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Quillin Discusses Defending the Crown, Dealing with Fame - Boxing News
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 Last update:  4/26/2013       Read more by Ryan Maquinana            &
Quillin Discusses Defending the Crown, Dealing with Fame
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By Ryan MaquiŮana

ďThe road to get here was never easy, so why would it be easy now?Ē Peter Quillin replied when asked about defending his WBO middleweight crown for the first time this Saturday against Fernando Guerrero this Saturday at Brooklynís Barclays Center (Showtime, 9 p.m. ET/PT). sat down with the introspective Quillin (28-0, 22 KOs) about a variety of topics dealing with his newfound fame and how he perceives this weekendís title defense against Guerrero (25-1, 19 KOs). Well, Peter, after a long delay, youíre finally going to defend your belt for the first time.

Peter Quillin: Yeah, I am.† Iím really happy that people can see the steps and strides that Iím taking in the sport, and Iím ready for this fight. Essentially youíve had to stage two training camps with the main event (Danny Garcia-Zab Judah) being postponed and pushed back from the original date.† How did you adjust to that?

Peter Quillin: Well, putting myself through a long agonizing camp, and then to have to be able to come back and do it again was exhausting.† But when I thought about it, I saw an opportunity to get better.† What did I learn?† What could I improve?† What mistakes did I make?† This reflection has made me even more of an animal to take the victory on April 27th. Have you been training nonstop, then, or did you at least take a break before resetting, so to speak?

Peter Quillin: Yeah, thatís part of having a very important team and good people surrounding you, like my trainer, Eric Brown.† They allowed me the time to kind of reset and take some time off.† I went back to New York and showed my support at a charity event to knock out cancer.† I was doing other things, but I kept eating right, got my mind together, and when the time was right, my team brought me back for camp. Since your win over Hassan NíDam, a lot has changed in the sense that now youíve got the target on your back.† The national attention is increasing; in fact, you were just in the latest edition of Playboy.† How have you dealt with it all?† Have you changed in any way?

Peter Quillin: Look at the trees.† The seasons change and the leaves fall off, and the trees are bare by the wintertime.† But springtime comes around and the trees are in full-bloom.† Then it cycles off again.† What Iím saying is that things around you change all the time, but you have to keep real whatís inside you.

As far as who I am as a person, I want to keep being who I am.† A lot of people donít believe me when I say, ĎCrap is only crap when you eat it.† I know because it tastes like crap.í† What it means is youíll believe your own hype if you allow yourself to.† Anything that somebody says about you, if you truly believe it and let it go to your head, then it becomes truth.

I take everything one day at a time.† I try to be a better person.† Thatís my test, and my true fight, to make sure I just keep being me, and that anything I do makes me a better person. After your win over NíDam, Bernard Hopkins told me how you had the chance to take the ĎAmerican middleweight torch,í so to speak.† Moreover, he impressed he was with your hunger, and how it showed when you kept coming and floored NíDam six times.† What does that mean to you to hear that coming from Bernard?

Peter Quillin: Iím very humbled by him saying such kind words.† Bernard always gives me some of the best words of wisdom, and Iím blessed with it.† Yeah, Iím still hungry.† I learned something by going through how Iíve been living these past few months.

The road to get here was never easy, so why would it be easy now?† Iím mentally, physically, and spiritually on a different level, in a different place after the NíDam fight.† Iíve got so much more to express as far as my ability, so every time I step out and fight, I know the whole worldís watching now. Whatís at stake here for Peter Quillin?

Peter Quillin: I have a lot to prove in this fight.† Not only do I have to win, but Iím trying to lay down my name in history.† When I get in there April 27th, itís not like, ĎIím going to kill Fernando,í or anything like that.† But my true test to myself is to be able to beat this guy and show the world that Iím a way more better champion than he is. Letís talk about the matchup with Fernando Guerrero.† How do you think this fight transpires, and why?

Peter Quillin: When someone talks out of confidence, you can feel it.† Fernandoís a good guy, and we could probably be friends outside the ring, but this fightís a different story.† I donít think heís as confident as he thinks he is.† Our hunger comes from two different places.† My hunger comes from being 28-0 and wanting to keep my record.† His hunger comes from already having tasted defeat, and not wanting to taste defeat no more.

For me, the easiest thing for a mouse to do is when he runs from a cat, he runs in a hole.† And one day, he gets tired of running.† He says, ĎThe next time Iím in a situation, Iím going to put my life on the line and fight the cat.í† So the cat chases him the next time, and the mouse stands up and fights.† He puts up a good fight for a while until he figures out itís a fight he canít win.† And the easiest thing the mouse can do, when he gets an opportunity, is to run back in the hole. Youíre referring to Guerreroís stoppage loss to Grady Brewer, which is the only one on his ecord.† You know, that was the only fight where he went down to 154 pounds.

Peter Quillin: Whether or not there were weight issues, Fernando has tasted defeat against Grady Brewer.† In his mind, he knows what it feels like to lose.† So if heís ever in a tough fight again, I just believe itís going to be easier for him to taste defeat again, because he knows what itís like to run back in the hole. Have you broken that particular fight down on video?

