A few days after the World Boxing Council withdrew her recognition as their super middleweight champion, Alejandra "Tigre" Jiménez spoke to her fans and expressed some opinions on the outcome.

On January 11 in Texas, Jimenez won a decision over Franchon Crews-Dazurn to capture the WBC, WBO super middleweight titles.

Jimenez had previously held the WBC's heavyweight title and shed a lot of weight to drop down to a weight limit where there was a bigger pool of potential opponents.

But not long after that win, testing agency VADA revealed that one of Jimenez's tests came back with an adverse finding for Stanozolol.

In March, the WBO removed her of their title and returned their belt to Crews-Dezurn.

The WBC continued to push through with a full investigation that played out for several months.

Earlier this week, they finally came down with a ruling to return the title to Crews-Dezurn and they suspended Jimenez for nine months.

Jimenez maintains that she never knowingly ingested a banned substance and refuses to stand down from recognizing herself as the beltholder.

“[Despite] having the reliable evidence that there was an error - this decision was reached, which I find unfair, and that it obviously affects my career in a brutal way," Jimenez said.

"My work is detracted, my effort, my professionalism, that of my team, that of the group of pharmaceutical chemists who were was next to me, day and night, working to demonstrate that there was indeed a mistake in the tests. That work remains silent until now. That work was presented to clarify all of this.

“Today, I will be able to accept the sanction dictated by the WBC, because I was not given any other option. But tomorrow, who can tell me that I will not be the victim of an injustice like this again, who can assure me that no boxer will go through this? I assure you that this is hell, because this is my life... it's not about looking for culprits or looking at what happened, my intention is not to point to anyone, mistakes can be made anywhere, but those that affect someone's life, they must be taken with that responsibility, like life itself.

"I won that belt with effort, with discipline, with work, against many odds and what I want is justice and I want the belt back, because it's mine, because I won it, but I don't want it under any other circumstances. I want it back by fighting. I want it back by doing what I know how to do: box. I am and will be the world champion and whoever now has those belts will see my face on them every day, knowing that they are mine, that I won them well with my effort, with my work and my dedication, because the 'Tigre' Jiménez will always be world champion at super middleweight."