2010 National PAL Championships: Semi-Final Action

(SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS) – The finalists were set in the junior divisions, women’s weight classes and six open men’s weight classes in Friday’s action at the 2010 National PAL Championships in San Antonio. Once again, the junior boxers kicked off the competition at the Municipal Auditorium with 60 bouts of male and female action in the 11 a.m. session. The open division boxers took over the three rings on Friday evening with 40 outstanding bouts in male and female competition. While the majority of the contests on Friday were semifinal bouts, the men’s open lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight and middleweight division bouts were contested in the quarterfinal round. The semifinal bouts in those four weight divisions will take place on Saturday.

The light flyweight division opened the evening action and a contest between three-time national champion Louie Byrd (Denver, Colo.) and 2010 USA Boxing National Championships bronze medalist Santos Vasquez (Sun Valley, Nev.) kicked off the night in exciting fashion. Vasquez kept the bout close through the early going, trailing by only a point after the opening round. Yet Byrd turned up the head in the second stanza, claiming a 13-6 advantage with one round remaining. He enjoyed his strongest round of the bout in the final three minutes, scoring 10 points en route to a 23-8 final decision over Vasquez. Byrd will face 2005 National Champion Marco Rangel (Scottsdale, Ariz.) in the final round on Saturday.

Defending champion and hometown hopeful Adam Lopez (San Antonio, Texas) earned a berth in his second straight National PAL final round contest, winning a 14-3 decision over John Herrera (Corpus Christi, Texas) to move on to the championship bout. He will face a tough test in Saturday’s action as he battles two-time Olympian and 2007 World Champion Rau’shee Warren (Cincinnati, Ohio). Warren moved on to the final round with a hard-fought 14-6 win over Leroy Davila (Linden, N.J.).

O’Shanique Foster (Orange, Texas) and Luis Feliciano (Milwaukee, Wis.) will face off in Saturday’s bantamweight championship bout following Friday victories by both boxers. Foster earned a 10-7 win over Dennis Galarza in their semifinal match-up while Feliciano won a 7-1 decision over Michael Norato (Pacoima, Calif.).

The lightweight division competed in quarterfinal action on Friday with four boxers moving on to semifinal round competition.  Joshua Davis (Washington DC), Eric Fowler (Humble, Texas), Luis Cruz (Bronx, N.Y.) and Kenneth Simms (Chicago, Ill.) will all vie for a final round berth on Saturday.

In light welterweight competition, Amir Iman (Albany, N.Y.) and Abel Ramos (Eloy, Ariz.) claimed the first two semifinal spots, defeating Ronald Gibbs (Baltimore, Md.) and George Rincon (Carrollton, Texas) respectively. The second two light welterweight quarterfinals bouts set up a rematch from the finals of the 2010 USA Boxing National Championships between National Champion Pedro Sosa (Bronx, N.Y.) and silver medalist Michael Reed (Waldorf, Md.). Sosa and Reed will battle in semifinal action on Saturday to determine who will advance to the National PAL light welterweight championship bout.

A fourth reigning National Champion advanced to the semifinals in the welterweight division as Errol Spence (Desoto, Texas) took a 14-4 victory over Regis Prograis (Houston, Texas) in their quarterfinal match-up. Reyes Marquez (Fountain, Colo.), Bryant Perrella (LeHigh, Fla.), and Antoine Douglas, (Burke, Va.) all moved on to semifinal competition as well with welterweight victories on Friday night.

The talent-laden middleweight division enjoyed four great bouts in quarterfinal action with Under 19 National Champion D’Mitrius Ballard (Temple Hills, Md.), 2009 Junior Olympic National Champion Daquan Arnett (Orlando, Fla.), Kenneth McNeil (Birmingham, Ala.) and Edgar Alvarado (San Bernadino, Calif.) all moving on to Saturday’s middleweight semifinal round. 

Friday’s action returned to semifinal competition in the light heavyweight division and Marcus Browne (Staten Island, N.Y.) claimed the first spot in the final round. Browne won a first round stoppage victory over former National Golden Gloves champion DeRae Crane (Fort Carson, Colo.) to advance to the finals. Browne will take on Under 19 National Champion Jerry Odom (Bowie, Md.) in Saturday’s finals. Odom withstood a late charge by Adam Willis (Milwaukee, Wis.) in their semifinal bout to pull out a 9-9 tiebreaker victory on his 22-18 total punch count edge.

