By Ryan Burton


Devon Alexander's manager/trainer Kevin Cunningham called after reading Mark Vester's earlier report that stated Amir Khan was going to target Devon Alexander and Tim Bradley after next Saturday's WBA title defense against Paulie Malignaggi in New York City.

Khan's trainer Freddie Roach was quoted as saying, “Our goal is to unify the titles. That’s why we are here in America. We are going to make a statement with Paulie, Devon Alexander and right down the list to Timothy Bradley. It’s the best division in the world and we want to conquer that."


Cunningham became increasingly incensed throughout our conversation. "Ryan you know as well as anyone that Devon wants to fight the best. We called out [Marcos] Maidana and we have been calling out Bradley. We haven't called out Khan because he already ducked Maidana.  Why would he fight us?  Freddie Roach is full of sh*t.  Devon Alexander and Tim Bradley are the best two fighters in the division. Khan isn't even on our level." 


Tim Bradley has an HBO date of July 17th and Devon Alexander has a date in August.  So far both fighters are minus dance partners for their dates. 

"We can't even get an opponent for August. All of these fighters are talking just to hear themselves talk.  That is why I have a lot of respect for that tournament at 168 pounds.  It is good for the network, good for the fighters and good for the fans.  They get to see who the best is.  We want to clean up this f*cking division," Cunningham said.

The trainer became more animated and continued - "Build up. We hear about build up?  Who the f*ck are they going to fight to build up the division?  All of these guys should fight each other and out will emerge a superstar.  Mayweather and Pacquiao are going to need an opponent soon.  Let the top guys at junior welterweight, the best division in the world battle it out right now.  Then they will have the name recognition for a Pacquiao or Mayweather."


Khan fights Malignaggi on May 15th and Victor Ortiz fights Nate Campbell in the co-feature of that show.  A turnaround for Khan to fight in August seems unlikely as that would be less than three months between fights. 

Alexander's manager said - "If Khan and Ortiz win their fights in a couple weeks and Alexander and Bradley win their fights this summer then they have to pit them against each other.  If not, then this is all f*cking bullsh*t.  If all four guys win then they need to come up with a formula for them to fight each other and the best fight the best.  The fans deserve it.  These are all HBO fighters so there will be plently of money so we don't need to hear Bradley crying that there isn't enough money for him to do the fight.  A lot of these fighters come on the internet just to talk and to read about it.  We are going to back our sh*t up.  We want to fight the best now."


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