Peter Quillin: Someone told me that I should go back and watch the whole fight, but I just watched the knockout.† What I try not to do is go and underestimate him.† Thatís the most important thing.† When I go in there and fight him, Iím not going to look at that loss.† Iím going to look at him like heís got his back against the wall, and he donít want to run back in that hole no more.† He wants to prove to himself that he can be the champion he wants to be, and something weíre going to find out on April 27. In his last fight against J.C. Candelo, with his new trainer Virgil Hunter, Guerrero displayed a tighter defense and was much more economically sound with his punches.† Have you seen that fight?

Peter Quillin: No.† Do I want to watch it?† No.† When I get in there, Iíll be different from any other fighter heís ever fought.† I always respect my opponents, but he made a mistake picking me because Iím from a different class and a different cloth. Heís a southpaw.† How have you prepared for that style?

Peter Quillin: Iíve had a lot of ring experiences with southpaws like Craig McEwan and Winky Wright.† My whole camp, I worked with guys like Ronson Frank and Sechew Powell, both southpaws, so Iím used to fighting them.† Itís no problem.† Itís one day at a time. Speaking of the Winky Wright fight, a lot of people still thought that his boxing ability would be too much for a relatively inexperienced opponent, even at age 40, but you proved everyone wrong and took his weapons away.

Peter Quillin: A lot of people told me that Winky was going to school me, and it bothered me and got me emotional.† Winky Wright was 40 years old, and not to take nothing away from him, but if I couldnít beat him, Iíd have no business doing this.† If you canít beat a guy coming off the bench at 40 years old, you have to retire.

I respect Winky Wright so much because heís someone I watched growing up, and he beat my favorite fighter, [Felix] Trinidad.† I had to prove to myself that I could do the things I wanted to do in the ring. I know you donít want to look past Guerrero, but the landscape at 160 pounds is exciting.† You have Sergio Martinez, Gennady Golovkin, and several other fighters who would make for some great matchups that people would want to see.† How do you see the road ahead?

Peter Quillin: A fighter wonít be nobody unless he has archrivals.† Those are my archrivals out there.† I donít fear nobody.† I only fear God on this earth.† That being said, those guys are good fighters.

Sergio Martinez, being among the worldís best pound-for-pound fighters out there, thatís a true challenge within itself to want to fight a guy like that.† Then you have Daniel Geale, to me, out of all the middleweights, doesnít get all the props he deserves.† Heís another good fighter.† Youíve got the most avoided fighter, they say, anyway, in Gennady Golovkin.

Those are all future pay-per-view fights for me.† With that being said, itís not what they say and how they build these guys up, but what they do in the fights.† For me, itís staying focused.† Fernando Guerrero is my next challenge and my next step.† I keep my tunnel vision on him, but when I can, Iíll broaden my vision to see the whole picture because I know theyíre next on the horizon. Youíre returning to New York, the place where you once slept on apartment floors to scrape by each day.† Considering your tough upbringing in Grand Rapids, Mich., and Chicago, and everything youíve overcome to get here, do you still look back at these moments, or do you try to block them out and move forward with your life?

Peter Quillin: I definitely remind myself about it.† I look at it like I couldíve been in jail.† I couldíve been on drugs, strung out.† Or I couldíve been dead.† But instead, I proved to myself that what I thought in my head came true.† I could actually be someone people look to and be inspired by.† Itís been pressing on my mind.† It makes me want to keep striving even harder.

Only good things can happen if you keep working hard.† Being middleweight champion gives you a platform to promote everything Godís given me, and like I said, Iím trying to establish my name for the history books.† Now that Iím at this point, why should I change what Iíve been doing?† I think everyone can relate to a person like that.† Everyone has their own journey, and my story isnít more special than the next, but if it helps someone else, itís a blessing.

Ryan MaquiŮana was the boxing producer for during London 2012 and writes a weekly column for† He is a full member of the Boxing Writers Association of America and the Ratings Panel for Ring Magazine. E-mail him at, check out his blog at, or follow him on Twitter: @RMaq28.

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comment by Zarco, on 04-27-2013
[QUOTE=BIGPOPPAPUMP] Since your win over Hassan N’Dam, a lot has changed in the sense that now you’ve got the target on your back. The national attention is increasing; in fact, you were just in the latest edition of Playboy. How have you dealt with it all? Have...

comment by Tobi.G, on 04-27-2013
[QUOTE=DoubleMM]GGG would beat the **** out of Kid Choclate, don't fool yourself.[/QUOTE] It could be a great fight while it lasts though! I agree that Golovkin is better and would stop him at the end though.

comment by DoubleMM, on 04-27-2013
[QUOTE=Tobi.G]Hes better than Geale thats for sure. He would only lose to Martinez and Golovkin. But Martinez will retire or be shot soon because he is 38 and he has not an old mans fighting style. So either Martinez retires within a year or he will lose badly to some fighter nobody expected. And...

comment by Tobi.G, on 04-27-2013
Hes better than Geale thats for sure. He would only lose to Martinez and Golovkin. But Martinez will retire or be shot soon because he is 38 and he has not an old mans fighting style. So either Martinez retires within a year or he will lose badly to some fighter nobody expected. And the new Nr.1 ...

comment by TonyCa$h, on 04-26-2013
Quillin has some skills and is getting better each fight..lets see if he does take the fights hes bringin up..

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