By Bill Emes

Madison Square Garden, New York City - WBA 154-pound champion Miguel Cotto got his revenge on Saturday night, when he stopped Antonio Margarito in the tenth round of their rematch. Margarito's right eye was swollen shut and the doctors felt it was too dangerous to allow him to take any further punishment in the area. Cotto gains redemption for his eleven round TKO loss to Margarito at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in 2008.

The following year, Margarito got caught with a plaster-like substance in his handwraps prior to a scheduled fight with Shane Mosley. Since that incident, Cotto has been convinced that Margarito used the plaster wraps in their 2008 showdown. After the rematch, Cotto wouldn't directly state it, but his comments were obvious hints that he still believes Margarito used plaster in their first fight.

"Everyone can see. I will leave it up to you to be the judge. You can see my face now. You can see the way that I got out of the ring today and they way I got out of the ring in 2008. You can be the judge of that and you can make your own conclusions. After the fight I wanted to savor my victory. And I wanted him to see that I savored my victory with his one eye that he had open," Cotto said.