What Feels Better: A Knockout Punch, Or Winning A Jackpot?

Anyone who says it’s the taking part that counts clearly hasn’t experienced too much winning. Whether it’s beating your smuggest of friends at the poker table, winning an arm wrestle down the pub, winning pole position in a Grand Prix or even a knockout punch for the world title - the basic feelings and emotions underpinning that success remains the same. The same is true in gambling, and when the going is good, as any avid punter will testify, you can feel like you’re floating on air.

But when it comes to weighing up different achievements, how do the highs of gambling compare with the highs of significant sporting achievement? For most people, the thrill of sporting supremacy is a million miles away from their daily lives. Yet can the ups of winning a jackpot come to rival the feeling of euphoria experienced by delivering that knockout blow?

Moreover, which you would rather - that one final punch, bringing your opponent to the ground, or the feeling of becoming a mega money winner, particularly with one of the many slots jackpots out there? If you’re not likely to be challenging for athletic success any time soon, fear not - for many, these are almost equivalent in terms of life achievements.

In Support of the Knockout Punch

Imagine for a second you’re in a heavyweight title fight. Since your teenage years, maybe even younger, you’ve trained every day. Cardio, weight training, a basic diet and early to bed. Day in, day out, you have sacrificed everything considered ‘normal’ from your life, in pursuit of sporting accomplishment. This is the story for so many athletes, in boxing and beyond, and the sad reality for the majority is that they will never be in the position to deliver a knockout blow, let alone a punch with a championship on the line.

Those who are fortunate enough to deliver a knockout blow in competitive boxing are rewarded with an immediate rush of euphoria and satisfaction - the clean punch connecting so sweetly with the jaw of your opponent, as they tumble towards the mat. The instant realisation that in that one connection, you’ve become the undisputed conqueror of all that have come before you. As success and achievements go, it can’t really get more satisfying than that.

When you add in the element of serious prize money that often accompanies professional fights, that’s a deal that is only getting sweeter. Not only do you feel like King of the World - you’re significantly richer, too.

For the vast majority of people on this planet, the above is a pipe-dream. Even for those who take boxing seriously, they’re statistically very unlikely to ever find themselves in this position. So what about the majority of people who can’t go toe to toe in the ring? Are they never to experience the same levels of adrenaline, or the same level of fulfillment that comes from the knockout?

Winning The Jackpot - A Slots Equivalent

Fortunately, there is another way. For us mere mortals, physically unequipped to contend with the Tysons, Klitschkos, and DeGales of the world, that feeling of euphoria and satisfaction can come from other sources. Winning a progressive slots jackpot is surely one of them, and it bears many of the same hallmarks as knocking out an opponent. Rather than throwing punches, you’re spinning the reels, and rather than putting your health on the line to win money, you’re putting your stake on the line. The prize funds from a progressive jackpot can match anything you’ll see in professional boxing too, for instance just look at the huge jackpot slots available at partycasino with multiple prizes well over £1.5million, so the monetary rewards can be similar depending on the type of jackpot you’re playing for.

The feeling of the reels all coming up for you, that feeling that you’re in line for a big win - it’s something most slots players will experience at some stage or other. Not all will win the progressive jackpot, but you have to be in the draw to win it - and there’s no early mornings, daily exercise regimes, or dietary controls required!

The Best of Both Worlds?

So if you’re looking for that singular achievement and wondering which feels best, it’s probably a tough choice. For practicalities sake, you’re probably in with a better chance of winning a progressive jackpot than you are to land a significant knockout blow in an organised fight, and for many online gamblers, this is their best shot at a lifechanging single event.

Of course, there’s another option - while you’re playing slots and contesting that life changing progressive jackpot, you could always have a flutter on a knockout punch through your favourite sportsbook. That way, you can live the highs for yourself with a knockout blow, while giving yourself a personal chance of walking away with a purse. And all without the need to throw a single punch yourself.



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