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Tales From The Vault: Chavez vs Mayweather Rematch

Moments after Julio Cesar Chavez blew out Roger Mayweather in two rounds on July 7, 1985 in Las Vegas, no one – even perhaps Mayweather himself – ever dreamed a rematch would ever take place. And why ...Read More

Tales From The Vault: Pernell Whitaker-Diosbelys Hurtado

When a historian gauges a great fighter’s worth he asks several questions. How did his physical skills measure up to those of his peers? Was he so dominant over his opponents that he could rightly lay...Read More

Tales From The Vault: Ray Mancini vs. Arturo Frias

May 8, 1982, Las Vegas, Nevada - The realization of a dream is one of life’s most powerful moments, especially when that moment is preceded by years of hard work and sacrifice. It is even more so afte...Read More

Ali-Norton III Remembered Through Schuyler's Eyes

By Lee Groves - When Yuri Foreman defends his WBA junior middleweight title against Miguel Cotto at the new Yankee Stadium on June 5, the venue will receive as much billing as the fighters. That’s...Read More

Weekend Thoughts: Klitschko and What Could Have Been

This past weekend featured a phenomenal sports lineup – Game 6 of Lakers-Suns, Game 1 of Flyers-Blackhawks, the Indianapolis 500, NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600, a full schedule of MLB, the French Open and U ...Read More

Boxing’s Unbreakable Records: A Detailed Look Inside

By Lee Groves - It has often been written that records are made to be broken. On many levels that sentiment rings true because the most ambitious people use these benchmarks to push themselves toward ...Read More

Weekend Thoughts: Marquez vs Vazquez, Augustus, Kim

As I sat in the easy chair of the Home Office and watched this past weekend’s action many thoughts caromed through my cranium. Not all of them are fit to print – how can that be true of anyone – but h...Read More

Amir Khan's Victory Continues Longtime U.K. Tradition

By Lee Groves - Saturday night’s WBA junior welterweight title fight between champion Amir Khan and challenger Paul Malignaggi was only the latest chapter in a long and storied tradition among fighter...Read More

Weekend Thoughts: Mayweather-Pacquiao; Cintron; More

This week’s slate of “thoughts” has a serving of yesterday, a smattering of today and a healthy heaping of tomorrow. So without further delay, let’s dig in: Floyd Mayweather’s dominance of Shane Mo...Read More

Place To Avoid: The No Man’s Land of Boxing

It is a place where no fighter ever wants to find himself. A place of doubt and desperation where speculation swirls about his place within the sport. The unrest is unrelenting, and it comes from mult...Read More

If I Had These Hammers: Part Two of The Series

For those of you that didn’t read the first installment, I recently indulged in a mind game while transferring VHS fights to DVD in the Home Office. If someone were to give me the choice of the greate...Read More

Weekend Thoughts: Mayweather is Boxing’s Bobby Fischer

By Lee Groves - Last week I likened Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the wildly successful but take-no-risks David Simms of “Tin Cup” fame. After watching him take apart Shane Mosley Saturday night, a para...Read More

A Look Back at Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Last Defeat

By Lee Groves - In his 13-year professional career, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been the picture of perfection. Forty times he has stepped inside the squared circle and 40 times he has left it a winner. ...Read More

Mayweather-Mosley Public Divide Explained in Cinema

Although Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shane Mosley would be loathe to admit this given their current war of words, they are more alike than they care to admit. Both are gym rats who boast a ferocious ...Read More

Edwin Valero: A Life of Success, Excess, Self-Destruction

By Lee Groves - On the night of February 6, 2010, Edwin Valero was at the top of his game. In stopping Antonio DeMarco via nine-round corner retirement, Valero proved he was much more than a knock...Read More

A Six Pack of Weekend Thoughts: Martinez, Kessler, Bute

By Lee Groves - Upsets make the sports world go ’round and boxing experienced its share of them this past weekend. Inside the ring a late surge by Sergio Martinez allowed him to win Kelly Pavlik’s...Read More

25 Years Later: Hagler vs. Hearns Remembered

By Lee Groves - Hagler-Hearns. For those who were lucky enough to witness their battle for the undisputed middleweight title 25 years ago today, their hyphen-linked names remain a short-cut method...Read More

If I Had These Hammers: Part One

By Lee Groves - Just a few weeks ago – March 16 to be exact – I marked the 36th anniversary of the “thunderbolt moment” that made me a boxing fan. Since witnessing Roberto Duran’s 11th round destructi...Read More

Mercante's Passing Changes Meaning of Prized Photo

The photo accompanying this story is one of the most prized possessions in my boxing photo collection because of the history it represents and the memories it stirs within the recesses of my mind. ...Read More

Thirty Years Later: Weaver vs. Tate Remembered

Thirty years ago today, a single left hook from Mike Weaver rewrote history in ways that couldn’t have been fathomed at the time. It turned Weaver from no-hope challenger to instant champion and s...Read More