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Daily Bread Mailbag: Canelo Being Franchise Champ, Charlo, More

By Stephen "Breadman" Edwards

The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Saul "Canelo" Alvarez being named the "franchise champion by the WBC, where this leaves Jermall Charlo, thoughts on IBF super middleweight champion Caleb Plant, Manny Pacquiao, and more.

After reading your interview discussing PEDs, I had a question that maybe you have some insight on, why doesnt the State Commission enforce VADA or some type of pre fight testing. If the commission has the authority to approve or deny opponents like NSAC did with GGG, then wouldn't they have the authority to force fighters especially at the Championship level to conduct random testing. Seems odd that the camps have to request it.

Bread’s Response: Boxing has the most counter productive testing in all of sports. It’s the only sport where the combatants determine with A side power when to test, what company to test with and when to stop testing.

In every other sport you don’t have a choice to test. In boxing you can say I only want the State commission I fight in to test me. Or you can say I want VADA but the A side fighter determines when that starts. Here is how. They simply wait to announce the fight. The later they announce the fight relative to the actual fight date, the less time they have to test. OR a fighter can say I want USADA and not VADA.

The drug testing in boxing gets manipulated so bad it’s sickening. You asked me a great question that much more influential people have asked. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult. To get even deeper the networks can also fix this problem. The networks actually cut the license fee checks. They can simply say we are not allowing fighters on our networks if they don’t test. Who in the heck is going to turn down 7 or 8 figure paydays and not fight on the networks?

Hopefully someone someday will fix this problem which is actually easy to fix.


Brother I just have to vent on Canelo getting elevated to franchise champion??? What is that about?

I just read an article about Charlo questioning how he got that status without fighting him.

Here's my take...

If the sanctioning body which is the WBC really wanted this fight to come off, it would have. This isn't about Charlo and whether he wanted or not, or even Canelo avoiding the fight. Isn't the WBC required to enforce its own rules?? According to the WBC's OWN rules, the MANDATORY is supposed to fight the Champion with negotiations to begin, but not go beyond a certain time frame. If they can't come to terms, then it goes to Mexico City for a purse bid. Aren't those the rules or has it changed?

Sooooo....if we're being honest.....the WBC basically breaks its own rules when convenient? It's really not an argument it's a fact.
If they wanted Canelo to fight him based on their rule book they would have enforced it plain and simple. They're protecting him...Oh i'm sorry!! let me change that...they're protecting a person caught cheating. It's simply an embarrassment and pretty frustrating for us as fans.

We simply want to see the best fight the best. Is that too much to ask for?

Raleigh NC

Bread’s Response: I really don’t even understand what happened with Charlo and Canelo. In all of boxing history I’ve never seen anything like that before. Basically Canelo didn’t feel like giving Charlo an opportunity that he earned, so he got elevated to another belt and Charlo becomes the real champion. The same exact thing happened with Canelo and GGG. Canelo fought him when he was ready to fight him. I don’t think Canelo is scared of Charlo. I jus think his team does not want to give a PBC fighter an opportunity to beat him so therefore they chose not to fight him.

I think Canelo is one heck of a fighter. But he’s the most privileged fighter in boxing history in my opinion. He’s already good and can beat anyone on his best day. But on top of that he can do whatever he wants.

Think about this. He fought Matthew Hatton at a catchweight for his 1st title. Hatton was a welterweight and not a very highly regarded one I might add. But nevertheless he fought Canelo for the junior middleweight title weighing 149.5 lbs. After he lost to Floyd Mayweather he fought 5 fights in a row at 155lbs. He fought some killer fights but at a weight he felt like fighting. Amir Khan was one of his lineal middleweight title defenses. Khan has never won a title above 140lbs and he got a shot at the middleweight title before GGG did. In fact Canelo vacated the WBC and fought GGG when he was ready to fight him.

Canelo finally fought GGG to a draw in their 1st fight. Then he test positive for PEDS twice leading up to the rematch. The fight gets cancelled. I give Canelo full credit because he fights his butt off in the rematch and wins it. Canelo then signs the biggest deal in the history of boxing. He ignores another mandatory vs Charlo who is the same age as Canelo and is a real threat. And Canelo somehow gets elevated.

