who stands a slight chance is Billy Joe Saunders because he moves so much. Charlo looks like he could also beat any of the super middleweights. I know you’re a historian but how many fighters in history have won titles at 154 and 168? Off the top of my head I can’t think of any but I know you go back further me. I’m a huge Charlo fan but I do wonder if his performances are clean. I hope they are and I know he’s enrolled with the WBC but it’s not the same testing as paid VADA. The thing that makes me suspicious is both brothers rage. It looks to be Roid Rage, and their huge jaw structures. Jermell the 154 was not considered a puncher, but now he is. Jermall who I am speaking of is considered the puncher. But take a look at his boxrec. He only scored 2kos in his first 6 fights against the normal limited competition. This is not the normal turnaround to become huge punchers as the competition gets tougher. I hope those brothers are clean because I’m a huge fan. Btw great call on Davis ko by 4th round.

Bread’s Response: I don’t want to go too crazy over the Centeno victory. Charlo was a huge favorite and did what he was supposed to do. Centeno is a solid guy but he was already outclassed as a prospect vs Julian Williams and contender vs Maciej Sulecki. Centeno can box but he doesn’t have physical strength to hold off Charlo. Charlo and Ronnie Shields know about Centeno’s controversial ending vs Julian Williams. Many suspect Centeno quit. So as a smart team they recognized Centeno’s weakness and jumped on him early. Nevertheless Centeno is a capable boxer. He did ko Immanuwel Aleem who can fight. So any ko like that over a top 10 opponent is impressive.

Off the top of my head only Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns have won titles at 154 and then 168. Those jumps are the hardest in boxing. It’s just different after 147. That’s why so many great middleweights never move up. If Charlo is able to win a title at 168 it would be a great accomplishment. In this era of weight jumping, it would prove to be a true weight jump and probably put him in the HOF. But he has work to do at 160. Let’s not jump the gun. He just won the interim title not the real world title. I favor him over GGG also but he has to do it in the ring and not on paper. GGG is a proud fighter and he won’t just give up his title. If they fight Charlo will have to earn it. I will add there are actaully some super middleweights I would favor him over now. Caleb Truax, James Degale and Gilberto Ramirez I think he beats. The Uzi and David Benavidez would be too much right now but to think there are some 168s he could beat is impressive.

So a lot has been talked about in regards to the whole GGG/Canelo situation of late. I totally respect GGG for still wanting to fight some one and there has been lots of talk about opponents and what not. I'd like to hear your insight in regards to how hard it can be got a fighter to switch gears and go to a different opponent on short notice. Also many have said why doesn't GGG just push off his fight for a few more weeks to either better prepare for Derevychanko or maybe BJ Saunders to fully unify the division. How hard is it and what would be the negatives to dialing back training for a short time before going hard again before a rescheduled fight? I'm sure the potential for over training and injury are higher. Thanks Bread

Bread’s Response: It’s extremely hard to be in GGG’s position. First off you have to consider the promotional aspect. The promotion and sponsors are set for May 5th. Not May 12th or 19th.  So it was better for GGG to fight on the date he was training to fight for.

Now let’s consider the boxing aspect. GGG hasn’t fought since last September. The man doesn’t want to stay out of the ring any longer. If he pushes this fight back he could be off a year. Why would he purposely collect that type of rust on himself? It makes no sense. The change of opponents is the toughest part. Mentally and physically you’re focusing on a certain type of food. Now at the last minute the meal gets switched and you have to eat at a new restaurant. It’s not as simple as just refocusing. Canelo is actually about 5’8”. Vanes is about 6ft. Canelo is a sliding counter puncher. Vanes fights in a bounce rhythm in he has a fast straight hand. They’re just different.

I think GGG is in a tough spot. I think he will win because of his jack hammer jab and pedigree. But I look for Vanes to land plenty of right hands. I look for him to have some crowd on hius side because he’s the underdog. When a fighter who is expected to lose big, does well. His performance is viewed on a slight curve. Jermell Charlo is viewed as a killer at this moment. We forget Vanes could have easily scored a draw vs him and was the stronger fighter down the stretch. It was 10 round fight by the way that should have been a 12. So Vanes is not a bum. I really think Vanes has some nice moments in this fight and I think the media really tears GGG up. Not because he’s not great, he is a great. But because of the false narrative that he’s supposed to blow Vanes away in a 2 or 3 rounds and I just don’t see that.

Hi Mr.breadman, my name is Mateo and im a boxing coach from NY. I would like to know what are your thoughts on the mental preparations of boxers today? I read in one of your comments that you felt that fighters lack character now more than ever. Do you feel that art , ex: music, dancing, drawing, etc.. Can be used as a therapeutic method of training the mind? And if so, which fighters do you think would benefit from this the most?

Bread’s Response: Mental preparation is more important than physical. Most fighters today don’t have hobbies outside of boxing. Their activities are spending money and posing and looking at social media all day. So their brains and mental capacity are not being enhanced.

Sugar Ray Robinson the best fighter ever was a dancer. He even left boxing to dance in 1952. If a prominent fighter danced today his manhood would be questioned and he would be considered corny. Now watch Robinson skip rope and slide up on an opponent. Tell me if he’s corny.

