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El retorno del Estruendo de Australia

Kostya Tszyu sigue siendo el mismo huracán de siempre, que no deja nada a la deriva, con su firma destrucctiva en su avance con cierre de todo callejón de escape. Muchos decian que ya esta en la ed...Read More

Baby Bull and Kostya Tszyu

Baby Bull Juan Diaz is a perpetual machine, arms always moving and accurately hitting their target. Diaz is one of those guys who you can love. He is wiser than his 20 years of age and when he marche...Read More

"Dr. Ironfist"..poised to operate on the Heavyweight division?

WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko is probably the only hope for our beloved division of Heavyweights. On December 11th, he will take one step closer to accomplishing everyone’s hope of unifica...Read More

Daniel Ponce de Leon expondra sus cetros supergallos

Sin duda alguna De Leon de 24 abriles es un gallito que en cualquier terreno canta y no falta mucho para que el mundo lo reconozca como un gran monarca mexicano. Su experiencia en sus inicios fue d...Read More

Why The Post Title Patterson Was Better... 

Poor Floyd Patterson. Everyone loves him but not everyone respects him as a fighter or champion. You rarely here his name tossed about when the topic of all time great heavyweights is brought up. What...Read More

The Long Wait is Over For Pacquiao

After years of waiting to see their hero in action, Filipino boxing fans will get a chance to watch Ring Magazine featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao battle the 'Destroyer of Filipinos' Fahsang 3K B...Read More

In Rusty’s Corner: Tszyu-Mitchell and much more

Big fight upcoming in Phoenix this weekend (finally) between Australian Kostya Tszyu and Sharmba Mitchell, both coming off long layoffs. Hard fight to figure and a very competitive one to watch. Ts...Read More

WBC Defends Vitali Klitschko

WBC Executive Director Mauricio Sulaiman, has defended heavyweight champion, who's revealed he was wrongly given a steroid as an amateur, without his knowledge, and then banned from participating in...Read More

Retired Boxers Foundation scores a Knockout in NY!

This past Wednesday night in New York's Little Italy a special fundraiser was held to benefit the Retired Boxers Foundation. Ringsports magazine - celebrating their 15 year anniversary - and Sal Espos...Read More

The Iran "The Blade" Barkley Story

It all began in the South Bronx during the 1970’s. There were accounts of gang problems and drugs. The lure of the streets was stripping children of their innocence. The Borough of the Bronx was polit...Read More

Marvis Frazier - The Lost Son

The camera rolls and the highlight clip begins. It shows a young, undefeated but green Marvis Frazier dancing while taunting heavyweight champion Larry Holmes. In the blink of an eye Holmes unloads a ...Read More

HBO's Plans at 154, Joe Louis and Jameel McCline Too

With Winky Wright and Shane Mosley less than three weeks away from their World 154 lb. championship rematch, HBO PPV VP Mark Taffett dropped the “T-Word” when he said in a Sunday radio appearance. “O...Read More

Eddie Booker, Hall of Fame Fighter!

Eddie Booker was one of the greatest fighters who ever lived. Sadly, Booker was overlooked when it came to obtaining a world title fight, which is probably why he has been overlooked for induction int...Read More

Ali's Close Shave (rs)

It was to be the last time the incomparable Muhammad Ali would ever successfully defend the heavyweight championship. It would be held in boxing’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. It would ...Read More

Soose for the Hall

Last year, I wrote a piece about the great Middleweight champion Billy Soose. Soose is one of the most interesting fighters in boxing history. As an amateur and collegiate fighter, Soose forte was p...Read More

Thirty Years Ago: Ali And Foreman Rumbled In The Jungle

Thirty years ago on the morning of October 30th 1974, Muhammad Ali 44-2 (32) was just hours away from entering the ring to challenge undisputed heavyweight champion George Foreman 40-0 (37). The fight...Read More

Mosley Picks Mitchell To Win

The fight is only a few days away, Kostya Tszyu vs. Sharmba Mitchell. Depending on where you go and who you talk to, you will read many conflicting opinions on who will win this fight. Mitchell and Ts...Read More

It's " Tury The Fury " -vs- Jesse James Leija

I see that Arturo Gatti is going to defend his W.B.C. Super Lightweight crown January 29th in Atlantic City against Jesse James Leija. I see this as a safe match for Gatti against recognizable and...Read More

Judging a Fight: Some Ideas

Judging a fight is very subjective. The one area in which most boxing pundits and judges appear to agree is the effect of a knockdown upon scoring. It is boxing tradition that if a fighter’s butt hit ...Read More

Manny Pacquiao - the Next Superstar?

You can call featherweight Manny Pacquiao a lot of things, from short (he stands just 5’6”) to skinny (he tops the scales at weigh-in at 125 lbs), but whatever you do, just don’t call him yellow. I...Read More