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Oscar De La Hoya vs. Pernell Whitaker
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4 14461 Fri Dec 21, 2007
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Description: In a bout where it appeared to some ringside observers as a close fight, the judges saw it as a blow out in favor of Oscar De La Hoya. It was the first fight in the career of De La Hoya where some thought the decision should of went the other way. Others felt the constant clowning of Whitaker during periods of the fight may have swerved some rounds in Oscar's favor, Whitaker gave the last round away by clowning the entire round. Oscar picked up Whitaker's WBC welterweight title with the win.

Whitaker put on a jabbing clinic and used his elusive style to confuse and frustrate De La Hoya throughout the fight. Oscar was never able to land any of his signature punches or hurt Whitaker in the fight. There was a clash of heads in the third round that gave Oscar an abrasion below his right eye. Oscar also had a bloody nose from the peppering jab of Whitaker. Whitaker lost a point in the third round from the accidental clash of heads. There was a controversial knockdown in the ninth round when Whitaker landed a good left but seemed to give Oscar a little shove with his right which made Oscar fall to one knee, Mills Lane counted the knockdown. When the fight was over, Oscar appeared to be dissapointed and Whitaker thought he had the fight in the bag.

"Whitaker fought a very tough fight and I'd give him a rematch any time, anywhere," said De La Hoya."Well, I was frustrated because I felt I could have done much, much better. I was expecting Whitaker to be faster and stronger."

"The world saw it, the people saw it, my family saw it. He can have the title," Whitaker said disdainfully. "Anybody who saw the fight knows what happened. It was pretty obvious."

"Oscar was far more skillful offensively and defensively. He landed the harder, crisper punches and he wanted the fight more. That last round, I don't know what Whitaker was thinking. It didn't lose him the fight, but he didn't do a thing." said Judge Dalby Shirley

Fight Facts

De La Hoya never gave Whitaker a rematch.
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Big Bad Booty Daddy

Registered: Tue Sep 16, 2003
Location: New York
Posts: 20381
Review Date: Mon Jan 17, 2005 Recommend? yes | Rating: 6 


Oscar should be ashamed that he never gave a rematch to a man he knows beat him!

Registered: Sat Dec 3, 2005
Posts: 1
Review Date: Sat Dec 3, 2005 Recommend? yes | Rating: 10 


sweat pea beat up on oscar all night long and than got the shaft at the end of the fight. sweat pea landed more punches and if you look at the figt you will notice oscar throwing some great looking combos but if you notice most of them do not land at all they look close but no cigar. this i am still po'ed at the out come of this fight years later.
The silent poster

Registered: Mon Oct 24, 2005
Posts: 3405
Review Date: Sat Jun 2, 2007 Recommend? yes | Rating: 8 


i think sweet pea showed great movement. i think even tho at the end of the fight peas punch stats were better but i think there were rounds where he didn't do much and oscar won those rounds.i had oscar winning by one round.
rounds win the fight not end of the fight punch totals

How do you spell p4p all time king?? [COLOR="Black"]With a Sweet Pea!!![/COLOR]
Burning Desire
Undisputed Champion

Registered: Wed Apr 11, 2007
Location: London
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Review Date: Fri Dec 21, 2007 Recommend? yes | Rating: 5 


I had Whitaker winning by 1 point. Oscar De La Hoya was bigger stronger man yet he was too cautious, Whitaker was landing his famous right jab at will and made Oscar look foolish throughout most of the fight. But he wasn't that offensive himself and Oscar De La Hoya did land the harder blows but prime Whitaker would of comfortably beat Oscar.


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