By Rick Reeno was advised that following their Monday hearing with the California State Athletic Commission in Downtown, Los Angeles, WBO junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley and Nate Campbell were nearly involved in a non-sanctioned rematch on the street.

On August 1, Bradley scored a three-round TKO victory over Campbell, and on Monday afternoon the CSAC overturned the outcome and changed it to a no-decision. During the third round of their fight, there was a bad clash of heads that caused a cut to open up above Campbell's left eye. The fight was stopped after Campbell, between the third and fourth rounds, informed his corner that he was unable to see from his left eye. The referee, David Mendoza, said the cut was caused by a punch - after the clash of heads, and ruled the fight in favor of Bradley. After reviewing all of the evidence, the CSAC disagreed with Mendoza's ruling and changed the decision.

After speaking with numerous witnesses, was able to piece together the near-violent aftermath. From what I was made to understand, Bradley, his father and promoter Ken Thompson of Thompson Boxing were the first to leave. Campbell, manager Terry Trekas and attorney Josh Dubin left a few minutes later.

Bradley was walking about ten feet ahead of Campbell when - according to witnesses - he turned around and began to tell Campbell "you got away with quitting, you got away with quitting." At that point, both fighters exchanged some heavy language, which led to Campbell taking off his jacket and walking over to Bradley to settle the dispute with their fists.

Bradley's father jumped in front of his son before the scene would get violent. Trekas and Dubin tried to calm Campbell down, who was in the zone.

"You're a punk ass bitch hiding behind your daddy. [Speaking to Bradley's father] just let him go, he's grown, just let him come out here. You’re going to see me again. You might see me in the ring or you might see me on a sidewalk like this but you will see," Campbell was alleged to have said.

Both fighters continued to shout at each other until a member of the commission stepped out and scolded both fighters, and reminded them over and over - "you are both licensees, you are both licensees." Neither fighter was looking for a suspension and the drama came to an end.