If you throw in him getting the benefit of every close round he’s in. You have to figure he’s Mr. Untouchable. I think he’s a great fighter and a HOF. But this will be the 2nd time he’s chosen not to fight a mandatory. If I’m not mistaken he’s only fought one mandatory and that was against Ryan Rhodes many years ago. I know he takes incredibly tough fights and he has a killer resume. But he still doesn’t fight his mandatories. It’s bizarre but it’s the truth. Canelo is a killer but he’s also a privileged fighter. I don’t know what else to say.

canelo-alvarez (4)_26


in your opinion what are the 5 best dominant boxing runs in history?

my favorites of mine in no order
Pac - Morales to margarito
RJJ - hopkins to griffin. after the griffin loss he went on another impressive run up to his HW win.
ezzard charles - had a run between 48 and 51 where he seemed to have beaten the whos who of boxing at the time
ali - looked invisible from the liston fight through to his time out of the ring in 67. his performance vs williams he was a GOD.
and recently we've had lomachenko - martinez to rigo which was quite impressive albeit short.

cheers GK from Oz.

Bread’s Response: It’s hard for me to narrow it down to 5 but I will try my best. Joe Louis’s 25 title defenses were remarkable. But what was even better was Louis’s run from his lost to Schmeling up until his 2nd fight with Abe Simon. Louis was 29 fights, 25 by ko. No losses.

Roy Jones Jr. Man I must have watched at least 35 of Roy Jones’s fights live as they happened. And let me tell you something I know exactly when he started looking human. It was his 1st fight of the 2000s vs David Telesco. He was still great but he had lost a slight step. But from his non title fight vs Percy Harris in 1992 all the way up to Reggie Johnson, Roy Jones was as good a fighter as there ever was in boxing history. I’m telling you he was that good.

Sugar Ray Robinson. In a time when there was no youtube, or boxrec. No favorable matchmaking. 6ox leather gloves with horse hair in them. Sugar Ray Robinson turned pro in 1940. Up until is 1952 bout vs Joey Maxim he was 132-2-2. History does not remember that Robinson fought his first 20 fights as a lightweight and he beat the reigning lightweight champion Sammy Angott. Robinson should have been the lightweight champion as well as the welter and middleweight champion. Both of his draws were avenged. And both of his losses he avenged with kos to HOF in Jake Lamotta and Randy Turpin. If you throw in wins over HOF Kid Gavilan, Fritzie Zivic, Henry Armstrong, Rocky Graziano and Bobo Olson. His 1st 12 years of his career are most likely the best in boxing history.

Speaking of Henry Armstrong. He simply went on a run from 1937-40 where he won titles at 126, 135 and 147. He won 56 of 58 bouts with 52 kos. Just insane. Maybe the best 3 year run in boxing history.

Ezzard Charles. You brought Charles up but you misjudged his run. Charles rolled from 1944-51. He lost one fight during that time and that was by split decision. During that run he may have fought the hardest comp in boxing history. He established himself as the best lightheavyweight and heavyweight in the world at the time.


Looking at the landscape of WW, LMW and MW, I feel like we are going to see some SPECIAL run being made by a few of these fighters. There is a chance some of the WWs or the LMWs really may become unified champions and possibly undisputed champions in multiple weight classes. I'm going to list some match ups, and I want you to give me a percentage breakdown of who you favor, BUT you cannot use 50/50. So even if you think it is damn near a toss up, have to go 51/49 in one direction:

Spence vs Crawford
Spence vs DSG
Spence vs Thurman
Spence vs Ennis
Crawford vs Ennis
Crawford vs Thurman
JRock vs Charlo
JRock vs Harrison
Charlo vs Harrison II
Charlo vs Hurd
Charlo (Mall) vs GGG
Charlo vs Andrade
GGG vs Andrade

Take care,


Bread’s Response:Ok…..I will go by your rules
Spence vs Crawford – 51/49 Crawford
Spence vs DSG – 60/40 Spence
Spence vs Thurman  65/35 Spence
Spence vs Ennis  51/49 Spence
Crawford vs Ennis  51/49 Ennis
Crawford vs Thurman  60/40 Crawford
Jrock vs Charlo  55/45 Jrock
Jrock vs Harrison 55/45 Jrock
Charlo vs Harrison rermatch  51/49 Charlo
Charlo vs Hurd  51/49 Hurd
Jermall Charlo vs GGG 51/49 Charlo
Charlo vs Andrade 51/49 Charlo
GGG vs Andrade 51/49 Andrade

I wanted to say 50/50 on many of the fights but you twisted my arm. I could change my mind later after analyzing a few. Good question.

