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Marcus Browne - Never Satisfied - Boxing News
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 Last update:  8/8/2013       Read more by Thomas Gerbasi            &
Marcus Browne - Never Satisfied
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By Thomas Gerbasi

A year ago, it wouldnít be accurate to say Marcus Browneís life was in disarray, but he probably had better days in the aftermath of his opening bout exit from the 2012 Olympics due to a 13-11 loss to Australiaís Damien Hooper.

But the Team USA member has always been an optimist, so he decided to look toward a bright future as opposed to the disappointment of the immediate past.

ďI had over a hundred amateur fights, and I only had seven losses, so losing was never something that we were accustomed to,Ē Browne recalled. ďBut me losing on that big stage made it hurt even more, especially with all the build-up going into it and it being a dream of mine to be at the Olympics. But every situation in life that has happened to me, Iíve always took the good out of it. And the good out of the situation in the Olympics was that I have to finish strong. Thatís number one. Number two, guys never even get to experience fighting in front of 10,000 people as a pro until they do it. Me, I was honored and blessed to be able to experience that and fight in front of 10,000 people as an amateur boxer. So I took the good out of that.Ē

Today, the only time that 2012 experience comes up is when heís introduced as a former Olympian, and in stories like this. To the world at large, when it comes to Staten Islandís Browne, all the talk is about his unbeaten 5-0 slate as a professional, and his substantial upside in the light heavyweight division. On August 19, he will step into the ring for the sixth time against an opponent to be named, and in between training sessions, he can reflect on 12 months that has altered his life considerably.

ďIím happy Iím being given the opportunity to stay busy and most of all, Iím just in a great position,Ē he said. ďToday, my co-trainer Sherif Younan said it was the sharpest heís ever seen me. And Iíve been working with him since 2010. Itís good to hear him say that, and itís not just him tooting my horn because he hardly ever says things like that. And you know me, I work to satisfy my trainers. Of course I work to satisfy myself, but weíre a team, and we all have to go into that ring confident in one another and understanding that we are at our best. And honestly, Iím growing with each fight and I want to look better and better. Of course Iím not fighting the top opposition right now, but what Iím doing with these guys and what these guys are doing with other guys, like being able to take them the distance, or stopping them in five and me stopping them in two, is me just showing the work that Iím putting in. And not to toot my own horn, but Iím making it look easy. And honestly, thatís how I feel. Iím having fun with it. I love what Iím doing and I love boxing.Ē

Being 5-0 in pro boxing is often like being a football team in preseason or a baseball team in spring training. Hope is in the air and everything is possible. Itís only after the games pile up, injuries take place, personalities clash, and money issues arise that hope turns to sad resignation.

It isnít always that way of course, because someone has to win at the end of the season, and itís the same thing in boxing. Someone has to win the world title, someone has to get on premium cable, and someone has to be the sportís next big star. And you need some help getting to each step of that process. In boxing, being advised by uber-adviser Al Haymon is a big deal. Having your fights promoted by Golden Boy Promotions is just as important. So if Browne can fulfill his promise, heíll have the opportunity to do so on a huge stage. Now that optimism seems more than well placed.

ďAt the end of the day, boxingís a rough sport and youíve got to be with the right people and the timing has to be right,Ē said Browne. ďYou gotta stay busy, especially starting off. These guys sign with promoters and get three, four fights a year, and thereís no way you can learn like that. I turned pro in November, so itís not even a year yet, and Iím already going to be fighting my sixth time on the 19th, so thatís a beautiful thing.Ē

No, Marcus, whatís a beautiful thing is hearing a 22-year-old fighter say that he actually wants to fight. When I point this out to him, he canít believe everyone doesnít think like he does.

