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Old 03-19-2010, 01:01 PM
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Default Gerald McClelan v Nigel Benn Memories

Jus a small break from the suffocating merry go round involving Pac and Floyd for a minute, but I downloaded and went on a research trip after a memory lane discussion with a workmate about boxing in the UK and inevitably this fight came up.

A fight eqaully as memorable for US fans as well as here in the UK I have a few outstanding questions and I figured what better way to gauge answers than by employing the opinions of you guys

A shockingly brutal fight one with so many issues from McClellands corner turmoil to eventual chaos after the fight with Benns aggressive interview being cut short by Gary Newbon to bring attention to the stricken McClellands fading out of sentience by the ring apron.

15 years on and Benn and many others have met G-Man for a fund raising dinner in 2007 despite Glenns sisters being adament she wants nothing to do with Nigel, also a small interview on youtube as a ring photographer goes to see the shadow of the foprmer man in his home, it left me a little speechless and more than humbled.

A couple of things to you guys given the private life of McCleland was utterly lambasted in the UK (Dog loving country lol) for his love of breeding fighting dogs and the rumours around his hobby included accusations of dog torture and suffering, breeding for fighting and other nasty nasty issues.

In your opinions

A) Should the fight have been stopped Round 1 when Benn seemingly limply falls through the ropes without defending himself only to be pushed back in by the same Gary Newbon reporter. I felt perhaps a TKO there?

B) Do you think the refferee was biased? We have had a lot of experience over here with extremly biased refferees and judges and our commentators are terrible at times (Ian Darke not included) but I felt Benn was holding and hitting a lot in that fight only for the ref to ignore it.

C) What wouldve been the outcome if Manny Steward had not have been kicked out after a row?

D) What was the known extent of McClelands dog rearing hobby, and did it include cruelty?

E) Can you guys imagine being treated in a hospital with on the bed next to you your stricken opponent being drastically worked upon to save his life, as a blood clot destroys the mans mind?

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Old 03-19-2010, 01:17 PM
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I watched the fight live and hand on heart it was one of the most brutal incredible fights I have ever seen. Of course at the time no-one realised how badly injured McLellan was. Benn was incredible, how he came back from the battering he took from the early rounds I will never know. I knew something was wrong with McLellan when he kept blinking, it was like he had taken some real damage and just couldn't recover. So sad that he (and Michael Watson) ruined forever. It's a sobering thought, but with the high prizes come high stakes, and sometimes boxers pay the ultimate price for their ambition.
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