By Steve Kim

In the wake of the stunning loss suffered by Manny Pacquiao against Jeff Horn this past weekend in Brisbane, Australia, there has been various statements made on behalf of Pacquiao regarding the dissatisfaction with his long-time promoter, Bob Arum of Top Rank.

There is even word that his relationship with Top Rank has come to an end..

When asked about these issues, Arum told

"There is a contract and moving forward I have a tremendous relationship with Manny. I mean, some of the people who have said things are people I wouldn't know who the f*** they were. There was this guy, they called him the 'media manager' - I never heard of the guy. I wouldn't know what he looked like."

Stuff like this is par for the course on Planet Pacquiao.

"Obviously they're disappointed and so forth but they're not real people talking," said Arum, of those talking on behalf of 'the Pac Man'.

"There was an article in BoxingScene from the Manila Times where the guy said I was 'cold' (to Manny), I mean what the f***?!?! What the f*** is he talking about. What do you mean 'cold'?"

Arum said throughout the lead-up to Pacquiao-Horn that the Australian challenger posed a real threat to the Filipino star.

"They had this perception that they fed him, that he was going there to pick up a paycheck, that Horn wasn't a credible fighter. And the more I told them that, the more they disbelieved me because they thought I was saying that to sell tickets. I'm not selling tickets to them," said Arum.

"I saw the kid fight in December (versus Ali Funeka) and I knew he was a big strong welterweight. Not the most skilled guy in the world but not unskilled, he was a tough, tough guy for anybody to fight."

There is a rematch clause held by Pacquiao, asked about the possibility of that being enforced by him, Arum answered - "I have no idea, I mean if Manny wants the rematch he can have it, that's contractual. But whether he wants the rematch, whether he wants to fight again - I have no idea."

Steve Kim is the news editor for