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Default An odd case- so should I move up in weight?

Hi, this is my first thread, and the reason I joined.

I've been sick for a long time, took a bunch of meds, etc. As a kid, I was naturally big and great at sports, beating the 'big kids' as well. Later, I got sick and underweight and stuff. But I guess I have good genes, because I still am pretty good at sports. But I don't have great strength anymore, and although I have good stamina, I think I could do a lot better. I walk around 140, and am about 6'2. I can punch really hard. I can dance, but toward the end, my legs get tired, it's not a matter of cardio. And I don't have that much upper body strength, everyone can do more pushups than me in the gym.

My question is, should I move up in weight? I'm 19. My 'natural' weight would probably be well past welter, but I don't really know, being sick all the time. I should do weights, eat, etc, I know that stuff. But once I get to welter, what should I do? Stop weights and do the regular pull ups, situps, etc.? And how should I maintain that weight? I don't want to go back down.

Will my stamina increase? Some boxers do better at a higher weight, but maybe because they don't have to starve to cut weight, not because of an increase in muscle, like in my case. If I do move up, what effects can I expect? What about my punching power?
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