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Canelo: Golovkin, Sanchez Don't Know What 'Mexican Style' Is

Mexican superstar Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and his trainers have lashed out at Gennady Golovkin and his trainer Abel Sanchez.

Canelo and the Reynoso clan are tired of Golovkin claiming to fight in a "Mexican style" and daring Canelo to do the same in their upcoming rematch.

Canelo will challenge Golovkin for his IBO, WBC, WBA middleweight titles on September 15th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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Golovkin and Sanchez have called Canelo's fighting style into question, claiming that he refused to fight in a "Mexican style" when they collided in September 2017, when the contest ended in a twelve round split draw.

Canelo explains that Golovkin's fighting style is not a 'Mexican' style of fighting.

“The Mexican style isn’t like that,” Canelo told the Los Angeles Times. “I don’t know where they get that, about how the Mexican style is to go forward and to punch and get punched. That’s not the Mexican style.

"All of the opponents that he’s knocked out have stayed on the ropes or in front of him. That’s what he wants, to have a bag right there to knock out. Later, I learned that against a high-level opponent, you have to adapt to whatever style and show that you’re superior in whatever style. That’s the truth.”

Canelo’s trainer, Eddy Reynoso, took things a step further - and said it was insulting to Mexican boxers to say Golovkin fights in a Mexican style.

“Look, to start with, this man doesn’t have a Mexican school,” Reynoso said. “He doesn’t even have a school. We see Abel’s fighters, every time they come out of a fight, they look as if they’ve been run over by a trailer.

“[Golovkin] throws his punches [wide] like this. He doesn’t know how to throw them. He doesn’t know how to stop them. He takes all of the punches that are thrown at him. He doesn’t know how to counterpunch. He doesn’t know how to feint. It’s the worst form of stupidity, what they presume the Mexican school to be.

“To say that young man has a Mexican style is an insult to the Mexican boxer.”