The string of reigning national champion’s victories continued into the heavyweight division as Steve Geffrard (Boca Raton, Fla.) won a second round stoppage over Charles Blackwell (Tucson, Ariz.) to move on to the final round. Geffrard will face Robert Jekabson (Chicago, Ill.) for his second National Championship of 2010. Jekabson recorded a 4-3 victory over defending champion Frederick Samuels (Westbury, N.Y.) to advance to the final round.

In super heavyweight action, 2010 USA Boxing National Champion Lenroy Thompson (Lenexa, Kansas) pulled out a 5-3 decision in his chess match with Javonta Charles (Memphis, Tenn.). Thompson moves on to final round action where he will take on National Golden Gloves champion Roberto Morban (Bronx, N.Y.).

The women took over the three rings at the Municipal Auditorium following men’s action and the national champions winning streak continued in to female light flyweight action as Jessica Ponce (Napa, Calif.) moved on to the championship bout with a 7-4 win over Amy Sowers (Bozeman, Mont.). Ponce will take on Mayra Anderson (Dallas, Texas) in the light flyweight final.

Women’s flyweight action moved into semifinal action with two medal round contests as two former national champions Christina Cruz (New York, N.Y.) and Cynthia Moreno (Phoenix, Ariz.) moved on to the final round with victories in Friday’ action.

Naphateria Miller (New Haven, Conn.) claimed the lone female bantamweight victory of the night, winning a 9-1 decision over Noemi Bosques in the semifinal contest.

In featherweight action, LaTonya King (Detroit, Mich.) earned her first win of the tournament, taking a 18-5 decision over Shanne Ruelas. King will take on Elizabeth Leddy (Portland, Ore.) in Saturday’s featherweight championship bout. Leddy recorded a fourth round stoppage over Alicia DeFrank (Port Richey, Fla.) to move on to the finals.

Stephanie Han (El Paso, Texas) earned a 17-12 decision over hometown boxer Selina Barrios (San Antonio, Texas) in one of the most exciting bouts of the night. Han moves on to the final round where she will battle Mikaela Mayer (West Hills, Calif.). 

Brittany Inkrote (Red Lion, Pa.) won the first light welterweight semifinal bout of the evening, defeating Sherry Whetten (Tucson, Ariz.), 16-9, to advance to a championship bout match-up with Jenna Johlin (Mayfield Heights, Ohio).

Lisa Rodriguez (Bronx, N.Y.) won the lone welterweight semifinal bout, taking a 13-9 win over Heather Hartman (Colorado Springs, Colo.)

Championship round action and semifinal round contests in the lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight and middleweight divisions will take place on Saturday at the Municipal Auditorium.

Friday, October 8 Results

6 p.m. session

Open male
108 lbs/open: Louie Byrd, Denver, Colo., dec. Santos Vasquez, Sun Valley, Nev., 23-8
108 lbs/open: Marco Rangel, Scottsdale, Ariz., dec. David Carlton, Cincinnati, Ohio, 9-6
114 lbs/open: Rau’shee Warren, Cincinnati, Ohio dec. Leroy Davila, Linden, N.J., 14-6
114 lbs/open: Adam Lopez, San Antonio, Texas dec. John Herrera, Corpus Christi, Texas, 14-3
123 lbs/open: O’Shanique Foster, Orange, Texas, dec. Dennis Galarza, Orlando, Fla., 10-7
123 lbs/open: Luis Feliciano, Milwaukee, Wis., dec. Michael Norato, Pacoima, Calif., 7-1

132 lbs/open: Luis Cruz, Bronx, N.Y. dec. Christopher Lopez, Washington DC, 26-16
132 lbs/open: Eric Fowler, Humble, Texas dec. Bobby Hornsby, Atlanta, Ga., 25-11
132 lbs/open: Joshua Davis, Washington DC dec. Mikail Jones, Cincinnati, Ohio, 5-2
132 lbs/open: Kenneth Simms, Chicago, Ill., dec. Tommy Logan, Winter Haven, Fla., 11-8
141 lbs/open: Amir Iman, Albany, N.Y., dec. Ronald Gibbs, Baltimore, Md., 7-2
141 lbs/open: Abel Ramos, Eloy, Ariz., dec. George Rincon, Carrollton, Texas, 6-4
141 lbs/open: Pedro Sosa, Bronx, N.Y., dec. Arturo Trujillo, Easton, Pa., 15-2
141 lbs/open: Michael Reed, Waldorf, Md., dec. Robert Easter, Jr., Toledo, Ohio, 11-6

