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Originally Posted by Pension-Killer View Post
Studying Law is bull****.

I don't believe he has the ability to read and read. Not just the time, but can he actually sit down and readbooks for hours? He seems like a guy who needs to do a lot in his tme to stay interested.

I think Juan Diaz was studying law once. Some other boxers tried also.
Of course he can study law and pass with distictions.Many people work full time and still pass law,some even do it by correspondence holding full time jobs and still pass.What I dont understand are students who study full time,dont even hold a job,dont pay their own tuition but still fail their degrees.
As for Manny he can structrure his day the way he wants it,he makes strategic and not tactical decisions and so he can do it.I'm sure Ndou another boxer is finished studying law by now and so it's possible.
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