By Rick Reeno

Top Rank CEO Bob Arum tells that it's certainly a possibility that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., should he beat John Duddy on June 26, will put himself in position to fight the winner of Saturday's contest between Yuri Foreman and Miguel Cotto. Arum's promotional partner on Chavez Jr. is Fernando Beltran, who owns the Mexico-based Zanfer Promotions.

Beltran, during a recent conference with the press in Mexico, said Chavez Jr. [should he beat Duddy] will fight the Cotto-Foreman winner in September.

"I wish he'd call me. I mean that's fine with me too. That's fine with me too," Arum said with a smile.

If Chavez beats Duddy, his future is basically in the same position as some of the other players in the Top Rank stable. Chavez, and Antonio Margarito, and the Cotto-Foreman winner, will see their direction set, for the most part, on Arum's success, or failure, to make a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

If Mayweather-Pacquiao gets made, Chavez and Margarito become frontrunners to fight the Cotto-Foreman winner. If Pacquiao-Mayweather falls through, Margarito becomes the frontrunner for Pacquiao, and Chavez becomes an option for the Cotto-Foreman winner.

"Knowing what a perpetual optimist, Fernando is.....Fernando envisions the fight not happening between Manny and Mayweather and he then [sees] his horse, Margarito, going to the post with Pacquiao. That then leaves Chavez to fight the winner of this fight [Cotto-Foreman], which is another big fight. If all of those cards fall into place, it could happen. It's a lot of cards but that's why all of this...with people saying this guy should fight that much of it depends on Pacquiao-Mayweather happening or not happening. That's how you start and then everything else falls into place," Arum told

I think Foreman would take a Chavez fight in a second, but I'm not sure about Cotto. Chavez Jr. currently fights at middleweight and I'm told, by those close to him, that he is no longer capable of getting down to 154-pounds. The Cotto-Foreman winner would have to move up to middleweight or meet him at a catch-weight. I don't see Cotto taking that route, but Foreman would probably be happy to oblige.