By Haxel Ruben Murillo,

Costa Rican Rafael Rojas, the physical trainer of Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez, arrived in Nicaragua to begin a pre-camp with his boxer, who seeks to accelerate the recovery of his right knee, which was subjected to a meniscus operation at the end of last year in Costa Rica.

In an interview with Levi Luna of 8 Deportivo, Rojas said that the fighter's knee is "strong and stable".

As part of a video published by Luna, you can see Román doing exercises on a bicycle. According to Rojas, that is part of the exercise routine that the four-division world champion will have as part of an intense process of recovery that they hope will last a maximum of a month and a half, so that González will return to the gym and start a 100% camp, possibly at Coachella, with Marcos Caballero in charge.

"We have had communication with Román's therapist, with whom we've been discussing the recovery process. I expected the knee to be more fragile, but after the therapy I was surprised with how stable it looks, that means that the preparation stage will be easier than expected. The knee looks strong, and that will make recovery easier," said Rojas.

Last year, Gonzalez only fought once when he knocked out Moisés Fuentes in Las Vegas in September. He was scheduled to fight in December,  but then he suffered a meniscal injury to his right knee during a training camp in Coachella.

Rojas said that Roman is already running at a slow, but firm pace.

"With regard to running we will go little by little, we went jogging. We will focus on cardio at different stages, we will cycle, swim, we will have session in the morning and in the afternoon. We will run and make a little shadowboxing and hit the bag, and in the afternoon we will have strong exercises focused on boxing," said the physical trainer.

The Costa Rican, like the entire team, expect Gonzalez to be 100% at the end of March, to begin the preparation for a world title clash with Khalid Yafai, possibly on June 22 in the United Kingdom.

"Roman has done his part, doing the work at home, flexing his knee. In such a way that we believe that he will be able to fight in June and bring the victory to Nicaragua," he concluded.