EBU cruiserweight world champion Chris Billam-Smith is hoping to one day avenge the sole defeat of his career - which came at the hands of Richard Riakporhe.

Before anything goes in that direction, Billam-Smith will have to overcome a tough challenge this Saturday night, when he faces Isaac Chamberlain in Bournemouth.

Chamberlain's sole defeat was a decision loss to Lawrence Okolie, who currently holds the WBO world title.

Billam-Smith is coming off a stoppage win in a rematch with Tommy McCarthy.

Chamberlain has a very tricky style; he has some pop and he's expected to be a tough task to overcome.

"Isaac's a great fighter," Billam-Smith told Mirror Fighting. "We sparred years ago but we were both quite a bit younger, I'd either just had my debut or I was about to have it.

"Since then he's obviously had a lot of fights, he's improved a lot and he's good in all areas. He's got good hand speed, good punch power, a solid variety of shots and he's slippery. There's definitely a lot of threats that he poses and that's why I've got to be on my A-game for this fight."

In 2019, Billam-Smith dropped a split decision to Riakporhe.

At some point in the future, he would like to get some payback in a high stakes rematch - and he believes one of them will be a world champion when it happens.

"Richard and I had a close fight and I think that rematch makes sense for a world title. I think that's the correct thing to do for both of our careers, have a world title fight down the line and make it even more exciting... Maybe he doesn't want the fight, I don't know. It's obviously a dangerous fight for him, they're building him," Billam-Smith said.