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Rosado: My Versatility Will Help Me Beat Golovkin - Boxing News
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 Last update:  1/8/2013       Read more by David P. Greisman            &
Rosado: My Versatility Will Help Me Beat Golovkin
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by David P. Greisman

One guy is a middleweight, is undefeated, has been knocking out foe after foe and is being hyped up by HBO.

The other has been campaigning at junior middleweight, has five losses on his record and has been featured over the past year on the NBC Sports Network.

But Gabriel Rosado says that he has grown as a fighter and has both the ability and the versatility to top 160-pound titleholder Gennady Golovkin.

Rosado, a 26-year-old from Philadelphia with a record of 21-5 (13 knockouts), will face the 30-year-old Golovkin (24-0, 21 KOs) on an HBO card airing Jan. 19 from The Theatre at Madison Square Garden.

He spoke with in late December. Gennady Golovkin has got the HBO hype behind him. But what do you think of him as a fighter?

Rosado: ďYou know, I think heís a solid guy. I think heís solid, heís strong, but I really donít think that he has the boxing ability that I have or is seasoned the way I am as a professional. If you look at the records, heís an undefeated fighter, and I have losses on my record. But the difference is I had to learn on the job as a pro starting at the age of 18 and only having 11 amateur fights.

ďBut once I gained my experience and I got seasoned and I was able to train full-time and not worry about holding a job, everything switched around. And at this point Iím on a whole other level right now, and I think thatís obvious with my last couple wins. And I think my last few fights are better than anybody that Triple G has fought, so Iím really confident going into this fight.Ē Would you still consider him a step up in competition compared to the fighters youíve been facing recently?

Rosado: ďYou know, man, I look at it like another fight, honestly. Iím not caught up in the hype. I just really look at it like another fight. Iíve been in the ring with tough guys. Kassim Ouma. Sechew Powell. Soto-Karass had never been stopped. Iím the first guy to stop him.

ďSo Iíve been in there with guys with names, tough veterans and fighters who fought for world titles and former world champions. So I know what it is to fight a top fighter. I just look at it like another fight. The only difference is he has a bunch of buzz, and he has this big amateur pedigree. But at the end of the day, heís just another guy to me.Ē You two have a common opponent in Ouma, who you beat by split decision in 2009 and Golovkin stopped Ouma in a tough outing in 2011. Did you see his fight with Ouma, and what did you think of it?

Rosado: ďYeah, I did. Oumaís a tough guy. I think Ouma was a lot fresher when I fought him at the time, because when I fought him it was four years back. And at that time I was still learning on the job. But Oumaís a tough guy, And he gave Gennady a tough match, and he busted him up pretty good, and it was a toe-to-toe action type of a fight.

ďI think a guy that punches as hard as me, I donít think Gennady will last in a fight like that with me, because Iím punching a lot harder than Kassim Ouma. So I definitely studied that. At the end of the day, styles make fights. Iím not really putting so much stock into that fight.Ē There had been reports that there had initially been a catch-weight of 158 pounds for this fight, but no longer. Why not?

Rosado: ďThere was a catch-weight, but I asked for the catch-weight to be dismissed because I never asked for the catch-weight. I think that was something between my adviser, Russell Peltz, who is doing his job as my adviser by looking out for me. He figured that a catch-weight would benefit me.

ďBut Iím the type of fighter where I have that old school mentality. We like to honor weight classes, and this is for the middleweight championship of the world, so I want to honor that weight class and fight at 160. So I asked for that weight class to be changed. I donít want to fight at a catch weight.Ē Youíre a natural junior middleweight. What are you expecting for a bout against a natural middleweight?

Rosado: ďI think Iím pretty much just a middleweight that can make junior middleweight. Iím a big guy. Iím taller than he is. I have the longer reach. If anything, Iím probably the biggest junior middleweight in boxing right now. I have the size advantage against every guy when I step in the ring.

ďSo I think going to 160, the weightís not going to be a problem. And if anything, I think Iím going to push a lot harder at 160. You know, I walk around at 170, so Iím a pretty big guy. Right now [in late December] my weight is at 168. Once I get down to 160, Iím going to be nice and healthy and strong, and I think Iím going to be faster than Iíve ever been.Ē Why fight at middleweight, instead of waiting around for a shot at one of the top 154 pounders?

Rosado: ďYou know, man, I like challenges. I did seal the deal at 154 for the mandatory [for the IBF title], but then this opportunity came. You know, with all the hype of Triple G going on and things like that, and being that he does have an impressive amateur background and is knocking everybody out, I just see it as an opportunity where I beat this guy and I become a star and I get the big fights.

ďI just see it as an opportunity right now, and itís a challenge that I want to face. I think itís something where Iíll win a lot of the fans over. At the end of the day, the fans want to see great fights. A lot of guys duck each other. And a lot of guys are ducking this guy. But I want to step up to the plate and be the guy that shows Iím ready for the challenge, and seize the moment and take advantage and be middleweight champion of the world.Ē If you win this fight, do you plan to stay at middleweight or to go back down to 154?

Rosado: ďYou know, Iíve always told my adviser that Iím willing to fight at í60 or í54. So to be middleweight champion of the world obviously is something that I want to continue on, is a title I want to defend ó but I definitely feel like I have unfinished business at 154 as well. So I definitely have no problem going back and forth between weight classes.Ē Who would you want at 154?