152 lbs/open: Antoine Douglas, Burke, Va., dec. Terrance Jarman, LeHigh, Fla., 10-1

152 lbs/open: Reyes Marquez, Fountain, Colo., dec. Donald Griffin, 12-7
152 lbs/open: Errol Spence, Desoto, Texas, dec. Regis Prograis, Houston, Texas, 14-4

152 lbs/open: Bryant Perrella, LeHigh, Fla., dec. Benjamin Whitaker, San Antonio, Texas, 7-1

165 lbs/open: D’Mitrius Ballard, Temple Hills, Md., dec. Shawn Johnson, Brooklyn, N.Y., 15-6
165 lbs/open: Kenneth McNeil, Birmingham, Ala., dec. Richard Romero, Los Angeles, Calif., 6-2

165 lbs/open: Daquan Arnett, Orlando, Fla., dec. Zacchaeus Hardrick, Fort Carson, Colo., 6-2

165 lbs/open: Edgar Alvarado, San Bernadino, Calif., dec. Michael Fernandez, San Francisco, Calif., 6-3
178 lbs/open: Marcus  Browne, Staten Island, N.Y., stopped DeRae Crane, Fort Carson, Colo., RSC-1 (1:02)

178 lbs/open: Jerry Odom, Bowie, Md., dec. Adam Willis, Milwaukee, Wis., 9-9 (22-18)
201 lbs/open: Robert Jekabson, Chicago, Ill., dec. Frederick Samuels, Westbury, N.Y., 4-3

201 lbs/open: Steve Geffrard, Boca Raton, Fla., stopped Charles Blackwell, Tucson, Ariz., RSC-2 (1:54)

201+ lbs/open: Roberto Morban, Bronx, N.Y., dec. Ricardo Wallers, Cincinnati, Ohio, 5-0

201+ lbs/91+ kg: Lenroy Thompson, Lenexa, Kansas dec. Javonta Charles, Memphis, Tenn., 5-3

Female Open Division

106 lbs/open: Jessica Ponce, Napa, Calif., dec. Amy Sowers, Bozeman, Mont., 7-4
106 lbs/open: Mayra Anderson, Dallas, Texas stopped D’Ana Armenderiz, San Antonio, Texas, RSC-4 (1:05)
112 lbs/open: Christina Cruz, New York, N.Y., dec. Tiffany Perez, Hammond, Ind., 10-5
112 lbs/open: Cynthia Moreno, Phoenix, Ariz., dec. Alexandra Love, Monroe, Wash., 22-10
119 lbs/open: Naphateria Miller, New Haven, Conn., dec. Noemi Bosques, 9-1
125 lbs/open: LaTonya King, Detroit, Mich., dec. Shanne Ruelas, 18-5
125 lbs/open: Elizabeth Leddy, Portland, Ore., dec. Alicia DeFrak, Port Richey, Fla., RSC-4 (1:06)
132 lbs/open: Stephanie Han, El Paso, Texas dec. Selina Barrios, San Antonio, Texas, 17-12

132 lbs/open: Mikaela Mayer, West Hills, Calif., dec. Melanie Costa, Norton, Mass., 11-2

141 lbs/open: Brittany Inkrote, Red Lion, Pa., dec. Sherry Whetten, Tucson, Ariz., 16-9

141 lbs/open: Jenna Johlin, Mayfield Heights, Ohio dec. Kymmberlie Stowe, Philadelphia, Pa., 4-0
152 lbs/open: Lisa Rodriguez, Bronx, N.Y. dec. Heather Hartman, Colorado Springs, Colo., 13-9

