By Cliff Rold

It’s another one of those weeks…or so it seems.  Just when it appears little is happening, plenty is.  No one saw the upset coming at 122 lbs. last week but Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym experienced it anyways.  And Denkaosan Kaovichit, a sturdy veteran if there ever was one, getting busted in one round by Luis Concepcion?


More shocking is to ever think that a week is soft solely on paper.  Boxing is a funny game.  When two dudes are busting each others in the chops, anything can happen.  Can anything happen by this time seven days from now?

Maybe not. 

These are the picks of the week.

Pick Espanol: Danny Garcia vs. Mike Arnaoutis (Friday, Telefutura, 11:30 PM EST/PST)

The only widely televised card of the week in the U.S. is of the lesser variety.  It’s your typical build-a-star show with a promising talent looking to notch a name.  The name in this case is Mike Arnaoutis, a gutsy almost-was former contender settling into opponent mode with a bullet.  Arnaoutis has lost four of his last five but can still handle himself and represents a step up for Welterweight Danny Garcia (18-0, 12 KO).  Garcia is promoted by Golden Boy who has struggled to develop talent so far so could an upset be in the offing?  Probably not but it might be worth a look to find out. 

Pick More Espanol if Found: Hugo Cazares vs. Alberto Rossel (Saturday, ?)


This one might show up somewhere like YouTube and, if so, it will be worth a look.  How can that be known before the opening bell?  It’s simple.  Cazares (32-6, 23 KO) is fighting and he does not bore.  The lanky Mexican comes to scrap and Rossel (24-7, 11 KO) has won six straight.  This is Rossel’s big shot, a chance at the WBA 115 lb. strap after some twelve years as a pro.  He doesn’t carry the mustard to think he can land a bomb and change his fortunes but willpower can be a funny thing.  Cazares has tons of it and, with a win, can grow closer to a possible third fight with rival Nobuo Nashiro.  They’ve done two wars already.  A third would be gluttonous fun.

Pick Classic: The Vazquez-Marquez Trilogy (Saturday, ESPN ClassicTwice!)

In a slow week, make something old new again.  Forget the fourth fight.  It doesn’t count.  When it comes to the Israel Vazquez-Rafael Marquez rivalry, the three Jr. Feartherweight classics are what matters and, with the 2007 and 2008 Fight’s of the Year in the mix, this is always time well spent.  Classic is providing two chances to relive the bloodbaths with a marathon starting Saturday at 1 AM EST (Friday at 10 PM Pacific time) and again at 7 PM EST (4 PM PST).  It will remind anyone who loves boxing of just why they do.

Back in seven.

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