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Truax Talks Return Against Ennis Bout, Top Guys at 160 - Boxing News
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 Last update:  7/15/2014       Read more by David P. Greisman            &
Truax Talks Return Against Ennis Bout, Top Guys at 160
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by David P. Greisman

Caleb Truax led off 2014 with the season premiere of ESPN2ís ďFriday Night Fights,Ē but the evening ended with a disappointing draw against Ossie Duran. Now the Minnesota middleweight will be returning to the network on July 25 in the co-feature slot, facing Derek Ennis in a card taking place at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.

Truax, 30, is 23-1-2 with 14 KOs. He spoke with in early July about the upcoming bout, a change he made after the Duran fight, his hopes for moving up in the 160-pound division, and what he thinks of the top names in his weight class. How do you feel about the change in opponents from Medina to Ennis?

Truax: ďI guess I have plenty of time to adjust. I have like four weeks in advance to adjust to the switch in opponents, so itís not that big of a deal as far as not having time to adapt. Obviously itís always tough to lose the original guy. Medina was a tough fight, and Ennis is a different challenge, but it should be a fight as well.Ē Do you feel, in terms of what the wins would do for your career, that a win over Ennis is more or less meaningful or as meaningful than a win over Medina wouldíve been?

Truax: ďI think itís probably about even. Neither one of them is like a real top guy. But theyíre both solid and respective and have fought on TV before and had decent outings on ESPN lately. Theyíre both good wins, but nothing thatís going to vault me into the Top 10 or anything like that.Ē How do you feel about that? You have this goal in mind, but youíre not facing a guy whoís going to vault you into the Top 10. Is that frustrating for you?

Truax: ďIt is what it is. Iím not in a rush to do anything. I realize that fighting on an ESPN card, Iím in the co-main event, I realize that the moneyís not there to get a top guy to challenge me. Iím just working my way towards there, and hopefully after this fight, Iíll get something a little bigger and work my way towards a title shot or an eliminator or something like that.Ē How familiar are you with Ennis? I see he had a loss to Jonathan Gonzalez in January 2013.

Truax: ďThatís the one weíve been watching the most, because itís the most recent one [Note: Ennis did return from a 14-month layoff this past March to defeat an 11-6-1 foe named Emil Gonzalez]. Iíve seen that fight. Iíve seen a couple of his fights on YouTube. Weíre focusing mostly on that one with [Jonathan] Gonzalez. Heís alright. I think Gonzalez let him stay in the fight when he shouldíve kinda put him away. But heís a decent fighter. Heís pretty slick. He can box a little bit. Itís just up to me to discourage himÖĒ When we spoke after your fight in January, youíd mentioned youíd wanted to be back sooner than this ó you were pondering March and then perhaps even May as well. What happened with the layoff?

Truax: ďIt kind of sucked. I couldíve fought in March on a local card here in Minneapolis. And because [promoters] Warriors and Seconds Out thought I was going to get something bigger in May, they held me off that card. Then the one in May didnít turn out, so I missed out on both those ones. And Iíd already had a vacation planned for my buddyís wedding, so I said, ĎScrew it, Iíll just fight in July.í Ē Do you feel like youíre getting rusty at all with the layoff? I know itís not long when we consider what other fighters regularly do, but stillÖ

Truax: ďNo, not at all. I made some changes with how I work out. Iíve been working out with a personal trainer named Josh Hutton from Body Evolution Fitness. Iíve been doing a lot of strength training and working on my diet a lot with him. So it actually gave us a little change to get more groundwork laid, so I think Iíll be better than ever come July 25. Iíll be a lot stronger, and I wonít have to do as much to get done to weight. I think itíll end up working out for the better.Ē Whatís the difference between the kind of training youíre doing now and what you used to do?

