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LOS MEJORES: The Greatest Fighters in Mexican History

Whether you’re a Barrera or a Morales fan, you have to concede to the fact that with his masterful performance the other night, Marco has to be considered the over all victor of their epic three fight...Read More

Se cocina el programa del 4 de diciembre El Temible contra El Cepillo

Al mediodía del sábado 27 de noviembre se presentaron los protagonistas de la pelea la próxima semana en el Hotel Mandalay Bay de la cathedral del Boxeo: Las Vegas. En este encuentro de campeonato...Read More

Jack Welsh: Barrera, Morales Might Do IV

Just about now Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales are beginning to get the full impact of that magic moment they created in vying for the WBC super featherweight crown the other night in Las Vegas...Read More

In Rusty’s Corner; Taylor, Joppy, Barrera, Morales

Well respected boxing journalist Pat Putnam, formerly with Sports Illustrated has this to say: “Off the Canvas is a good read. Rusty has been around boxing for more than 50 years, and knows his way ar...Read More

Barrera One Ups Morales In Rubber Match

Thank you Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. Thank you for three outstanding/great fights, in a trilogy that will go down as one of boxing's best and most fierce rivalries. Three times in the las...Read More

Pacquiao, Roach Say "Bring On Barrera"

Ring Magazine featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach both want HBO to bring on Marco Antonio Barrera without wasting time so they could once and for all settle the issue...Read More

Rafael Marquez, uno de los gallitos mas aguerridos en el globo terrestre

El recibimiento de Rafa al mampurro de precio no fue nada agradable ya que fue sacudido en 8 rondas por el galardeado y peligroso Victor Rabanales en la ciudad de Campeche en el año de 1995....Read More

Mala Sangre a la Mexicana!

En la trílogia de Barrera versus Morales hubo más desconformidad que controversia y en la posconferencia de prensa casi se agarran del chongo los protagonistas del evento. Sin lugar a dudas El Ases...Read More

Barrera- Morales- The End?

There are fighters who excite us and leave us having more. Rivalries build sports and boxing has had their share of rivalries. Bowe-Holyfield and Gatti-Ward were two of the better trilogy over the pas...Read More

Erik Must Hand it To Marco

The third, and probably NOT final encounter between bitter Mexican rivals Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales lived up to very high expectations and was another intense classic. But how disappointi...Read More

Johnny Ortiz: Mexican World War 3

Tomorrow night on HBO PPV, only one of the two brave warriors will emerge with the bragging rights as to which one is the superior Mexican fighter, “The Baby Faced Assassin” Marco Antonio Barrera or E...Read More

A Weighty History of Sugar's Woes

Don’t let the so-called boxing experts fool you when they say Sugar Shane Mosley is washed up because his loss to Winky Wright had little to do with his boxing skills, speed, or timing. It has more to...Read More

Jack Welsh on Boxing; Morales-Barrera 3

Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera have beaten each other once in a half-decade, so now is the time to put the cap on this boxing trilogy and find out who is the superior superstar. Now an upwa...Read More

Holyfield: And Another Thing...

In watching the broadcast of the recent Winky Wright-Shane Mosley contest, HBO showed highlights from the recent heavyweight card that featured wins by Chris Byrd, "Rock" Rahman and John Ruiz. It also...Read More

Capitulo tercero: El verbo de la palabra antes de los puños al hablar.

El evento De Una Vez Por Todas se pone color de hormiga… digo de gallina, bueno al menos asi disfrazaron a un tipo con un cartelón que decia: Marco Antonio Barrera el cual no asistio a la conferencia ...Read More

Roach Says Pacquiao Back On Track

Mutual respect.And four days. That's all it took for 2003 "Trainer of the Year" Freddie Roach to get Ring Magazine featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao "back on track " for his December 11 showdown a...Read More

BoxingScene Staff Picks For Morales-Barrera 3

It could end up being the fight of the year as Saturday night, November 27, Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera clash for the third time in their respected careers. The men met for the first time i...Read More

Big Fights Over the Horizon

Over the next three weekends, there are some big fights worth looking at. Here are my observations and predictions: Barrera-Morales- You can call this the Mexican version of Ali-Frazier. There is ...Read More

Jack Welsh on Boxing; Wright Targets Trinidad

Winky Wright was so impressed with Shane Mosley’s near-miss Saturday, there might be a second rematch. If it happens at all, it will be later since the undisputed junior middleweight champ made it ...Read More

In Rusty’s Corner; Morales-Barrera and More

The big fight big fight of the week may not be at the MGM Grand Garden in Vegas, although it’s going to be a great one, between Marco Antonio Barerra and Erik “El Terrible” Morales. On HBO PPV, and no...Read More