Hey Bread,

to JRock, much success to y'all.

As far as Caleb Plant I see him as very skillful fighter but isn't a little bit premature to coronate him? He hasn't fought anybody!

Black fighters with similar resumes as his are criticized, not praised (Tank).

The person who really exposed Tito Trinidad was Winky Wright who actually dominated him with primarily a jab, how soon we forget.

What's next for Jules?

Bread’s Response: I like Plant. Caleb Plant has all of the ingredients of a star on the rise. He has IQ. Underrated athleticism. An educated lead hand. Good fundamentals and he has resources with his manager and promoter. I don’t think I coronated him. I was asked about him. Plant did beat the Uzi in a fight where he was the big underdog. I never said Plant was the best fighter in his division or a top P4P guy yet. I just think he has some great potential and I'm impressed with his skill set.

I like Tank Davis also. Whenever I’m asked about him I give him praise. I think Davis is one of the best 10 punchers in all of boxing. He’s a super star on the rise. But if I compare the two I think Plant may be more dedicated in between fights which counts for a lot. But both are on course to be PPV headliners very soon.

I give Wright credit for beating Tito but that wasn’t the Tito I had grown to love. He was inactive by 2005, he had that crazy haircut and he just seemed OFF. I think Hopkins did a number on him. Tito was a rhythm fighter. He was at his best when he was fighting. After 2001 he wasn’t active anymore. It cost him. After the Hopkins fight he fought 4 fights in 6 years.

Not sure how Pacquiao, Howard Davis and Sweet Pea Whitaker didn’t make your fastest list. Also, I would rate Cassius Clay nearer the top than Ali even though they were the same person. I also think De La Hoya  is getting too much credit. 5 fighters who would probably have beaten him? Duran, DeJesus, Pryor, Arguello, Pacquiao. It must be kept in mind that 4 of these fighters were 15 round fighters. They were different animals. 13, 14, and 15 were called the championship rounds for a reason. After 12, many championship fights weren’t yet decided. Thanks for your thought-provoking articles, tom pondysh

Bread’s Response: I wanted to put Pacquiao on the list but it was only 5 fighters. He deserves mention though. Whitaker was more smooth and sublime than fast. Whitaker had  coordination and mind quickness and freaky reflexes but he wasn’t faster than Jones, Taylor, Leonard or Camacho.

Muhammad Ali is his name. He didn’t want to be called Cassius Clay. He changed his name after the Liston fight and that was during his high peak.

Oscar would have given all of those dudes hell head to head including Duran. Im telling just watch the Chavez 1 fight. There is no guarantee that he loses all of those fights. Although I will admit I would favor Pryor and Duran over him big. DeJesus, Arguello and Pac would have their hands full.

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User Comments and Feedback
Comment by The D3vil on 07-01-2019

Ugh, Canelo threads are fxcking toxic. His "stanbase" are the worst.

Comment by Uglytoobad on 07-01-2019

Belikewater! You're right on. Gayweather was the most privileged fighter of all time. Because he is black and the way times are right now and how blacks want to be privileged and want reparations(drug money), no one said anything. But…

Comment by aboutfkntime on 07-01-2019

[QUOTE=BLASTER1;19870953]He should fight Charlo.[/QUOTE] eventually, agreed especially now that Charlo is the full WBC champ

Comment by BLASTER1 on 07-01-2019

[QUOTE=aboutfkntime;19870676]the least Golovkin can do is give Canelo a reason to fight him beating Andrade for the WBO strap, or Charlo for the WBC/mandatory..... either would have been fine Canelo told Golovkin to get a title..... so if Canelo fights…

Comment by aboutfkntime on 07-01-2019

[QUOTE=BLASTER1;19869146]So GGG doesn't deserve a re-match when he lost his belts by one point in the two fights they have had? Why is Nelo making G wait till next year when Odviously he's the biggest threat and the biggest fight…

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