Truax: ďI always did conditioning training and stuff like that, like every boxer does. Ö [This is] kind of like what Robert Guerrero did. I read a story about him; he started doing CrossFit, and thatís kind of like the same type of stuff weíre doing, just to work muscle strength and conditioning together. Itís been real beneficial. I can tell the difference in sparring and just how I feel in the ring as the rounds go on, and especially my leg strength is definitely better than it was before.Ē Are you doing less running?

Truax: ďMaybe a little bit less running, but itís more focused on like sprinting in short bursts, rather than distance running like six miles and stuff like that. Itís more like three miles and adding in more sprints to open up and extend your lungs. Itís kind of like more what youíre doing in a fight, where youíre throwing a flurry. Itís more short bursts.Ē What spurred you to make this kind of change in your training?

Truax: ďI just had a really bad night in my last fight. I fought like crap, and it was a fight that I needed to impress on to get myself into a bigger fight. I just kind of fought like shit, man, and I knew I had to change something and just get better. Iím a competitive person, so Iím always trying to find an edge and do what I got to do and get better. I decided to make a change.Ē Did you make any other changes, like with your trainer or to your team?

Truax: ďNo, no, no. Iíve been with my trainer since day one, man. He ainít going nowhere. I hate when fighters change trainers all the time. If a fighter has a bad night, they always seem to blame it on their trainer when itís them, the one in the ring doing the fighting. I think itís a cop out for a lot of guys.Ē You said you donít think this fight is going to get you where you need to be. What do you think a win over Ennis gets you?

Truax: ďI think if Iím impressive, itíll get me back on TV. Iím not saying itís not going to get me to where I need to be. Iím saying that itís not going to get me to a title fight. Thatís not going to make somebody think Iím the next best thing. Itís a good win. Itís a solid win. Itís not a fight thatís going to propel me into a championship fight. Itís a fight that gets me going in the right direction and gets me back in the win column and gets me progressing forward instead of sideways, like the last one with Ossie Duran.Ē If you beat Ennis, who would you then need to face in order to earn that title shot or a big TV fight?

Truax: ďIím willing to face whoever, man. It doesnít really matter to me. Thereís a few guys in Europe that are kind of like the gateway guys, like Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray, guys in the United States like Danny Jacobs, guys like that that have good records and are close to a title shot. Thatís where I want to be. Those are the type of guys that I have to eventually get matched up with and just get a win against them to put myself in the spot to fight for the title.Ē And youíre still looking to be at middleweight right now instead of super middleweightÖ

Truax: ďYeah. I think this fight is at 162, I believe. Iíll be at middleweight for a while. Thatís where I feel comfortable at. Those boys at 168 are pretty big, man. Iím not trying to move up and fight those dudes until I absolutely have to.Ē What do you think about the middleweight division right now?

Truax: ďI think itís wide open, because of the landscape of things right now with Golden Boy and Top Rank and HBO and Showtime. I think thereís a lot of talent there. I think thereís some good champions, but just the politics of it kind of makes it screwy because some of the top guys canít fight each other because of the network affiliations or whatever. I think itís wide open, especially for a guy like me thatís not tied to anything right now. I can fight a guy on Showtime. I can fight a guy on HBO. I can fight a guy from Top Rank, Golden Boy, whoever. I think thatís a good spot to be in right now.Ē Letís go through the division rankings and get your quick thoughts about each guy, starting with the champion, Miguel Cotto.

Truax:† ďI donít think heís a middleweight. I think he fought a Sergio Martinez that was on the downslide. Donít get me wrong. Miguel Cottoís a beast, man. Heís one of my favorite fighters. Iíve always been a huge fan of him, but I donít think heís a true middleweight. I think he fought a great fight against Sergio Martinez, but he fought a guy that was past his prime and not a top middleweight, so to speak, because of the injuries. I donít think Cotto will defend his middleweight belt. I think heíll just look for the big fights and move back down to junior middle and fight own there.Ē Gennady Golovkin.

