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floyd fairy killer - Panginoon Pacquiao vs Marquez IV! - Check_hooks 
Default Pacquiao-Marquez 1

Over the last 8 years, we've had to live with the complaints from JMM, his fanbase and Pacquiao's haters over how he was robbed of victory 3 times against Pacquiao.

Despite these claims, I have yet to see a well reasoned and well-argued card that supports Marquez' claims.

For this reason, I am going to post an in depth scorecard here for the first fight - and for anyone who scored it for Marquez - if you could kindly point out exactly which part of my card you disagree with, then I'd like to see how exactly you end up with a Marquez win. [I may post my scores from the 2nd and 3rd fight later, both of which I saw Pacquiao winning, but for now we'll stick with the first fight.]

If it's very obvious who won the round, I obviously won't go into much detail - but feel free to disagree with me as to which rounds are obvious or not.

Round 1
Obvious Pacquiao round. 3 KDs

Pacquiao 10-6

Round 2
Fairly obvious Pacquiao round in my eyes- several big left hands, Marquez only landing jabs and insignificant body shots.

Pacquiao 10 - 9
Pacquiao 20 - 15

Round 3
Pretty much even til the last 5 seconds, but Marquez finished it well.

Marquez 10 - 9
Pacquiao 29 - 25

Round 4
Close round, but not as close as I recalled it being.

Marquez 10-9
Pacquiao 38 - 35

Round 5
Pretty obvious Marquez round

Marquez 10-9
Pacquiao 47-45

Round 6
Not much happened except for a very good right hand by Marquez, which makes it a clear Marquez round.

Marquez 10-9
Pacquiao 56-55

Round 7
Pacquiao - pretty close, arguably even a marquez round until the final 10 seconds- but pacquiao finished it very strong and definitely won it.

Pacquiao 10 - 9
Pacquiao 66-64

Round 8
Not much happened at all, but Pacquiao hit Marquez with a decent left near the end which really was the only significant event of the round. Thus, a clear round for Manny

Pacquiao 10-9
Pacquiao 76-73

Round 9
Hardest round for me to score - a lot of times the camera angle doesn't really let you see what was going on that well. But from what I gathered, Marquez was in control early, then Pacquiao seemed to have won it, but I think Marquez did just enough right at the end to steal it back. Closest round, I could see it going either way, but I leaned towards Marquez.

Marquez 10 - 9
Pacquiao 85-83

Round 10
Clear Pacquiao round.

Pacquiao 10 -9
Pacquiao 95-92

Round 11
Uneventful, neither guy did anything really, but most of what I did see land/graze came from Marquez.

Marquez 10 - 9
Pacquiao 104-102

Round 12
Fairly close, though I don't see how Marquez gets it - Pacquiao looked busier and had solider connects.

Pacquiao 10-9
Pacquiao 114-111

As you can see my final scorecard is 114-111 for Pacquiao, and I could easily see it 115-110 depending on how you score the 9th round.

I'd argue that Pacquiao was robbed here, but the judge did admit he made a scoring error, so that explains it.

I gave them each 6 rounds, and none of the rounds that I scored for Pacquiao, could I see going to Marquez.

So - for whoever scored this for Marquez - what rounds do you disagree on?
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