11 a.m. session

Junior/11-12-year-old division
70 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Guillermo Gutierrez, San Antonio, Texas dec. Caleb Wilkes, Ft. Myers, Fla., 15-6
70 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Brandon Limonez, Beeville, Texas dec. Jody Gauthier, Opeloussas, La., 3-3 (6-5)
75 lbs/junior?11-12-year-olds: Israel Rodriguez, Houston, Texas, dec. Benjamin Gutierrez, San Antonio, Texas,  9-2
80 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Isaac Cuellar, Paterson, N.J., dec. Alberto Soto, Laredo, Texas, 5-0
85 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Vergil Ortiz, Grand Prairie, Texas dec. Francisco Villa, Midland, Texas,  3-0
85 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Ryan Garcia, Adelanto, Calif., dec. Noah Jones, Garland, Texas, 9-2
90 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Roman Ruiz, Buda, Texas dec. Armando Trevino, Dallas, Texas, 10-9
90 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Brandon Vega, Cleveland, Ohio dec. Pedro Contreras, San Antonio, Texas, 5-2
95 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Michael Dutchover, Midland, Texas, dec. Federico Jaramillo, Jr., Denver, Colo., 24-2
101 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Carter Cherry, Penn Hills, Pa.,  dec. Izaiah Ortega, Lubbock, Texas, 7-1
101 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Aaron Martinez, Houston, Texa dec. Gerardo Flores,  Kansas City, Mo., 6-2
106 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Christopher Valdez, Indianapolis, Ind., dec. Graham Martin, Austin, Texas,  4-3
106 lbs/junior/11-12-year-olds: Aaron Florez, Odessa, Texas dec. Benjamin Orozco,  Ft. Myers, Fla., 8-1

Intermediate/13-14-year-old division
80 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Brian Cannady, Ft. Myers, Fla.,  dec. Chris Tobar, Karnes City, Texas,  5-4
80 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Jimmy Serra, Paterson, N.J., dec. Jordan White, Waldorf, Md.,  7-0
85 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Hector Tanajara, San Antonio, Texas, dec. Jonathan Rodriguez, Houston, Texas, 8-6
85 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Ricardo Quiroz, Oxnard, Calif., dec. Izaiah Bautista, San Francisco, Calif., 11-5
90 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Gilbert Renteria, Houston, Texas, dec. Jonathan Rangel, San Antonio, Texas,  2-1
90 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Joshua Franco , San Antonio, Texas dec. Keoni Adric, Waipahu, Hawaii
95 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Francisco de  los Reyes, Oxnard, Calif.,  dec. Ethan Clark, Searcy, Ark.,  6-1
95 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Isaias Perez, Kansas City, Kansas,  dec. Teofimo Lopez, Tamarac, Fla., 2-0
101 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds:  Da’Reece Crawford, Kansas City, Mo.,  dec. Mack Allison, Baltimore, Md.,  6-0
101 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Fernando Vasquez, Dallas, Texas,  dec. Isaiah Najera, Yakima, Wash., 3-3 (8-6)
106 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Gary Antwuan Russell, Capitol Heights, Md.,  dec. Arnold Alejandro, Jr., Grand Prairie, Texas, 12-5
106 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Isaac Rodriguez, San Antonio, Texas,  dec. Andres Cuevas, San Antonio, Texas, 17-8
110 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds:  Zakery Rollins, Zanesville, Ohio,  dec. Gustavo Cervantes, Kansas City, Mo., 16-1
110 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Efren Lopez, Fresno, Calif.,  dec. Jonathan Loera, Albuquerque, N.M., 12-1
110 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Ramon Cardenas, San Antonio, Texas,  dec. Erik Betancourt, Dallas, Texas, 8-2
110 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Mike Yanez, Pflugerville, Texas  dec. Rudy Castillo, Abilene, Texas, 5-5
114 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Jose Moreno-Pesina, San Antonio, Texas dec. Lucero Baltazar, Pueblo, Colo.,  10-5
119 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Diego Chavez, Chicago, Ill.,  dec. Jimmy Martinez, San Antonio, Texas,  4-3
132 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Milton Santiago, Warminster, Pa.,  dec. Malik Hawkins, Baltimore, Md., 2-1
132 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Travis Jerig, Zanesville, Ohio dec. Sacha Machado, Minatare, Neb., 11-4
154 lbs/intermediate/13-14-year-olds: Mark Reyes, Tampa, Fla.,  dec. Joseph Thomas, Auburn,  Calif., 6-0

