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View From the Bay in Vegas

Winky Wright beat Shane Mosley. That is the headline for Saturday night fight. But in every fight, there are opportunities missed and opportunities taken advantage of. The story of this fight show...Read More

Backstage Pass; Mosley-Wright 2

BoxingScene was ready and willing to engage in conversation during the post-fight press conference following the Shane Mosley-Winky Wright rematch....Read More

La historia se repite en el duelo de Winky superando a Shane.

Ante 8,103 fanáticos con boleto de taquilla dio inicio la revancha de campeonato superwelter, Shane quien esta vez entro sin la clásica sonrisa que lo distinguia ante las cámaras en su camino a la tar...Read More

Boxeo En Espanol

!Cero y van 23 a las canvas antes del límite del talentoso guerrero oriendo de La Sierra de Chiruza que demolio a su rival en turno El Yambito en el cuarto asalto con un golpe bien asestado en las zon...Read More

Johnny Ortiz; Sugar and Winky: “The Final Bell”

This Saturday night, November 20th, “HBO Presents” will bring together two of the nicest, classiest young men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing during my time in boxing. “Sugar” Shane Mosley and...Read More

Cotto, Trinidad, Hopkins, De La Hoya and More!

Oscar De La Hoya and the man who turned him with out with one weak body punch in September, World middleweight king Bernard Hopkins, they will NOT be involved in a rematch anytime soon! Golden Boy Pr...Read More

Is Vitali Klitschko Out Of Chris Byrd's Reach?

If he was just a few inches taller and a little heavier with just a little more punch, he could beat the fighter who is considered the man to beat in the division. Conversely, if the fighter considere...Read More

The Soul of a Butterfly

The Soul Of A Butterfly is not a book about boxing; it is a book about life. Muhammad Ali reflection on his life co-written with his daughter Hana Yasmeen Ali deals with issues that go beyond boxing....Read More

BoxingScene Staff Predictions For Mosley-Wright 2

The two combatants are no strangers to each other. The fighters met in the ring on March 13, 2004, televised before an audience of millions on HBO. Shane Mosley was coming off a very controversial win...Read More

Alex Ramos hablo de su pasado problemático en la academia Toussaint de San Diego.

Alex Ramos de procedencia de Puerto Rico más conocido como El Bombardero de Bronx visito la academia Toussaint de San Diego para dar testimonio ante 35 jovenes sobre los peligros de la vida loca al ac...Read More

Holyfield and NYSAC Come To Terms

It appears that the legal battle between Evander Holyfield and the New York State Athletic Commission may not happen as expected. To bring anyone that this new to the stituation up to speed, Evander H...Read More

Jack Welsh on Boxing; Byrd Saps McCline TNT For Win

In the realm of athletics, David facing Goliath has traveled the ultimate in drama but rarely has the dialogue surpassed the way Chris Byrd kept Jameel McCline away from his IBF heavyweight crown on a...Read More

Danny Williams: "First Title, Then Retirement"

Danny Williams is only a few weeks away from the biggest fight of his career when he takes on WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko. Williams recently made some comments in the UK media which have...Read More

In Rusty’s Corner; Ruiz, Golota, Evander and More

Pick wise I got three of the four winners on the DKP promoted heavyweight fight card at Madison Sq. Garden. I was wrong about Holyfield and Golota, which I know equates to two of four, and I’m glad I ...Read More

Is Evander Holyfield The Victim Here?

I CAN NOT believe the actions of the New York State Athletic Commission in suspending Evander Holyfield's right to box in N.Y. and for the most part, anywhere in the United States if their bogus rulin...Read More

Shane & Winky en campaña publicitaria en la pantalla chica para su duelo superwelter.

Cuando se acercan las peleas de campeonato siempre analizamos los pros y los contras según a criterio propio y pues hay que echarle leña a la fogata para que este todo listo para la pelea del próximo ...Read More

Championship eludes Andrew Golota.....again!

Andrew Golota stood in the nuetral corner, referee Randy Neumann was counting over a stunned and hurt champion John Ruiz, and many of the 12,777 boxing enthusiasts in attendence at Madison Square Gard...Read More

Redefining The "Battle For Supremacy"

Now that the "Battle For Supremacy" is over, what do we know now that we didn't before? Nothing, as in not one single thing. Before the heavyweight card was announced, there were two underlying though...Read More

Heavyweights at The Garden

At the end of the ninth round, Holyfield nailed Donald with a sharp right and Donald went back to his stool, shaken. At the beginning of the tenth round, Holyfield attacked once again and once again D...Read More

When Should a Boxer Retire?

When does or should a boxer decide to say, “adios?” As for athletes in other sports, it depends upon the fighter. Take the case of Billy Soose. Soose never fought after his 26th birthday. World War ...Read More