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Martial Arts Information

Samurai Sword Facts

The first samurai swords we're actually straight bladed, single edged weapons imported from Korea and China known as chokuto, which were later replaced with the curved blade variety at the end of the 8th Century. The name of the curved blade swords which replaced them was Tachi.

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Martial Art for You

One of the questions I get asked most frequently, in several different variations is about which martial art an individual should study. Generally which martial art, and more importantly which school to choose are fundamental decisions someone should make.

Samurai Swords - Choosing a Sword to Buy

It's undeniable that a well placed and mounted samurai sword or samurai sword set looks fantastic and an ads character to any room of the home, but is it worth spending upwards of $650 on such a sword or sword set? This all depends on your reasons for buying a samurai sword.If you are merely purchasing a samurai sword for display purposes and positioning it as a focal point in a room then you certainly don't need to spend anything like the amount suggested above, you can just go for a relatively cheap manufactured replica with the necessary sword stand.

Interesting Facts on Samurai Sword Manufacture

A samurai's sword is his most sacred and prized possession. Not only did the samurai rely on his sword to defend him, but spiritually the sword held greater significance as the samurai actually believed his soul inhabited the sword.

Samurai Armor Part 1

The first prototype for Japanese samurai armor came about in the form of the yoroi during the Gempei War of 1181-1185. The weight of the yoroi was around 60lb.

Samurai Sword Basics, A Brief History

Capturing the spirit of old Japan and recognised by its deadly curvature, the samurai sword is widely recognised throughout the world as the most deadly of all Japanese weaponry. Although gaining modern fame and notoriety in modern epic cinema in such films as The Last Samurai and the Kill Bill series by Quentin Tarantino, samurai swords have long being an iconic symbol of Japan and its history.

Martial Arts

Traditionally, people trained in Martial Arts in order to utilized their skills as a form of attack and defense in both armed and unarmed combat. Today, people train in Martial Arts in order to keep fit, as a form of meditation, to learn self-discipline and as a competitive sport.

Samurai Swords and The Swordsmiths

Back in the early times of sword manufacture, the production of super strong high-grade carbon steel wasn't even a vague dream. But we know, as history has taught us, that sword makers of ancient times still managed to produce superb quality, strong weapons.

Martial Arts Sparring and Training Protective Equipment

The benefits of Martial Arts has always appealed its practitioners. The disciplined training of the mind and body give a sense of well being but some aspects of Martial Arts training do present a problem.

Samurai - The Honourable & The Treacherous

The Japanese Samurai were warriors. Highly trained, skilled and efficient killers.

How to Select Your Martial Arts and Self Defense Equipment

The most common place to buy martial arts or self defense equipment is in the local dojo. Most dojos, training centers, etc.

The Best Martial Art

It is a very difficult task to determine which martial art is the best so first of all let's take a look what a martial art exactly is and what not.The word "martial art" consists of 2 parts ; "martial" and "art" both of them are very important as you will see in the following lines in the determination of what a martial art exactly is.

I Know Karate and Kung Fu and Lots of Other Foreign Words!

Martial arts have become incredibly popular in the US. Drive through any little strip shopping center in nearly any city and you're likely to see a martial arts studio.

Strategy as Applied to Warrior-citizens

After years of study, I have come to a small understanding of the way of strategy. I will here explain some strategy as it applies to warrior-citizens.

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Israeli Man Uses Martial Arts Weapon to Overpower Palestinian Terrorist
An Israeli man is being lauded as a hero after using the nunchuks he happened to be carrying to help subdue a Palestinian terrorist who had stabbed and tried to grab the weapon of an Israeli soldier on a Jerusalem bus Monday night. Yair Ben-Shabbat ...

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Project Takedown mixes vets with martial arts
Evening Sun (subscription)
Jennifer Madden, an U.S. Army veteran who suffers from post-traumatic disorder after serving in Afghanistan in 2003, kicks a kick pad held by Garrett Roche during Roche's Project Takedown on Sept. 10. Project Takedown looks to help veterans cope with ...

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Shermanology On Their 'Philosophy,' Second EP, Martial Arts, More [Interview]
Music Times
Holland is known as one of the powerhouses for dance music. Whether you have the titans like Armin van Buuren, Laidback Luke, Sander Kleinenberg, Joris Voorn Tiësto or Hardwell, talent is everywhere in the small Northern European country. That is not ...

Want to end bullying? N.J. martial arts studio has free lesson
"The real goal is to help build confidence," said Matt Brenner, a martial arts instruction of nearly a decade who began his training at the age of 3. Wednesday's seminar, held in conjunction with National Bullying Prevention Month, will teach the young ...

The Guardian

VIDEO: Shouldn't a Mentally Disabled Man Be Allowed to Practice Martial Arts?
A brief, touching movie produced by The Guardian shows Garrett Holeve's struggle to overcome a state injunction and fight in a mixed martial arts competition despite having Down syndrome. At the center of Holeve's story is the question of the rights of ...
The martial arts fighter with Down's syndrome battling for the right to fight ...The Guardian

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Into the Badlands Brings Martial Arts Back to American TV—And It's a Bloodbath
Arguably, the last popular example of a martial arts TV show in the US was Kung Fu, which ended its run a whopping 40 years ago. AMC hopes to change that. The cable channel that brought us Mad Men, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad held a cast and ...
AMC's 'Into the Badlands' EP/Fight Director on Making Martial Arts the New ZombieObserver
NYCC 2015: AMC Tackles the Martial Arts Genre with Into the BadlandsIGN
'Into The Badlands' Star Daniel Wu Talks About Bringing The Spirituality Of ...International Business Times

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Brunson Martial Arts reveals afterschool program building
ALBANY, GA (WALB) -. Brunson Martial Arts reveals their building for their new Kickin' Afterschool program. They'll pick up students from Dougherty and Lee County Schools. Students will have a snack, do homework, and take part in a martial arts class.

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Mixed Martial Arts Fighters May Go to Dangerous Lengths to Shed Pounds
TUESDAY, Oct. 13, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- The grueling mixed martial arts known as "cage fighting" may harm participants in ways spectators may not even realize, a new study suggests. Researchers in Britain say their study of U.K. cage fighters found ...

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Mixed Martial Arts fighter opens doors for other athletes
COLUMBIA - Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sports and with that new popularity brings new fighters. Nate West, a senior at the University of Missouri comes from a small town, Gower, Mo. Gower is a town with a population of only 1,500 ...

Alton Telegraph

Seniors group offered martial arts course
Alton Telegraph
The class is a blend of Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do, and will be offered as two 45-minute sessions on Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The class is available for both adults and children for a monthly fee of $40 for Wellness Center ...

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