Senior/15-16-year-old division
101 lbs/senior/15-16-year-olds: Mario Barrios, San Antonio, Texas stopped Armando Mercardo, Pueblo, Colo., RSC-2 (1:58)
106 lbs/senior/15-16-year-olds: Brent Venegas III, Elk Grove, Calif., dec. Ernesto Delgadillo, Dallas, Texas 6-3
106 lbs/senior/15-16-year-olds: Aujee Tyler,  Temple Hills, Md., dec. Angelo Calvillo, Sacramento, Calif., 12-0
110 lbs/senior/15-16-year-olds: Epi Soto, Laredo, Texas, dec. Moses Aguilar, Cicero, Ill., 13-5
110 lbs/senior/15-16-year-olds: Christian Williams, Chicago, Ill., dec. Norberto Torres, Orlando, Fla., 8-7
114 lbs/senior/15-16-year-olds: Samuel Villareal, Jr., Laredo, Texas,  dec. Josue Siller, Abilene, Texas, 12-3
114 lbs/senior/15-16-year-olds: Jalonte Cole dec. Robert Castro, Austin, Texas, 10-1
119 lbs/senior/15-16-year-olds: Gervonta Davis, Baltimore, Md., stopped Jarren Saldana, San Marcos, Texas, RSC
119 lbs/senior/15-16-year-olds: Crescencio Ramos, Jr., dec. Javier Rodriguez, 1-1 (2-2) (4-1 judges poll)
125 lbs/15-16-year-olds: George Naclerio, East Haven, Conn., dec. Lamont Roach, Jr., Upper Marlboro, Md.,  7-2
125 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Kendo Castaneda, San Antonio, Texas, dec. Charles Clark, Dallas, Texas, 5-3
132 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Julian Rodriguez, Paterson, N.J., stopped Tyler Eureste, Kyle, Texas, RSC-1 (1:53)
132 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Joe Lamas, Houston, Texas dec. Joey Bryant, Memphis, Tenn., 9-7
138 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Kareem Martin, Clinton, Md., dec. Israel Quintero, Houston, Texas, 3-1
138 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Cristino Ceballo, Brooklyn, N.Y., stopped Nicholas Chamoun, Daly City, Calif., RSC-3 (1:43)
145 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Jerime Rodriguez, Jr., Kyle, Texas, won on walkover over Marc Torres, Mission, Texas, W/O
154 lbs/15-16-year-olds: David Mendoza, Rosharon, Texas, dec. Quan San Long, Washington, DC, 8-4
165 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Lou Grant, Loxatchee, Fla.,  dec. Immanuwel Aleem, Richmond, Va., 11-4
165 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Eric Guajardo, San Antonio, Texas, dec. Dante Witcher, Toledo, Ohio, 9-0
176 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Jose Rocha, Selah, Wash.,  dec. Christopher Johnson, Birmingham, Ala., 6-3

Senior Females/15-16-year-old
110 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Elizabeth Rodriguez, Gilroy, Calif., dec. Dascia Villa, Mesquite, Texas, 4-2
119 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Rianna Rios, Alice, Texas dec. Araceli Tinoco, Ramona, Calif., 6-2
119 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Ayanna Vaquez, Las Cruces, N.M., dec. Kimberly Nolasco, Los Angeles, Calif., 5-4
138 lbs/15-16-year-olds: Earnastine Wesley, Garland, Texas dec. D'Asha Ragland, Harrisburg, Pa., 7-6

User Comments and Feedback (Register For Free To Comment) Comment by rj_ct on 10-09-2010

Good luck Amir. The kid has come a LONG way over the past 2 years. The power he's developed is incredible.

Comment by -EX- on 10-09-2010

Damn Frederick Samuels lost...not suprised to see Pedro Sosa deep in the tournament...Marcus Browne can punch but damn didn't expect a first round KO/TKO...good stuff from Louis(not Luis) Cruz...he won the NY Golden Gloves at 132 Novice this past year...…

Comment by KingOfTheRng on 10-09-2010

[email protected] I should ve went!!! Go gilbert renteria sorry I let you go alone

Comment by onechance87 on 10-08-2010

Come on adam lopez,Fck up washee warren PURO TEJAS:boxing:

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