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Originally Posted by romebyko View Post
He also trained his brother Arnaoutis I think is his name...But he is fairly new from what I gather from him..As far as how to talk too Devon in the corner,all I now is it did not look like Devon responed well to the instruction he was getting.TBH I did'int think he was getting anything sound my self.Box him Box him Box him is not great instructions.He need somebody to reel him in and calm him down Cunningham was not that voice.

As for him training Spinks,you talk as if Spinks is some great champ??He beat Mayorga who has'int?Then get's his ass handed to him(IMO)twice by Judah.So please..
Great Champ or not he was a champion.... It's as if you don't want to give credit for his fighter's achievements. So you try to belittle them to make them seem unimportant. Who else has Joel Diaz trained that has achieved the elite level or Alphabet Champion? I'm not saying Diaz is not a good trainer but you simply can't discredit Cunningham based on your opinion. You can argue your opinion all day.....Can't really argue facts....
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lol most of these people don't even no much about either of them but yet they are picking who they think is better without knowing much about them

I do think Diaz is the better Trainer RIGHT NOW...well I wouldn't even say he is "Better" I just like Diaz style a little more, he is a lot more patient and more mature and more calm in the corner then Cunningham, but at the same time Cunningham is doing a great job with a young fighter like Alexander he is developing Devon into a WELL ROUNDED fighter, just need to get him to move his head A LOT MORE and what is wrong with just tell Devon to "BOX", that was the correct f*ckin advice, had he boxed Kotelnik instead of trying to impress his fans, he probably wouldn't have struggled like he did

also Diaz can actually box himself:

Kevin Cunningham gets a lot of negative comments thrown his way but people don't even know much about him, he use to be a police detective and he tries to keep a lot of kids in St. Louis out of trouble by getting them into boxing, just because he is outspoken and says what is on his mind people want to hate on him, he is suppose to be confident in his fighter!

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