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Tyson Fury: I'd Knock Mayweather Out in Five Seconds! - Boxing News
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 Last update:  3/22/2014       Read more by Terence Dooley            &
Tyson Fury: I'd Knock Mayweather Out in Five Seconds!
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By Terence Dooley

ďYou know what, I already know what youíre going to ask before you even ask it.† Iím sick of all this talking.† I just want to fight because thatís what I do.Ē† Tyson Fury knows that talking to the press day in and day out leading up to his July 26th British and European title showdown with domestic rival and former foe Dereck Chisora is a necessary evil, but it gets tiresome for the 22-0 (16) contender.

Indeed, Fury put the topple into top table on Thursday when overturning a desk at a press conference in Manchester; the Manchester-based boxer has already had enough of the pre-fight chat, he just wants to fight.† Still, he told BoxingScene that he is prepared to play the PR game until the first bell rings.

ďIím happy Iíve got another fight with Dereck Chisora, I canít wait to get in there and knock him out,Ē he said.† ďLike you say, Iíve done a lot of talking already and itís almost finally fight time.

ďBut Iím sick of the same bullsh*t questions about boxing and all the sh*t that comes with it.† Thatís why I put the table over the other day.† It was going to be another hour of bullsh*t.† I fight, Iím a fighting man and thatís what I do.† I donít want to answer a million questions about the same stuff all the time, so I got down to business.Ē

Fury is adamant that he will remain true to himself throughout the build-up to this and every other fight.† The press will get what they want, but on his terms.† The 25-year-old then summarised his position with a brief burst of lyricism.

ďThis is who I am,

a product of an Irish gyspy woman and man,

born and raised in a gypsy van,

donít give a f*** about any man,

thatís what we are,Ē rapped the undefeated heavyweight.

ďListen, Iím outspoken and donít give a sh*t, you either like it, donít like it or can change the channel.† To be honest, Dereck is what he is, heís a tool in my opinion.† The fella has done well for himself by earning some decent money.† Heíll be earning more decent money when I give it to him on the 26th of July.† Heís a glorified journeyman.† Iíll smash him to pieces.† Iím going to be heavyweight champion of the world and not just one, Iíll win all the belts and bring supremacy to the division for a long, long time.Ē

Fury, though, is also interested in amassing as much money as he can over the course of what is a relatively short career.† The belts will bring him glory, the grandeur of big fights will follow from thisóand you know what big fights bring: lots of attention, ticket sales, PPV and money.

ďIím not bothered, itís all about money really so who gives a f*** about belts,Ē he said.† ďItís money, money, money, sex and what else?óI donít know.† Itís not just about belts.† Belts are the last things I give a f*** about.† Iím a fighting man, we all need money to live, so I want to be involved in good fights and earn plenty of money.

ďItís going to be a great experience at the [Phones 4U] Arena [in Manchester].† I was meant to box there last year [against David Haye], but that didnít happen.† The local fans should be proud that the best heavyweight in the world is from Manchester.† [Ricky] Hattonís gone, now thereís only one and thatís Tyson Fury.† Itís been a long time coming, but Iím here, babyóand Iím here to stay.† Just keep your hair on and remember that Iím about town, Iím out and dangerous with two 12-bores in each fist.

ďI am the main Manchester fighter now Hattonís gone.† Itís not about John Murray, Anthony Crolla or Terry Flanagan.† All them lads are good fighters, but theyíre not heavyweights and wonít become heavyweight champion of the world.† Donít get me wrong, I know them, theyíre all good lads and nice kids.

ďThereís only Tyson Fury now Hattonís gone.† I am the man of all boxing.† No one can out-fight me or out-think me, Iím better looking, can walk, talk, sing, dance and fight.† Anything you want to do I can do it.† And Iím from Manchester.Ē

Fury believes in the power of the heavyweight division, he has consistently maintained that the true holder of the mythical pound-for-pound title should be able to defeat every other fighter in the world.† The heavyweight champion is bigger than everyone else, so Fury believes that whoever holds the highest office in boxing is the best fighter in the world.

ďI would knock Floyd [Mayweather] out in five seconds,Ē he declared.† ďPound-for-pound, upside down, anything you want.† I am the man, meóthereís not a 10 stone man born from his motherís ____ who can beat me.† I donít give a f*** what other people say, the pound-for-pound king is always a heavyweight.† Whoever is the best heavyweight on the planet is the best boxer in the world because size matters.† I donít care how skillful you are.

ďWhen I beat Wladimir, Iíll be the best fighter on the planet.† Iíll be the man who can beat anyone at all other weights.† I thank God everyday for who I amóthe person Iíve becomeóand that Iím a giant, a heavyweight who can fightóI wouldnít want to be at any other weight.† To be heavyweight champion means more than 10 other weights put together, youíd rather be heavyweight champion than a five-weight champion.† Being heavyweight champ holds more glory.Ē

Although well aware of the rich history of the division, Fury lives in the here and now, telling me that the accumulated chronicle of our lives is washed clean when we ebb away and enter the ledgers of history for one last time.† He may be remembered, but his goal is to enjoy the journey.

