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Default Saints Row IV has weathered a bankruptcy

As Jaros talked about imparting something as nuanced as social responsibility into the Saints Row series, it became clear just how much of a coup Volition has executed since THQ's liquidation. Over the past year, Saints Row IV has weathered a bankruptcy, gotten acquainted with a new publisher, and preserved the pitch-perfect, intentionally stupid, absurdist urban playground on which it hangs its hat; in short, it seems to have come out the other side intact. However, aside from the fact that their product is way weirder than most studios', Volition's situation was hardly unique. With the industry, and mid-sized publishers in particular, in a state of financial upheaval, being able to clear these types of hurdles will come with the territory for teams working on large-scale Runescape games that aren't guaranteed blockbusters. When asked what he'd say to developers who found themselves in the position he was in last January, Jaros' voice strains. I don't know, he says. I honestly don't. He adds: If you're somebody in a position to be sold, all you can do is show that you can create excellent product and that you believe in what you're doing and that you're committed to excellent work. Even that, though, is no guarantee that a given studio won't get the rug pulled out from under them. For a lot of companies like Volition, security is a thing of the past. Seeing our company go bankrupt was a scary thing for everybody at the studio says Jaros. You want to believe that everything is going to be okay, but you just don't know. As successful as Saints Row was, there was a chance that no one could have came knocking. Luckily, Deep Silver did. Catching Up With Christine Love. It's Not Ero! , protests the theme song for Hate Plus, Christine Love's sequel to her 2012 visual novel Analogue: A Hate Story. As the visual novel is most (in)famously known for its 18+ content, the attempt to resolve confusion is not unwarranted Hate Plus and its prequel share some of the conventions of romance and relationship building that are typical of visual novels (if not the consummation of those feelings), but their premise couldn't be more different. In Analogue, the Runescape player is a spacefaring investigator sent to recover the log files of a Korean generation ship, the Mugunghwa, sent from Earth thousands of years ago and long since abandoned after slipping into an oppressive patriarchal society modeled after Korea's historical Joseon Dynasty. With the help of one of two of ship's surviving AIs (or even, via cheating, both) the Runescape player sifts through logs from the ship's past.While Analogue tells the story of a girl frozen when the ship first launched and reawakened in a dystopian future, Hate Plus focuses on the ship's security AI, *Mute, and how the society depicted in the first game came to pass, from the legislation that slowly solidified nobility rule and curtailed women's rights, to the individual struggles of queer couples trying to survive as the pressures of an increasingly conservative society chipped away at them bit by bit.
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