By Jhonny Gonzalez

The career of WBA bantamweight champion Anselmo "Chemito" Moreno is now stalled after the lengthy negotiations to ink a deal with Golden Boy Promotions fell apart. Respected matchmaker, adviser and promoter Sampson Lewkowicz, acting on behalf of Golden Boy, was trying to sign Moreno to a four fight deal worth $1.2 million dollars.

Moreno's manager, Dr. Roberto Grimaldo, filed a complaint with the Panamanian Boxing Commission, claiming that Lewkowicz was trying to force him into a contract with Golden Boy by advising him that his managerial deal would become invalid if Moreno did not sign with Golden Boy by April 5. There were two further extensions which passed.

Lewkowicz denied the allegations by Grimaldo, but the Panamanian Commission ruled in the manager's favor. has obtained a letter dated April 13, from the President of the Panamanian Boxing Commission, Alberto Guerra, which bans Lewkowicz from doing any boxing-related business in Panama for a period of one year. The letter was sent to the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO. Lewkowicz is expected to appeal the decision of the Panamanian Commission.

However, Moreno is very unhappy with the Golden Boy deal falling apart and he doesn't like that his planned fight with Lorenzo Parra has been postponed numerous times. He doesn't like the fact that other boxers in his talent rich division are fighting on a regular basis and making money while he sits on the sidelines.

Moreno says Grimaldo has not secured any fights or any deals that are close to the worth of the Golden Boy package. He believes Grimaldo has been making decisions based on his own interests, and not those of the fighter. Moreno wants to break away from the contract with Grimaldo, which doesn't expire until 2016 - unless the manager brings him something lucrative in the next couple of days.

"I need a response from my agent about my next defense. It's been eight months since I've had a fight and I can't live like this," said Moreno. "If Roberto Grimaldo does not obtain a deal better than the $1.2 million [offered by Golden Boy], I must bring this to the courts. I will have to bring him to court because he is in breach of contract by not defending my interests."