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The Rebels Guide to Cultivating Vitality

Many Taoists recluses and Buddhists monks dwelled in mountains and forests to observe, listen, and meditate in order to gather deeper understanding and greater knowledge of nature than is possible when living in the milieu of human society.

Often in search of extraordinary longevity and treasures of life, these extraordinary men (and a few women) moved from observation of nature to experimentation and development of the body. The goal of longevity necessitated that the body be prepared by a lifetime of practices. Thus preparation of a strong, healthy body led to the development of these breathing exercises. For thousands of years men have practiced and developed these breath control techniques to improve health, correct problems and heal illnesses of various parts of the vital organs. You can experience the benefits for yourself.

The breathing exercises are grouped into three areas, performing unique (yet integrated) functions. The first concern is immediate triage for the sufferer, with focus on illness prevention, and elimination of sickness. The second level aims at rejuvenation and methods for prolonging a healthful life. The upper level exercises help calm the mind, harmonize the will, cultivate spirit. Each movement is in rhythm with deep breathing technique. Full concentration and daily practice are required.

I studied many of these techniques at the Chi Kung Institute in San Francisco. The instructor was Chiu Lim Chan, age 54 at the time (1975), who looked 35 and had a belly as hard as a stone. He got the teachings on Wu Tang Mountain from a 180 year-old man; that was in 1940.

Tao Ga Chi Kung/Taoist School Energy Work

Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation)

Tao Yin/Lead and Guide Energy

5 Animals Frolics

Meridian Chi Kung

Medical Yin-Yang Chi Kung

5 Organs Chi Kung

5 Animals, 5 Elements Chi Kung

6 Joints Chi Kung

Two Meridians Chi Kung

18 Silk Reeling Chi Kung

Lohan Shou Chi Kung/Buddhist School Energy Work

Pa Tuan Jin/8 Pieces of Gold Brocade

Iron Warrior

Bei Wu Hsing Chi Kung/N. 5 Animals Chi Kung

Shaolin Zen One Finger Pointing Chi Kung

Chan Mi Kung

Shipalohanshou/18 Methods of the Arhat. If you want to purchase Dr. Orem's training manual in this art, click here:

Yi Jin Ching/Tendon Washing Classic. If you want to purchase Dr. Orem's training manual in Yi Jin Ching, click here:

Shii Shoei Ching/Marrow Washing Classic

Bodhidharma Jing Kang Ch'uan/Diamond Body Chi-Kung

Stone Warrior Chi Kung

View this article in its entirety:

Sifu Orem is the author of several manuals focused on the practicum and methodology of effective training, including the acclaimed SENG PING TAO: PATH OF THE WARRIOR MONK and ESOTERIC MARTIAL ARTS OF ZEN: TRAINING METHODS FROM THE PATRIARCH. He has also created and produced 50 training videos with such diverse topics as Kempo Ki/Chi Development, Northern Shaolin for the Mature Athlete, T'ai-chi and Pregnancy, a children's Kung Fu series, plus many northern and southern Shaolin hand and weapon forms. He was a featured writer with the on-line martial arts magazine DRAGON'S LIST ( the following issues: November, (1999), January (2000), March (2000).


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