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Old 12-12-2011, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Marshall89 View Post
Hahahaha, i wondered where you was you Bradley nutt hugging little virgin boy.
Cant believe your still about fam. Im looking at your stats and you been here for 3 years, your on the internet 80% of the timke since then with 10000 posts, thats appauling you know fam....
Whats wrong wid ya? Yu really ugly or sumin? small penis? noone likes you in the real world? **** me i bet your family and your parents are so ashamed and embarrassed of you...

Everyone if you don't already know this Rome-By-Ko boiiiiii is the most contradicting, **** talking Timothy Bradley nut hugger you're ever likely to speak to.
He got exposed before by one geezer. Infact i was typing about you a few posts back fam. Couldn't remember your name though still.

When has will Bradley stop cherrypicking and grow some bollocks Rome? His only credible fights are Holt, Peterson and Alexander.
Why hasn't your boy even considered Khan, Maidana, Judah, Kotelnik or Barrera?
'Cos he's a p****hole that wants to keep his 0. One geezers made a next thread about this era of boxers (Mayweather and Bradley) duck the best opponents to keep dat unbeaten record and claim 'im the greatest that ever lived' and 'im the best jww in the world'...
Bradley ducked Khan the firt time i think last year or the year before dat, he got a warning from the WBO for this, then he ducked him again earlier this year, the WBO then stripped in of his title.
You r MAD Rome, f***in mad, and yu have some MAJOR rose tinted glasses on when your talking/typin about Bradley.

Listen, Peterson had the Ref on his side, aswell as the 2 American judges that scored the fight 113-112 to him, the other North American scored it correctly at 114-111...

I guarantee that if Peterson decides not to rematch Khan straight away and Khan goes to WW, Bradley will step in straight up to fight Peterson to get Khans belts. He'll move maybe to WW and carry on ducking Khan until the day he retires or theyre past it, just like Floyd does with Pacquiao, Cotto, Margarito, Tszyu, Mosley, etc...........

You talk pure **** aswell you little rat. You make things up and you contradict yourself.
Khan has NEVER ducked Bradley or turned down a fight with him, Kham has been chasing him and calling him out ever since he won the WBA title. Cos Khan always wanted to Unify all the belts at JWW and then up to WW.
If you believe/or make up bull**** like Bradley wanted to fight Khan before the Peterson fight, then your trippin HARD fam. But it's a waste of space talkin wid yu cos your up to your usual Khan hating tricks again you sad, weird little lonely p****
The butthurt is strong with this one
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