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Bob Arum Slams O'Connor's Trainers: They Almost Killed This Kid!

By Steve Kim

So in the wake of his first scheduled title defense not taking place this past weekend, when will Jose Ramirez defend his WBC 140-pound title?

"We're trying to reschedule his fight for September 14th but not in Las Vegas particularly," said his promoter, Bob Arum of Top Rank, to BoxingScene.com.

"In other words, I told him we'll get him back in action as soon as possible. We have all our (ESPN) dates filled through August so we're looking at September for him."


Ramirez who captured the vacant title in mid-March by defeating Amir Imam, was scheduled to face Danny O'Connor, who not only couldn't make weight but was hospitalized on Friday with severe dehydration.

"I am astounded with their actions,'' said an incredulous Arum of O'Connor's trainers.

"I mean, they almost killed this kid. His kidney's stopped, they had to give him ten bags of saline solution doing what they did, two hours in a hot sauna and then putting him in a hot bath where he collapsed. These people should be put in jail. They really should be put in jail. I mean are they idiotic?"

Arum says a more prudent thing for O'Connor's team to do was the alert them of the situation and make a compromise on the fight instead of putting their fighters health in danger.

"Let's assume they figured the day before he was a pound-and-a-half over, OK. So they go to the commission and they go to us and say,'Look, he's a pound-and-half over, he can't take any more weight off.' So they fine him a little bit, he can't win the title - but the fight goes on," said Arum, who says he didn't find out about O'Connor's dire situation till the paramedics were arriving to the fight hotel in Fresno prior to the weigh-in.

Arum says of situations like this - "It's one thing for us to talk about it, think Andy (Foster, the head of the California State Athletic Commission) should get these people who are responsible for this and get them before the commission. And once he hears the testimony he should ban them from participating in boxing for years, it not forever."

Foster is taking steps to spearhead new legislation that deals with cutting weight and weigh-in procedure. He recently held a summit back in June that was attended by the leaders of the four major sanctioning bodies and will hold another meeting to discuss these issues later this month in San Diego.

When notified of Arum's recommendation, Foster told BoxingScene.com - "I haven't exactly decided the course of action to be taken on this at this exact time."

Steve Kim is the news editor for BoxingScene.com.