ďForget about that, I donít give a f*** about that, either, because once youíre dead youíre dead,Ē he said when asked about the divisionís potential to create greatness.† ďYou go to heaven if youíre a good person, you go to hell if youíve been a prickóthatís about it.† Iím not interested in being remembered after Iím gone.† I want to win fights and be celebrated now, not when Iím dead.† I want people to feel pride now.

ďThings go down in history, but who gives a sh*t about history?† Nobody.† Once itís happened it is all history, isnít it?† Today will be history by tomorrow, wonít it?† Iím all about whatís happening now.† Iím about currency and today, not yesterday or tomorrow.† You have to strike while the iron is hot, get what you can and while you can.

ďI am going to be a superstar.† Iíve said it for a long, long time.† Thereís been no one like me in heavyweight history.† A big, giant white man of 6í 9íí who can box like a 14 stone black man, with skill, rhythm, energy, the gift of the gab, the lot.† Iím the first one of a kind.† Thereís been Muhammad Ali, but he was 6í 3íí and 13 stone, so heís not like me.† I have the ability to turn, twist, move and out-work someone a lot, lot lighteróitís never been known in history.

ďThe bigger they are the less work rate they have.† You canít compare me to a Klitschko because theyíre big, stiff and donít do anything to attract the fans.† Iím a fanís dream.† Iím exciting, a heavyweight, I make headlines by saying the right thing at the right time and am the current man in boxing.† I am whatís big at the moment, as they say.Ē

A conversation with Fury showcases the many different sides of his personality: fighter, talker, businessman and ticket seller.† A few of his statements are followed by a chuckle, he knows what he is doing and, more importantly, that is working out for him.† I concluded by asking which aspects of the Fury persona will be on display when he steps in against Chisora for the British and European titles.

ďYouíll see all of them: the boxer, the fighter, the entertainer,Ē he promised.† ďIím always an entertainer, in a fight or an interview, as you can probably tell, so I might get put down, put someone else down or shock someone in the meanwhile.† Itís all very exciting.Ē

As for the infamous outbreaks of post-fight singing, he said: ďThe singing days are unfinished, my pal.† Us travelers, we drink, we sing, have a few drinks more then sing until the early hours at a wedding.† I get to do that live on national television, so why not?† I donít care if I can sing or I canít, I just enjoy it anyway.† We have a singsong, a bare knuckle fight or a dust-up then we sing some more old-fashioned songs together.Ē

In fact, he intends to bring the Fury fizz to the centre of Manchester following what he believes will be a victorious night against Chisora, 20-4 (13).† The former British, Commonwealth and WBO Inter-Continental titlist implored the fans to join in the fun.

ďI will be celebrating with the fans, and in a big way, because the champagne is on me the whole night for anyone who comes and joins me.† This ainít no after party ticket selling sh*t.† Tyson Furyís his own after party and it will be taking place in the town of Manchester after Iíve beat Chisora.† The entire cityís my party.Ē

Then it was time for him to sign off.† ďI hope Iíve given you and the readers enough there, I try to make it colourful so itís a good read,Ē said Fury, before telling me to tune into Mick Hennessyís Channel 5-televised show in Sheffield later tonight.† ďI just might do something crazy,Ē he said with a laugh.† And that was that.

Tickets are available now, priced from £50, through Eventim on 0844 249 1000 or† Fury v Chisora II will be shown live and exclusive on BoxNation (Sky Ch. 437/HD 490 and Virgin Ch. 546).

Please send news and views to or Twitter @Terryboxing.

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comment by LoadedWraps, on 03-24-2014
[QUOTE=Ravens Fan]Obviously your wraps aren't the only thing that happen to be loaded![/QUOTE] Good comeback. :lol1:

comment by B.U.R.N.E.R, on 03-24-2014
This big phony side show freak isnt even a real fighter in my eyes. Just overseas bullshyt. Wont be long before hes done in the sport. Bum.

comment by Ravens Fan, on 03-24-2014
[QUOTE=LoadedWraps]Wlad has every reason to fear Fury. Fury would stop him early.[/QUOTE] Obviously your wraps aren't the only thing that happen to be loaded!

comment by LoadedWraps, on 03-24-2014
[QUOTE=Ravens Fan]Don't kid yourself Wlad has 0 (zero) reasons to fear Fury.[/QUOTE] Wlad has every reason to fear Fury. Fury would stop him early.

comment by Ravens Fan, on 03-24-2014
[QUOTE=TGD]Don't kid yourself, Tyson Fury would fight Klitschko tomorrow on the street. Just watch, as soon as Fury demolishes Chisora, Klitschko will do a Houdini. He wants no part of Fury. He never has.[/QUOTE] Don't kid yourself Wlad has 0 (zero) reasons to fear Fury.

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