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Default Mouthguards (WEAK LOWER TEETH)

Guys I wanna ask you which mouthguard is best for me in your opinion (excluding custom ones because im in Bulgaria and we are in the stone age)
So rn im thinking about
1. 2.4 mm SISU for my lower teeth + MY CURRENT 2.5$ dollar on my upper teeth (btw last time i remolded it i bit alittle bit too far is that bad? my teeth can go about 0.5 cm to the bottom should i remold it or buy another cheap)
SISU because they are thin and people say they the closest thing to a custom mouthguard ?

2. Shockdoctor NANO DOUBLE (but ive read the reviews that the lower part isnt made to be molded into your teeth.. so its just a hard plastic with gels staying there which concerns me alot that it might be worse than using no mouthguard at all)
3.DOUBLE brainpad 3x layer .. if their lower part does mold in your lower teeth.. so far found no info about these .. has anyone used them

Because I have really weak lower teeth because of an accident 5 years ago where i had 6 of my lowers displaced (ONE WENT BEHIND MY TONGUE) and had a crack on my chin below them. I had braces for a month after the injury
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