By Rick Reeno

Gary Shaw, promoter for super middleweight Andre Dirrell, informed that his fighter was released from a local hospital after undergoing several tests to rule out a possible concussion. 

"Andre was just released from the hospital. He tested negative in the brain scans. We did the urine tests. The commission was there," Shaw told

On Saturday night at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, Dirrell put on the best performance of his career as he outboxed undefeated Arthur Abraham for the majority of their eleven round fight. For most of the fight, Abraham had a hard time dealing with Dirrell's speed and movement. 

At the end of the tenth round, Abraham's pressure was starting to break Dirrell down. By this point Abraham needed a knockout to win. During the eleventh round, there is no question Dirrell was in some trouble and was coasting to run out the clock. He was so far ahead with the judges that losing the last two rounds would not have made a difference. Abraham knew he needed a knockout. He was doing everything in his power to prevent the fight from reaching the scorecards. 

Abraham was trying to trap the retreating Dirrell, and that's when it happened. While trying to fend off an incoming Abraham, Dirrell lost his balance and slipped to the mat. During the heat of the moment, and probably with some desperation mixed in, Abraham clocked Dirrell right on the chin while he was down. Dirrell fell flat on the mat, unconscious, and the referee had to immediately request the assistance of the ringside physicians - and he also disqualified Abraham. During the time of the stoppage, the scores were 97-92, 98-91 and 97-92 - all for Dirrell.

Shaw believes Abraham's final punch was intentional because he knew the only way he could win was by knockout and the clock was running out.

"He schooled Athur Abraham. He gave him a boxing lesson. Dirrell was bigger, faster, more skilled, got off with more punches, more combinations and Arthur Abraham looked like he was in a car accident at the post-fight press conference," Shaw said.

"The foul was intentional. It was a desperation move. He knew the only way he could win the fight was with a knockout. He knew Andre was on the ground and he lined him up."

Abraham's record fell to 31-1, 25KOs, while Dirrell's record was raised to 19-1, 13KOs.