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Default FFXIII Final Boss Strategy *Spoilers*

This is the strategy I used for stage 2 of the final boss. First stage isn't too difficult, just keep curing when he does his Ultima magic or his machine gun laugh attack, then hit him til he staggers and keep knocking the stuffing out of him.

For the second part, I used: vanille, lightning, saszh

You will need to control Vanille for the battle. Buy Three Cherub Crowns in one of the stores (30% death resistance). Upgrade all three until they reach 45% death resistance and equip all three to your leader (in my case, Vanille).

If you have any fog/pain resistance, equip them to lightning and saszh

You will need the following paradigms


Remember, you will need to control Vanille for the battle.

Battle starts.

Begin with medic, medic, synergist

this cures after the first mega attack. Get everyone back to full health or as close as possible.

switch to saboteur, medic, synergist

keep casting debuffs until deprotect and deshell stick on the enemy. If you can get poison to land all the better!

switch to saboteur, ravager, ravager
or ravager, ravager, ravager

whatever you choose, saboteur/rav/rav is good for adding more debuffs while the others damage him. or just go rav/rav/rav to get him on stagger faster.

when staggered switch to

medic/commando/commando so you can heal the others in prep for his mega attack which should be coming around very very soon.


keep repeating this strategy.

When he uses his status ailment cloud, hopefully it won't stop your attacks and magic.If it does you are in trouble. It's bad luck.

He will also cast one hit death, again hopefully no bad luck and it misses you (because of the three cherub crowns you have equipped) or just damages you.

If you get in serious trouble use your summon!

My health was around 7000 for Vanille, 8000 Lightning and 7000 Saszh

Just used basic weapons.

There are probabaly easier ways to do this, but this is just the way I did it.

Once you beat the second form, the third one is a lot easier, just keep healing yourself after its big attacks and stagger it as quickly as possible, because he casts doom on you from the start. If you havn't used your summon yet, break it out once you stagger him.
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