By Chris LaBate

Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza had a lot to say about Shah Khan, the father and business handler for WBA 140-pound champion Amir Khan. reported two weeks ago that Khan and Ariza had parted ways over money. Ariza is claiming Team Khan owes him money for the training camp related to Khan's December fight with Marcos Maidana.

Shah came out in the press and said Amir's trainer, Freddie Roach, is in charge of paying Ariza. Roach himself has disputed Shah's statement. Shah claims there was never a contract with Ariza, which the conditioning coach disputes. Ariza has alleged that members of Team Khan stole his contract from his hotel room in the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The incident was alleged to have taken place during Khan-Maidana fight week.

"I think Shah is letting his teeth get away from him when he's talking about the business side of things, as far as what Freddie and I do or how the deal was set up with me and Amir. Freddie doesn't pay me. That's not his responsibility. I have the same deal with Amir as I do with Manny [Pacquiao], [Julio Cesar] Chavez Jr. and  Vanes [Martirosyan]," during an interview with Suge Green of OnTheGrind Boxing Radio.

"They have a habit of putting things off. Finally it was the week of the Maidana fight and I still didn't have a signed contract, so I had to have Amir sign it that week. As I said, they then broke into my hotel room and stole not only that contract, but my contract with Manny, Chavez Jr. and who knows what else. Then on Monday, Shah calls Freddie and says that I made Amir sign a contract two hours before the fight. I don't know if he just likes lying or that comes from what his past living was. Freddie knows that I would never do that."

"I think [manager] Asif [Vali] shoud stick to running the cab company and I think Shah should stick to hustling for fares and finding the long way to the airport and leave the boxing to the boxing guys. I think they ultimately hurt the fighter because everyone knows what I bring to the table."