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Originally Posted by Pension-Killer View Post
I think the problem with full time students is that they get mxied up in scenes they have never been in and **** about. Someone mature knows what they got into it for, while 18 year olds are silly and mislead.

I think Pacquaio isn't really that smart man.

Didn't he sign with GBP under Top Rank? LOL.

He is also feeding people everyday who wait otuside for him which is hundreds, and giving away money to people who lose weight etc... he doesn;t seem to have a mind to look after his money but more to help or create attention.

It is possible for him to complete it, but he left school very young no?
To Manny's credit you have to understand his cultural background.I think they are more community oriented down there and if your brother is starving you feed him.Dont black dudes in the USA do it as well,Hearns became broke because of his relatives.You can see many people who grow up with their uncles all their life.If you become successful in certain communities people just find themselves at your house and you feed them and house them.You cant deny them and there are spiritual ties in this as well.When these guys are successful they now owe the community and he's also the most successful where he comes from.With say white dudes,maybe your relatives have their own houses and careers so they keep going on.

As for the GBP & Top Rank that's cultural.In the USA a contract is a contract and you guys like suing.In certain countries (Arabic countries included) a contract can be changed anytime even after being signed and they expect you to understand that.A personal understanding & relationship matters more in other countries than written contracts,this is why they employ their relatives and if you are new they wanna know how many donkeys you have,whether you have a wife and they will actually maybe visit your house before you can do business.
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