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FBI Looks At Boxing Crooks Domestic & Foriegn

Faced with the prospect that one of their stool pigeons might cross over, a Task Force consisting of FBI, NYPD, and U.S. Justice Dept. personnel raided the offices of Top Rank and Promoter Bob Arum on...Read More

Foster, Ali, Wagner and More!

To me Muhammad Ali was the best heavyweight I've ever seen. He had tremendous hand speed and an outstanding jab.When he returned to boxing after his enforced three year layoff he was not nearly as fas...Read More

Pacquiao Assures He'll Be Ready For Marquez

Ring Magazine featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao arrived one day late for a scheduled shooting of a Darlington socks TV commercial but assured his countrymen “not to worry” because he will be ready...Read More

Lotierzo's Take on Arguello vs. Sanchez

The phrase "What if" probably applies to the late Salvador Sanchez more than any other fighter in boxing history. Forget, "What if he fought Alexis Arguello?" How about, "What if he hadn't died in a t...Read More

Clearing The Desk For 2005

Glancing back at 2004, it was a pretty good year for the sport and business of boxing. But before I go to the positives, let’s get real on some of the negatives. After Bob Yalen single handedly ruin...Read More

Echols Could Be Next For Calzaghe

The word coming out of the UK is that veteran Antwun Echols could end up as the next opponent for undefeated super middlweight champion Joe Calzaghe. Calzaghe was rumored to be moving up to light heav...Read More

Are Mexican Fighters Hogging The Lower Divisions Gravy Train?

The game plan could almost read like a Mexican round robin. The seeds were sown by the Barrera V Morales trilogy, but now threaten to grow narrowly out of proportion, withering rosy options for outsi...Read More

Marquez Wants Nothing Left To Chance.

WBA and IBF Featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez initially allowed his natural testosterone or Mexican machismo to get the better of boxing common sense, in his first encounter with Philipino ph...Read More

Joe Mesi; It’s Over in Boxing?

Mesi by his own admission says his brain did have bleeding. A subdural hematoma (a localized swelling filled with blood resulting from a break in a blood vessel) caused in his last bout. Even the ...Read More

Multiple Champions Have Always Been With Us

In the world of boxing today, it would appear that there are enough sanctioning bodies for every fighter to be declared champion. However, the multiple world of boxing sanctioning bodies is not a new...Read More

Olympic Champs and Chumps

When Andre Ward turned professional the other night on HBO it got me thinking about the relationship between the Olympics and professional boxing. Why was this young man’s first professional fight was...Read More

What If? Arguello vs. Sanchez

It is a shame that Salvador Sanchez never had a chance to reach his full potential. His tragic car accident cut short any already outstanding career. He dominated the featherweight division after his ...Read More

Amato: Jack "The Giant" O'Halloran

As Muhammad Ali ruled the heavyweight division in the mid 60's, white hope contenders came and went. Henry Cooper, George Chuvalo and Karl Mildenberger all were vanquishedby the "Greatest". When Ali w...Read More

Marquez Camp Wants More Money

Ignacio Beristain, the veteran manager of WBA and IBF Featherweight Champion Juan Manuel Marquez is warning that the much anticipated re-match between his fighter and Manny Pacquiao will be in serious...Read More

Marvin Hagler's One Vulnerability

If I only knew then what I know now. How many times has that been said by all of us when looking back through the wisdom of time? It seems in the context of looking back, we can see things more for wh...Read More

In Rusty’s Corner; The New Year

Evander, please retire. We want to remember you as you where, not as somebody in a nursing home with brain damage. John Ruiz should also retire before he causes anyone watches him long enough to commi...Read More

Pacquiao Advised Not To Accept Elorde Offer

Ring Magazine featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao has been advised not to accept an offer dangled by his registered manager Marty Elorde for a renewal pf his contract which expires on January 31, po...Read More

Mike Tyson's Place in History

How does one place Mike Tyson in perspective as a fighter? There are fighters that most pundits agree on their greatness. Ali and Louis are unanimously considered great fighters, the only debate we ha...Read More

Heavyweight Title Blight

In a time when the boxing public is collectively clamoring for a tournament to unify the heavyweight titles, the status quo is instead defiantly debasing the sweet science’s marquee division to the po...Read More

The Post-Tyson State of Boxing

Now that Mike Tyson has lost convincingly to Danny Williams, a heretofore little-known British heavyweight who would have been mere cannon fodder for Tyson in his heyday, what happens next? I don¹t me...Read More