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Booth Talks Up Perez, Says Jennings Will Be Competitive

By David P. Greisman

Boxing trainer Adam Booth has been working with unbeaten Cuban heavyweight Mike Perez for about four months, and he’s been quite impressed with what he’s seen ahead of Perez’s fight with Bryant Jennings on July 26

“When he came to me, I asked him to do things and he gave me everything I asked for. In terms of what we’ve worked on, I basically feel like one of those steam cleaners or jet washers you clean your patio with. Your patio over 20 years gets dirty, and you get this jet and start cleaning and you think, ‘It’s brand new.’ That’s him. He has everything he needs. It’s just about cleaning off the dust that’s over top of his skill sets and just encouraging them to use it,” Booth said.


“He can box. He can punch. He can take a punch. He’s defensively very, very advanced. He hits very solidly. Emotionally, mentally, he’s made for fighting. Combine all that together, and when he’s happy and focused, you have a dangerous fighter for anyone in that ring.”


Booth also had some kind words about Jennings:


“He’ll be competitive. He’s very good mentally and emotionally for someone that took up boxing so late. You’ve either got to be completely crazy or really at peace and confident with yourself. And he showed that to me in one fight where he got knocked down, and I looked at how very calm and composed he was when he got back up and got back to the fight. That showed me the grain of the man. So we know that he’s going to be there to compete. Whether he’s losing by a landslide or not, he’s going to be there to compete. So Mike has to stay focused.”


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