You watch Lomachenko he does mind enhancement drills as hobbies. It’s all about processing. Loma understands that the mind last longer than the body and quickness comes from the mind. Why do you think he’s always a step ahead of his opponents.

Yes many things can be incorporated in training. As long as it’s applicable to boxing. Most artsy or scientific hobbies are better than looking at a social media time line all day. Any fighter can benefit from one of these hobbies. Unfortunately we are in an era of fighters that will have bad posture from staring down at phones and fried brains because of the false sense of reality that social media encourages.

Who did you have winning the Broner vs Vargas fight? I saw that you predicted a draw. Great call. I thought Broner looked good and may have some confidence back but I’m tired of waiting on him to be Floyd Mayweather. That Broner hasn’t existed since the Antonio Demarco fight. Why do you think Broner peaked out so early? Is he the most overrated 4 division champion ever? I think so. Who wins between Amir Khan vs Broner. Man the promotion for that one would be something.

Bread’s Response: I didn’t score Broner vs Vargas. People always act like they have a pen and pad and are adding up the rounds. But who really does that watching a fight unless you’re on press row being paid to score. A close fight like that needs actual scoring and not the eye ball test score. What they do is score who won the event and the mood of the fight. But mathematically that may not be accurate as to who won.

I thought Vargas was throwing a killer jab to the body. I count body punches. Vargas may not have a huge ko% but that jab was hard and crisp. Broner couldn’t just walk through it early. Then I saw Broner’s talent start to influence the fight. He started timing Vargas with nice counters. More importantly the crowd started getting involved and they started to support Broner. That added some pep to Broner’s step. It was a really close fight. Naked eye a draw was reasonable. Kevin Cunningham did a great job of letting Broner know what was up.

Broner is not Floyd Mayweather, he’s Adrien Broner. That comparison was never fair to him. Mayweather is actually a great pure boxer who could punch at 130 and 135. Broner was never a great “boxer”. What he was, was a great talent. But his style was not that of a boxer. Broner is an athletic overwhelming fighter. He fights more like Shane Mosley than he does Floyd Mayweather.

I think Broner peaked out so early because he moved up in weight so early. He went from 130 to 135 then boom 147. Only the best fighters in history have made the 135 to 147 jump successfully. If you notice Broner usually fights at catchweight now between 140-147. I’m talking Armstrong, Duran, Whitaker, Mayweather, Mosley, Pacquiao, De La Hoya…type great fighters. So that’s not an easy jump. Broner is a very physical fighter. He catches punches with his high guard, then he walks you down and beats you down. At 135, no one could hold him. But at 147 he needed to evolve with skill and boxing ability because he couldn't rely on physicality. He needed to box more. Use more craft. Look at all the greats and how they evolved from 135 to 147. Broner is still a walk down physical fighter. The problem is the fighters at 147 are more difficult to hurt and walk down. The critics say Broner always waits these days. Well he’s waiting because he waiting for them to weaken. They’re bigger men. If you notice he rarely scores kos these days.

Amir Khan is a terrible stylistic match up for Broner. Khan knows that, that’s why he wants the fight. Broner is not really mobile because his legs are straight. He holds his hands up very high and up and in to his face. Khan is a rapid fire puncher who has mobile legs and he’s bigger than Broner. I know people will say Khan has a weak chin but that’s Broner’s best chance. I actually think Broner is a quality fighter but Amir Khan is better than history will remember him. He has some quality victories over Malignaggi, Alexander, Algieri, Collazo, Maidana, Kotelnik and Judah. Broner would have life and death with everyone on that list. You guys laugh at Khan but he’s actually one or two big victoires from being a HOF. Broner needs to get paid huge money to take that fight.

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User Comments and Feedback (Register For Free To Comment) Comment by aboutfkntime on 05-01-2018

[QUOTE=daggum;18725545]i think you are confusing yourself and making false equivalencies. the ggg-derev fight was not mandated yet. the canelo-ggg fight was. canelo paid ggg not to fight him cause that fight had been ordered. the ggg-derev fight was not ordered…

Comment by aboutfkntime on 05-01-2018

[QUOTE=daggum;18725523]manny is on peds cause he didn't sue malignaggi? where does this guy come up with his moronic arguments? from boxingscene? :stickp4: you really can't see the difference between suing floyd and paulie. no one pays attention to paulie. thats…

Comment by daggum on 04-30-2018

[QUOTE=aboutfkntime;18721874][B]when Canelo did not sign to fight his mando Golovkin:[/B] [B]tard1:[/B] how disgraceful [B]tard2:[/B] what a coward [B]tard3:[/B] how disrespectful to the sport [B]tard4:[/B] strip that boy [B]when Golovkin did not sign to fight his mando Derevyanchenko:[/B] [B]tard1:[/B] Derevyanchenko needs…

Comment by daggum on 04-30-2018

manny is on peds cause he didn't sue malignaggi? where does this guy come up with his moronic arguments? from boxingscene? :stickp4: you really can't see the difference between suing floyd and paulie. no one pays attention to paulie. thats…

Comment by TonyGe on 04-30-2018

[QUOTE=aboutfkntime;18725000]which one are you ? I am guessing tard4 lol[/QUOTE] Love might be a bit over the top but I enjoy watching him fight. So yeah Tard4 works.

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