James Prince and Chad Dawson have reunited.  The two have settled their dispute, and dismissed their claims against one another.   After resolving their issues, Prince and Dawson are genuinely excited about working together in the future. Expect big things out of Chad Dawson, as he begins anew in his quest to show the world that his best Light Heavyweight. 

James Prince:

“It is an honor and privilege to be back in a position to work for Chad without any obstacles.  Once he and I had an opportunity to meet one on one, we were able to resolve our issues immediately, because we never really had any issues in the first place.   Rather, it was the Obstacles that conspired to try to make us enemies.  This is a new beginning for Chad, and we are moving forward as a united team.  I am looking forward to helping Chad regain his title, and I have no doubt that he will establish himself as one of the greatest Light Heavyweight Champions of all time.”

Chad Dawson:

“I am glad to have this behind me, and I am excited about working with James Prince again.  We are moving forward together - this is a new beginning for me.  I have James Prince back and a new team around me, so everything is great.  I am looking forward to recapturing my title in my rematch against Pascal, and taking things to another level.”