By Mark Vester

UK lightweight star Amir Khan tells Sportinglife that he's not against a possible move to the United States in order to move his career forward and to hook up with well respected American-based trainer. Khan recently let go of his long-time trainer Oliver Harrison and is now looking to hire an American trainer. 

No decision has been made, but Khan is looking at Buddy McGirt and Roger Mayweather. For the moment, Khan is using Dean Powell to train him for the June bout with Michael Gomez in Birmingham.

"At the moment I like to be train over here and in an ideal world I'd like an American coach to come over here," Khan said. "But if it came down to the fact that I had to go to America, I'd do that. I'd like to take that chance. It would be a different atmosphere over there and a different environment to learn in.

"I think it could bring something different out in me. I would look forward to the challenge."

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