Truax: ďHeís a beast, man. I think heís the guy to beat right now in the middleweight division. Heís got power. Itíll be interesting to see how he does against Daniel Geale, because I think Daniel Gealeís a pretty good fighter, too. In my mind, he [Golovkin] is the guy to beat, and he was the guy to beat even though Sergio Martinez was considered the lineal champ. I still think GGG was the man.Ē Peter Quillin.

Truax: ďI think heís a good champion. I sparred with him before. Heís a guy Iíd like to get in there with. Thatís one of the fights that we were trying to get in May. Weíre hoping to get set up with him somehow. My promoters have been talking to his guys to hopefully get something going after this fight, so hopefully we can get something set up. I think they just ordered a mandatory for him, so I donít know if Iíll be able to get in there.Ē Sergio Martinez.

Truax: ďI donít see him coming back. If he does, it wonít be for a while. He was a bad man for a while. He came up in weight and he knocked out Paul Williams. He beat up Kelly Pavlik real bad. He was a bad boy until the body started betraying him.Ē Sam Soliman.

Truax: ďIíve seen him fight a couple times. Heís real awkward and heís in phenomenal condition. Thatís a guy that Iíd like to get in there with, too, eventually down the line. I think heís kind of old, and Iím not sure how much longer heíll be around. Got to make sure they drug-test him when he fights.Ē Daniel Geale.

Truax: ď Heís good. He impressed me a lot when he fought Darren Barker. Heís a good champion, and itíll be interesting to see him fight GGG. Itíll be GGGís first real test against a real top guy.Ē Martin Murray.

Truax: I havenít seen too much of him. He looks real strong. He looks solid for a middleweight. I thought he beat Sergio Martinez. Itís kind of hard to get a handle on the direction his careerís headed. It seems like heís turned down a bunch of fights with guys and is just kind of in limbo fighting over in Monaco, or something like that.Ē Felix Sturm.

Truax: ďIíve seen a little bit of him. He kind of seems like heís on the downswing. He has a real good jab and looks like heís in real good shape. I was surprised that Soliman beat him, actually. Heís been a good champion. I donít know how much he has left. I donít how old he is. It seems like heís been around for a long time.Ē Matthew Macklin.

Truax: ďI donít want to call him the gatekeeper, but heís a guy youíve got to beat in order to get to the top guys. Heís a tough dude. I thought he was going to give GGG a real good fight, and GGG obviously proved me wrong real quick. Heís a real solid fighter, a tough guy and heís been around for a long while.Ē Marco Antonio Rubio.

Truax: ďI think heís probably the most underrated dude in the division. Every time Iíve seen that guy, Iíve been impressed with him. He fought Chavez and Chavez was way bigger than him, and he gave Chavez a hell of a fight.Ē Hassan NíDam NíJikam.

Truax: ďThat was the only time Iíve ever seen him fight, against Peter Quillin. Thatís the fight I sparred with Peter Quillin, to get him ready for that fight. I havenít seen too much of him, so I canít really form too big of an opinion on him. He looked to box pretty good against Quillin. He just couldnít stand up.Ē When you see these names, what does that make you think of this division?

Truax: ďItís tough, man. Donít get me wrong by critiquing any of these guys. Theyíre all in a spot I want to get to. Theyíre all in front of me in the rankings and theyíre all considered to be better fighters than me right now. Until I prove that I am, thatís where theyíll stay. I have to get past Ennis and hopefully get a fight with one of these guys and prove that I belong in that top 10. Itís a tough division. Itís wide open, but thereís some talented guys, and itís going to be tough to crack that top 10.Ē Anything else that you want your fans to know?

Truax: ďThanks for the support, like always. Either check me out on ESPN on July 25 or make the road trip to Chicago and come cheer me on.Ē

Pick up a copy of Davidís book, ďFighting Words: The Heart and Heartbreak of Boxing,Ē at or internationally at . Send questions/comments via email at

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