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Carl Frampton: I Will NEVER Fight Michael Conlan

Two division world champion Carl Frampton (25-1, 14 KOs) has made it clear hat he will never step in the ring with undefeated Olympian Michael Conlan (8-0, 5 KOs).

Because the contest could eventually produce a huge domestic event in Belfast, the topic has been mentioned on numerous occasions by local and international media.

But Frampton indicates that under no circumstances does he expect that contest to come off at any point in the future for a variety of reasons.


In a recent interview with IFL TV, Conlan ruled out the idea of facing Frampton - but at the same time he refused to completely discard the possibility.

“Nah. It’s not gonna happen,” Conlan said of fighting Frampton. “We’re brothers. We’re brothers. Listen, if it did happen, a hundred percent I’d be up for it if our paths crossed. Never say never, a hundred percent. But I’m friends with Carl and he [was] there Saturday night, supporting me, and I’ll be at Windsor, supporting him. But listen, money talks and if the money was right for both of us to fight, he wouldn’t say no, I wouldn’t say no. A hundred percent, it could happen.”

On the other hand, Frampton is very certain that he won't cross paths with Conlan in the ring.

"Why certain parts of the media keep bringing it up is beyond me because it is quite obvious Mick and I are at two completely different stages of our careers, and secondly we're mates, so when you put those two things together it just makes the whole suggestion absurd," Frampton said to Sunday Life.

"Quite simply, once and for all, Mick and I will never fight and I hope this puts an end to all the silly talk and questions. Mick is a developing professional and I'm at a stage of my career where I'm looking to have world title fights because who knows how long I have left."

Frampton is scheduled to return to the ring against Luke Jackson at Windsor Park on August 18.

Conlan picked up an eighth professional victory last month, with a win over Adeilson Dos Santos in Belfast.