By Mike Coppinger

LOS ANGELES -- Add another person to the list who thinks Bermane Stiverne wins if Deontay Wilder doesn't stop him early.

Abel Sanchez broke down the big heavyweight title fight set for Saturday in Las Vegas.

"I see the first four or five rounds, if Wilder can get him out in the first four or five rounds, then Wilder wins by knockout," Sanchez told at a GGG news conference last week. "If he doesn't get him out, Stiverne may just wear him down and stop him late or get a decision because he wins most of the later rounds.

"I've said that from the beginning when I first saw Wilder that I thought his bottom half was a little small -- his legs I mean. If he gets hit by a big, physical heavyweight who can wear him down later in the fight ... I wouldn't want to bet on this fight, It's a good, close fight."

Sanchez makes a great point. Wilder, at upward of 6-foot-6, tipped the scales at just 219 pounds on Friday. Stiverne, on the other hand, came in at 239. We'll see soon enough if Sanchez's prediction was on the money.

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