By Lem Satterfield

Top Rank's CEO, Bob Arum, disputes published reports that his company is currently attempting to sign undefeated WBC/WBO junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley. According to Arum, there have not been any discussions regarding a potential working relationship. Bradley is still under contract to promoter Gary Shaw, but that contract expires, reportedly, on June 30. Once Bradley becomes a free agent, then Arum, among other promoters, will attempt to sign the young star.

Shaw is still attempting to finalize a deal with Golden Boy to place Bradley in the ring with his WBA rival, Amir Khan. To date, Bradley is not accepting the financial terms.

"Tim Bradley is under contract with Gary Shaw. While the contract is in effect, and it is in effect, we will not sign Tim Bradley. And we will not offer Tim Bradley any terms for future fights and we don't steal fighters. When the contract expires, or he doesn't produce a fight, and the contract expires, then we'll meet with Bradley and present terms that I believe will be favorable to him. But until that happens, we are not going to screw around with Tim Bradley," Arum told