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Evander Holyfield vs. Riddick Bowe 1
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4 13795 Fri Dec 21, 2007
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Description: This was the start to one of Boxing's greatest heavyweight trilogies. Bowe, was the young undefeated former Olympian that grew up in the rough Brooklyn neighborhood that Mike Tyson came from. Bowe was big, strong and threw quick punches for a man of his size. Holyfield, a former olympian himself that took home the bronze medal, was the smaller undefeated champion. Holyfield unified the cruiserweight division, he was the unified heavyweight champion and was still not getting the proper respect from Boxing writers, this fight changed all that. Over 18,000 packed in to Las Vegas in order to see the fight.

Holyfield had the experience, the heart and fought a better level of competition. Most experts felt he was too small to ever really make it in the heavyweight. The big knock on Bowe was his stamina, most experts thought Bowe did not have enough fuel in his gas tank to last 12 hard rounds with Holyfield. Holyfield

Holyfield used his speed, skills and movement in the first round to keep Bowe at bay. After the first round, Holyfield began to exchange power shots with Bowe and turn the fight from a "boxing" match, into a war of wills. The strategy of Holyfield, based on all the views of Bowe, was to make Bowe fight a very hard pace in order to make him run out of gas. What happened was not what Holyfield or the experts visioned. Bowe was able to keep pace with Evander and was doing damage with much harder shots down the stretch. Everything Holyfield tried to do, Bowe had an answer. Bowe was outlanding Evander from the outside and winning the battle on the inside. The face of Evander was getting swollen from the repeated blows landed by Bowe.

Then came the one of the greatest rounds in heavyweight history and the one round that made Evander the "Warrior". Bowe landed a combination of punches on Evander followed by a right uppercut that sent Evander flying into the ropes and it appeared that Bowe was about to finish Evander off. To the amazement of the viewing audience and Bowe, Evander was able to weather the storm. Evander starting mounting his own rally, landing power punch after power punch on Bowe. Suddenly the fight had shifted and Bowe was in trouble. The arena was on it's feet as Evander was letting it all hang out while trying to finish off the challenger. Like Evander, Bowe was able to weather the storm and get himself out of the round. The arena was on it's feet.

Evander appeared to have spent himself in the 10th round while trying to finish Bowe and Bowe took advantage in the 11th round. Bowe attacked Evander with hard shots whihc eventually put Evander down against the ropes. Evander was able to beat the count and make it out of the round. Evander knew he needed a knockout to win the final round, even though he was tired, he was still trying to take it to Bowe. Bowe had more in the tank, kept Evander at bay and took the final round.

Fight Facts

The fight was so good that the two men got in the ring to do it two more times. The third time with no belts on the line, still did great pay per view numbers.
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Undisputed Champion

Registered: Mon Sep 29, 2003
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Review Date: Wed Jan 26, 2005 Recommend? yes | Rating: 8 


Umpalumpa Police

Registered: Fri Mar 12, 2004
Location: London, UK
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Review Date: Wed Jan 26, 2005 Recommend? yes | Rating: 10 


One of the best heavyweight fights of all time. Holyfield is dwarfed by Bowe but fights his heart out and lasts the distance. The significance is not that Holyfield, considered even then an old and tired fighter after the fight, is beaten. The amazing thing is him coming back a year on and beating Bowe. The first fight is the best but you tend to think that even though Bowe won, Holyfield`s performance was the real winner!

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The Troll

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One of the defining fights of the early 90's in boxing. A must see really.

Mine Turbin-a commentary by Black J with contributions by starjammer boxingknight hurricane72 njord777 sonofisis
Burning Desire
Undisputed Champion

Registered: Wed Apr 11, 2007
Location: London
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Review Date: Fri Dec 21, 2007 Recommend? yes | Rating: 10 


Amazing fight Bowe was 2 stone heavier and yet Holyfield, still stood and traded with much bigger man if your boxing fan. And you haven't seen this then you truly are missing out on something special, also watch the trilogy.


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