By Salvador Rodriguez

Top Rank's CEO Bob Arum is no stranger to having verbal battles with Richard Schaefer, the former CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. Schaefer announced his resignation from Golden Boy on Monday, which Arum clearly views as the final hurdle to allow Top Rank and Golden Boy to come together to stage events in the future.

The two companies have not co-promoted any events for several years, because Schaefer refused to have anything to do with Arum and his company.

Now that Arum is on very good terms with Golden Boy President Oscar De La Hoya, the veteran promoter says the two companies can stage big events together.

"In my opinion, Richard Schaefer is an evil man and he did bad things. What he did to 'Tutico' Zabala and Canelo was bad. De La Hoya tried to negotiate with Zabala, but Schaefer told him not to because [Zabala] did not have the money to compete."

"I don't know if [Schaefer leaving] is good for boxing, but in terms of doing business it is. This is what boxing is about [working together], not that I hate him and that I will never do business with him - that's nonsense. When it came to negotiating and working together, me and Don King got along."