ďHow do you learn, coming up as young prospect, if youíre not staying busy?Ē said Browne. ďYou have to stay busy to understand what youíre doing as a fighter. To grow in this sport, you have to stay consistent, and you have to know how to win and remember how to win. Taking three months at a time to fight, youíre not gonna remember the mistakes you made in the last fight and youíll just end up making the same old mistakes and youíre not going to be learning. Youíre regressing rather than growing.Ē

Browne has been growing, looking sharper with each passing bout, most recently blasting out Ricardo Campillo in two rounds at Brooklynís Barclays Center in June. And while itís clear that heís not fighting world beaters, heís doing what youíre supposed to do when youíre fighting lesser opposition: you get them out of there. As for his goals in the sport, they go way beyond a world title. And in another instance of him breaking the hot prospect mode, he doesnít even mention money on his Ďto doí list.

ďI just donít want to be a world champion in boxing,Ē he said. ďI want to be a legend, and most importantly, I just want to leave my mark. I have a big chip on my shoulder because Iím from Staten Island and Staten Island has never had a world champion. I want to be the first world champion from here, but at the same time, I want to become a legend in boxing, and you donít become a legend by winning one belt or by fighting three, four times a year starting out. You do it by staying busy, learning and growing and honing your skills and understanding what youíve got to do as a fighter.Ē

Legends also transcend the sport, and you do that by becoming a man of the people. In Browneís case, his people are the kids who came up like he did, and who could use a little guidance in keeping on the right path or even just an encouraging word or two. When I spoke to Browne before the 2012 Games, he admitted that he was ďa knucklehead coming upĒ until he got dropped by a body shot on the first day he entered the Atlas Cops & Kids Boxing Club.

He decided to return to the gym anyway, and heís rarely left it since. And becoming an Olympian has made him more than just another guy from the neighborhood. He recalls seeing Method Man and Raekwon from the Wu-Tang Clan when he was younger and what an impact they had on him and his friends.

ďI would look up to those guys and they were the biggest stars in my eyes when I was a kid,Ē he said. Now heís a star. Not Wu-Tang or Mayweather level yet, but he does what he can to give that same idea to the kids that they can make it too.

ďI understand the role and the path that Iíve taken in life and Iím humbled by it, but thereís no pressure,Ē he said. ďI am who I am. Iím a good person no matter what, so I just do right by these kids.Ē

That includes answering Facebook messages from teachers asking for help with troubled kids or those with potential who just donít want to realize it.

ďThey donít care for learning, they just go to school to look good,Ē he muses, recalling one instance when a local teacher told him of a student who was smart, but just didnít show up to school. Browne reached out to the youngster and made a bet with him. The fighter would buy him a pair of sneakers, but only if he kept going to school. Itís a gesture that kid wonít soon forget.

ďItís little things like that,Ē said Browne. ďI try to go out of my way and try to go above and beyond. Iím not making a lot of money, so my thing is just sharing my blessings because if I was in that position, I would love for someone to extend their hand to me also.Ē

On August 19, Browne will extend his hand, not in friendship, but with the intention of making it six wins and six knockouts without a loss. But if anyone knows that this is just the beginning, itís Staten Islandís biggest hope for world title honors.

ďIím hungry, and when I put my mind to something, I make sure I get it done,Ē he said. ďIím hungry for success, number one, but Iím also hungry to change my position in life. Iím not satisfied with where Iím at, Iím not satisfied with being an Olympian, though that can never change. Iím not satisfied with just being a three-time Golden Gloves champion and a four-time National champion and winning International gold. These things are great, but these accomplishments mean absolutely nothing in the pros. And I donít know if Iíll even be satisfied when I win a couple world titles, by the grace of God, or even if I get one. Iím never satisfied. Iím always wanting more and thatís important in boxing. You gotta be able to motivate yourself. You cannot sit down and watch your work, in the ring or out of the ring.Ē†

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comment by SkillspayBills, on 08-08-2013
My mom hates this guy lol. She always says "He's from NY, that could have been you!" Without remembering that the entire reason I stopped boxing was because she told me she wanting me in my books, not in the ring.

comment by Frank Ducketts, on 08-08-2013
Can't wait to see the kids next fight.

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