Rosado: ďObviously the big names are guys like Canelo [Alvarez], and even Austin Trout, with having a big win against Cotto. Iím definitely motivated for this fight because I see the big picture. The big picture is to win this fight, to get those big fights, and then Iíll start building my legacy. Iím in this not just to be world champion. I want to do great things in the sport of boxing. I definitely want to be one of boxingís pound for pound.

ďSo I see this as an opportunity where I have to dominate this fight, just so I can get those fights. Obviously Canelo, Austin Trout and if K9 [Cornelius Bundrage] still has a title, I definitely want those fights. And then you got Sergio Martinez. He is the middleweight champion, and he is the middleweight pound-for-pound. And he says that he has three more fights in him, so Iíd definitely like to get a shot at Sergio Martinez as well.

ďSo Iím not looking past Triple G, but what Iím doing is just motivating myself to be victorious on the 19th so that I can move forward and get those big fights.Ē You said, obviously that styles make fights. What do you want to do to beat Golovkin?

Rosado: ďYou know, the thing about me is if you look at my last couple fights, youíre not going to see the same fight. Youíre going to see a different style each fight. If you look at the Soto-Karass fight, youíre going to see a lot of movement and smart pressure, and you see speed in that fight. And then with Sechew Powell, you see countering and body punches and me obviously breaking him down in the later rounds. And with Charles Whittaker, you just see me being like a Joe Frazier, pretty much bullying him and just fighting him on the inside.

ďSo thereís a lot of styles to me, and thatís going to benefit me, because if one thingís not working, I can always switch over to a different style. I have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and with Triple G, what you see is what you get. Heís only going to do one thing. And if that one thingís not working, heís just going to try to do that one thing even harder. So heís not a guy whoís going to get on his toes and box. Heís just going to continue applying pressure. With me, he doesnít know what type of fighter heís going to see that night. I can do a bunch of things. And I think the ability of adjusting is going to make me be the winner that night.Ē What are you feeling about the fact that youíll be making your HBO debut AND fighting in the Theatre at Madison Square Garden?

Rosado: ďMan, thatís like a dream come true. Fighting for the middleweight championship of the world, itís such a prestigious title in boxing, heavyweight being the first, middleweight being the second. And to do it in Madison Square Garden, where thereís going to be a bunch of Puerto Ricans. You know, Iím Puerto Rican, and watching [Miguel] Cotto and Tito Trinidad fill up Madison Square Garden, I remember going to those fights and telling myself that I would love to be in that situation someday.

ďSo to finally be there on HBO and fight for the middleweight title, man, it means a lot to me, and I have a lot of fans that are going. You know, in less than two weeks, my brother sold about $6,000 worth of tickets, and he just ordered more tickets. Thereís going to be a big fan base over there. Itís going to be like a hometown fight. I know a lot of people are going to be supporting me. So Iím just excited about it.Ē What has this journey been like for you, going from being spotlighted on the NBC Sports Network broadcasts to essentially earn this spot that youíre in now?

Rosado: ďIt means a lot, man. I think that everything Iíve been through in my career prepared me for this moment. Iíve always been the underdog. And I think now Iím experienced and Iím seasoned, and I think thatís what prepared me for this opportunity. I think that being so busy on the NBC fights, Iím sharp. Iíve been in the gym all year round. So I think this is perfect timing for me to get this opportunity. Iím really confident. My trainerís really confident. We just canít wait to shock the world.Ē Any final thoughts?

Rosado: ďIím just really excited about the fight. I canít wait to shock the world. I know a lot of people that donít understand boxing. They look at the record and say this guy has losses and this guy is undefeated. But I consider myself to be a special fighter, because a lot of guys that go through the type of adversity that Iíve been through, theyíll quit. And I never quit. I never gave up on myself. If anything, everything Iíve been through made me stronger.

ďAnd I think that makes me dangerous. The fact that Iíve never quit, and everything Iíve been through just to get to where I am now, it just shows the character that I have as a fighter. And Iím not going to quit. Iím going into this fight with the mentality of winning. And I will be victorious that night.Ē

David P. Greisman is a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow David on Twitter @fightingwords2 or send questions/comments via email at

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Rosado talks like he's the favorite
comment by Tuavale, on 01-10-2013
I like Rosado and I know he's improved but beating faded Soto Karass and pot head Powell doesn't make him ready for this task. It was only 2 years ago that he lost to mediocre Derek Ennis and when Angulo cracked him upside the head Rosado turned to mush. GGG is going tenderize this guy in brutal ...

comment by Spray_resistant, on 01-08-2013
[QUOTE=DoktorSleepless]Rosado should obviously be the underdog, but wow. These are some crazy odds.[/QUOTE] Those odds do not reflect reality in the least, Rosado is a live dog in this fight.

comment by mathed, on 01-08-2013
[QUOTE=Boxing1706]I like the confidence but this aint goin passed 4 rounds,Rosado is in for s severe beat down.[/QUOTE] I like his attitude, I'll give him that. I wish him the best and it may be an upset in the making...we shall see.

comment by mathed, on 01-08-2013
[QUOTE=Boxing1706]I like the confidence but this aint goin passed 4 rounds,Rosado is in for s severe beat down.[/QUOTE] I like his attitude, I'll give him that. I wish him the best and it may be an upset in the making...we shall see.

comment by Chrismart, on 01-08-2013
Looking forward to this fight. Im eager to see Golovkin in action again.

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