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Seth Mitchell Discusses March Return, 2012 Run, More - Boxing News
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 Last update:  1/10/2012       Read more by David P. Greisman            &
Seth Mitchell Discusses March Return, 2012 Run, More
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by David P. Greisman

Itís been a month since his last outing, but the beginning of 2012 has seen heavyweight prospect Seth Mitchell return to the gym to start getting ready for his next fight.

Mitchell, 29, improved to 24-0-1 (18 knockouts) with a second-round technical knockout Dec. 10 over Timur Ibragimov, a bout broadcast on HBO. He doesnít yet know who his next foe will be, but he does have an idea of when he will return.

Mitchell (@SethMayhem48 on Twitter) spoke with about whatís next, what he feels he needs to improve on this year, and whom he turns to so he can continue to become a better fighter. Itís been a little less than a month since your win over Timur Ibragimov on HBO. Whatíve you been up to since then?

Mitchell: ďIíve just been relaxing, enjoying the holidays. Iím just now getting back into the gym. Iím well rested, ready to get back into the groove of things.Ē Do you know whatís next yet?

Mitchell: ďI know Iíll fight in March sometime. Thatís what weíre talking, so Iím pretty much sure that Iíll fight in March. I donít know the venue nor the opponent yet, but we should have an idea within the next week or two.Ē Do you know what network itíll be on?

Mitchell: ďI havenít been told, but Iím pretty sure itíll be back on HBO. Itíll definitely be on TV.Ē How important is being on TV? One thing we sometimes see is boxers get a big break on TV and then end up fighting less. Is that a potential blessing and a curse ó you get all this attention, but maybe donít get to develop as quickly as youíd like?

Mitchell: ďExactly. Iím a fighter, that even as a world champion, I would like to fight three times a year, a minimum, definitely, of two. I like to stay busy. I like to stay in the ring. I plan on fighting four times in 2012. I think thatís fairly active, so hopefully I wonít run into that problem.Ē Is it going to take that big HBO or Showtime money to get you into the ring, or would you be willing to take shorter money just to stay busy?

Mitchell: ďI mean, I definitely donít want to go back. I want to stay, good lord willing, on the networks, the bigger networks. I donít want to look back. Iím not saying I wouldnít fight on different venues and different networks, but I definitely donít want to look back. I want to continue to move forward.Ē I know you donít have an opponent set yet. Who are you eyeing, though?

Mitchell: ďIím just eyeing ó if I was going to name names, thatís not my style ó but definitely people in the top 10, top 15. My team and I will sit down and discuss some possible opponents coming up in the next week. I definitely expect it to be somebody in the top 15, top 10, a name that people have heard of.Ē You donít have anyone that you specifically want?

Mitchell: ďNot really. I mean, Iím a fighter. I train hard. Iím ready for the upper echelon of the heavyweight division, people in the top 10, top 15. Whoever they come up with, Iíll be ready for.Ē Aside from training for whomever your next opponent is, what do you feel you need to work on right now?

Mitchell: ďI need to work on countering off my defense. I think I have a fairly good defense, but when I make my opponents miss, I tend to just get into that defensive mode. When I watch fights back on tape, I see a lot of openings that I couldíve capitalized on. Thatís one of the main things that I need to work on.

ďAnd just overall, Iím just getting better at becoming a student of the game, and getting better at boxing. But I think thatís one of my biggest problems ó and keeping my left hand up.Ē They say that when football players move from college to the NFL that they need to be ready for the game to be played at a completely different speed. Now that youíre looking at top 10, top 15 opponents, what do you think is going to be the difference in what you see against you in the ring?

Mitchell: ďTheyíre going to be more experienced. When they face me, theyíll probably have seen a big fighter, a strong fighter, somebody that has speed. So Iím not going to bring anything to the table, I donít think, that they havenít necessarily seen before. Theyíve been in those tough fights and gone the distance.

ďJust the experience. Iím going to be fighting fighters with more experience. And thereís no substitution for experience. I think thatíll be the main thing that I see when I really step up my level of opposition.Ē How do you work to improve between fights? Is it better sparring partners? Watching more tape? What are you doing in the gym to get you better for when you are in the ring fighting?

Mitchell: ďItís a combination of all that. Iím definitely always asking my trainer, Andre Hunter, ĎIf you were coaching against me, what would you do to try to beat me? What are the things that I need to work on?í Iím watching different fighters, just picking up little things, seeing how they move, seeing how they adjust, seeing how they stay relaxed, things of that nature.

ďIím just not thinking that I know it all. And Iím always trying to get better, man. Thatís what I constantly try to work on to try to improve my boxing game.Ē What fighters are you watching right now, then? Who are your influences?

Mitchell: ďMy favorite fighter is Miguel Cotto, but I donít necessarily watch one particular fighter. I watch all types of fighters. Any time thereís a boxing match on, I watch it. I definitely love watching Canelo [Saul Alvarez] fight for his combination punching. I like watching [Floyd] Mayweather fight just because of his defense.

ďCotto, because of his body attack and how he stays composed under pressure. I just watch a lot of fighters. Pacquiao, for the angles that he gives you with his legs. B-Hop [Bernard Hopkins], because heís just a grandfather in there, literally, but he gets the job done. I watch all types of fighters, old, young, just to pick up some things, because I started so late, and I still have a lot to learn.Ē What has it been like at home ever since the Ibragimov fight, both on HBO basically in front of your hometown crowd in Washington, D.C.?

Mitchell: ďItís been cool. A lot of exposure. I visited a couple of news stations. Everything is pretty much the same, except when Iím walking around in the malls or just out in the grocery store or wherever I may be, Iím getting a lot more stares, people saying ĎDidnít you just fight on HBO?í and things of that nature.

ďBut as far as my life, itís still the same. I still got the same area code (laughs). Iíve just really been chilling, man, just enjoying this time off, because I trained very hard for that fight. Itís good to just mentally and physically let loose a little bit. Thatís what Iíve been doing. I just got back into the gym this past Tuesday.Ē Youíve been picking up more fans. What do you want them to know?

Mitchell: ďThey can expect me to be in the ring four times in 2012, starting in March. Iím just looking forward to it. They can expect to see some of the same: a heavyweight thatís going to be in shape, who takes this boxing business serious, that comes to fight, throws a lot of punches, and definitely will bring the power back into the heavyweight division. I ask them to tune in, continue to pray for me, and Iíll do the same. I wish everybody a happy New Year.Ē

David P. Greisman is a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow David on Twitter at or on Facebook at, or send questions and comments to

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comment by ShoulderRoll, on 01-10-2012
I'd like to see him take it slow. There's no rush, he just has to fight often and keep learning his craft.

comment by Evil Abed, on 01-10-2012
Sam Peter should be next, Or Michael Grant.

comment by jreckoning, on 01-10-2012
[quote=Ringlife]This guy will be a good HW fighter in the next couple of years he just needs to take his time.[/quote] I don;t knoiw. I see him on his ass and forgotten in a couple of years. Would be nice if I got proven wrong though.

comment by Money Shot, on 01-10-2012
If he's serious about top 15 guys then go for Arreola. Huge fight.

comment by Ringlife, on 01-10-2012
This guy will be a good HW fighter in the next couple of years he just needs to take his time.

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