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Old 07-02-2011, 02:22 PM
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Default Observations

There are some observations considering racial relations that I've made in the past years that I wanna share with you. First of all, I am not a racist. I am a white man, from southeast Europe. I am not a westerner, in other words. And I grew up in a midsized town where everybody was in one colour. But in my country, historically there have been various different nations and they have mixed so you can see everything from tall, blonde and blue eyed "classical Slav" people to short, dark complexioned and black haired people who are more Mediterranean looking. I myself fall somewhere in between those two categories, I got brown hair, green eyes and light complexion. Maybe you can say I gravitate more toward the Slavic type but my facial features are somewhat Mediterranean. And Im fairly tall.

Anyway, I live now in Oslo, capital of Norway. First of all, I wanted to clear up in this stereotype that has been created by anti-racists, both coloured and white. That stereotype says that coloured people always have the right to talk about racism they have experienced and analyze the behaviour of the white people, the "ruling class" here. White people talking about racism they experience from coloured people is not popular. However, this country is far from USA in those terms. Coloured people don't experience any major discrimination against them and they have equal rights as the white people.
Sometimes when I walk down the street and a black person passes by, I get the evil eye from that person. I say black because I have experienced this only from black/african people. I always try to look friendly when I bump into any darkskinned person on the street. They don't really. Many of them have that look that says "I am black and you are just a dumb, useless, evil whitey".

Once I was in the train and there was this couple there, not sure if they were a real couple, but the girl was Norwegian and the guy was African of some kind, a negro. They talked all the time and seemed very close. Then, as we came to the main station, a black woman passed them by. The look she gave them can only be described as pure hatred/condemnation/contempt. Especially she looked at the Norwegian, white girl with great contempt. Before anyone goes namecalling me, let me tell you that I have dated an African girl for a while. And I have learned that Africans, negros, are not the same. I mean, they are different nationalities and all have different cultures just like the rest. My gf was from Eritrea, while most Africans in Norway are Somalis. I could sometimes tell when we ran into Somalis on the subway or somewhere that she didn't really look like she related to them any better than Norwegians. And that made me pleased.
Because choosing who to "hang with" only based on skin colour is SAD.

I've met some guys from my own country and other Europeans/whites that I resented deeply. So that says alot. Judge a person by their character, not colour of their skin or nationality. Peace to you all.

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